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Solid 4-Star Adventure


The adventure definitely runs a little long and from a technical stand point is one of the most difficult I've ever prepped and not just cause of the technology, just were a lot of little moving pieces and the opportunity for the unpredictable.

Its well written, even when the PC's do the unpredictable. Still, runs long, the technical difficulty associated with prepping it and how some of the haunts/traps are written they are damn-near unavoidable.

Solid 4-star, I like to say "Super really okay"

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A grand success!


This player companion is to-date my favorite player companion yet. The new format and the new methodology really paid off with this winning design.

The content walks a fine line between too much crunch and too much fluff by having a ton of both and making sure that the fluff options are still good options! The feats and archetypes are rich with character building ideas, setting lore and still great, viable archetypes that stand up well.

Overall, I don't have much to say other than buy this book! Its not just for Rogues, there are plenty of character options for anyone willing to fight a little dirty.

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Felt like a Slog


This is from the player point of view and it was in tier 4-5 with 6, more 5's then 4.

It was interesting. It ran about 4.5 to 5 hours but it really felt much longer. The beginning started off as a great low-level typical go fetch type scenario, reminds me of my days of First Steps part one, was a good bit of nostalgia. I kept waiting to get ambushed by the Aspis Consortium because they wanted our cool relic we bought.

Turns out, nope. This scenario pulled an Australia, the movie, and decided to go through 3 acts and then start anew again with 3 more acts!

I am pretty sure the author had two great ideas but was only allowed to do one scenario. That or he had one scenario already written and was then told to add that second bit about the mindscape stuff.

All in all, had a fun set up and seems simple enough and then just rams a bunch of difficult and confusing rules and maps down the players through.

Tldr: I was happy at first hoping scenarios would harken back to the days of old when things were simple and then got slapped in the face by difficult and time consuming nonsense.

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Another great Season 2 scenario


Season 2 scenarios are easily my favorite scenarios in the six seasons Pathfinder Society has existed. Larry Wilhelm crafts a wonderful adventure and seamlessly weaves the background story into the adventure so as to also enlighten the player characters with the rich history of this region and city.

The combats are simple, thematic and are cohesive. It makes sense why every creature is where it is and why it is there. Some puzzles in Society are so frustrating the players are pulling their hair out and arguing but with the puzzles presented within this adventure they are clever enough to cause some pause but not so difficult that the players can figure them out and enjoy figuring them out. Each puzzle garnered a laugh from the group. Not in a negative way, just in a manner that showed they were enjoying the adventure.

The combats are hard but there elegance is in their simplicity, each one is presented in its own unique environment that tells the players why the creature is where it and what its motivations are.

Overall, this scenario is flavorful, tough, rewarding and exciting. I can't wait till I get the chance to GM this again.

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It is everything I've been waiting for. . .


A little about myself, I've only been a part of the d20 tabletop rpg scene for about six years now, so I consider myself a relative newcomer to this. During this six years I've probably GM'd more than I've played and this review will be from the perspective of someone who GM'd it. I took to this fantasy rpg with a fervor however recently I had started to feel like I was starting to get burnt out on this High Fantasy setting, not just Golarion but in all aspects; Tv, Video Games, Movies. So when they announced the Technology Guide, the Numeria Campaign Setting and this Adventure path I was thrilled.

For months I waited eagerly for these products to come out, I knew I'd love them and that they'd be exactly what would get me out of this High Fantasy funk I found myself in. I waited, I commented here on the boards, I speculated and I got hyped. My anticipation built, my excitement sweltered, it was boiling over, and when I finally received the adventure I can say that my expectations were not only met they far exceeded anything I'd imagined. This adventure takes it up another level and really shows just how diverse Golarion can be and is an excellent show of force for just how versatile Paizo, Pathfinder and Golarion really are.

The adventure is an excellent meld of High Fantasy and High Technology, the starting city is amazing and does a great job of inciting the player's into wanting to help save the town. What starts off as an inauspicious delve into a water-logged cave quickly becomes a cavalcade of chaos through an ancient downed space-ship filled with technological terrors and excitement. Lazers, robots, Orcs and undead.

If this was Paizo testing the waters I can't wait to for them to jump right in and embrace this experimental side fully 'cause I'll be jumping in with them.

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Look at your character sheet. . .


If anywhere on there it says Paladin or even Lawful Good, take that character sheet and walk away from this scenario.

Its a decent scenario but it exists on the far shadier side of the Society and the law. This scenario, if successful will cost a Paladin 3 pp, you'll gain 2 pp for the mission and spend 5 pp for an atonement at the end, no way around it with anyone who has a decent understanding of the paladin code.

With all that said, this scenario would be an absolute blast with pretty much any other neutral, chaotic or semi-good character. Well built scenario, good combat, good "inquisitive-ness".

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An Excellent Adventure


I stumbled across these 1 on 1 adventures and as I am teaching my Fiance how to GM I figured I'd make a small investment and purchase the print version of this adventure because it would be an easy and intimate way to teach her how to GM. Despite it being only 16 pages, the writer(s) did a wonderful job of creating a fun and exciting adventure. It was a considerable amount of fun and their new creature in there, the bug dragon, was a very unique and exciting creature I'd never seen before.

Combat: 4/5 felt like just the right amount, I never felt too overwhelmed being only 1 person.
Story: 5/5, the scenario does a good job making you feel invested in saving the people of Silverton

I will definitely be looking into buying more of these 1 on 1 encounters and playing them.