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I really hate to do this, because I love the books you guys write, but me and my group are moving on to fourth edition, and I can't afford to keep buying this book.

So, could you please cancel my Pathfinder subscription. I'll definitely still be buying the PDF every now and again, and if you guys ever put out some 4th edition stuff, I'll be there.

I rarely read these books in physical form, and I think I would be doing better to just buy them as a PDF as I have the money available.


I'd like to play if somebody who has posted decides not to.

I have been playing D&D (mostly DMing) for years, but have never played a Play by Post game. Very interested in checking it out.


roguerouge wrote:
That's some good DMing. What'd you make the reflex saves or perception checks for the dragon, incidentally? Do you have a standard "I'm flummoxed" DC or did you figure something out on the fly?

The perception I sort of fudged. I wanted to make the players think that I was actually making a roll, but I just liked the idea so much I let the dragon fail it. So didn't really have a DC there.

The reflex save for pulling out of the fall after slamming into the wall, I made the DC equal to half the damage he took from hitting the wall. The damage he took, I figured would be pretty much equal to falling damage at his speed/10, so 15d6. The DC ended up being around 30.

I do however have a standard "I'm flummoxed" DC, and that's usually around 10 + character level. For instance, the DC for the scout to toss the rope around the dragon and tie herself to it, while holding on on the air was a 20 Dex roll.

My Pathfinder #10 was shipped via USPS on June 17th, although my Suscription page still says that UPS is my shipping method.

So I guess this is still a problem.

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Okay, I was so proud of my players today I have to share. I had been dreading the giant attack at the beginning of Fortress of the Stone Giants. A huge battle that was going to be very long, involve lots of creatures and NPC's, and cover the entire city, making it practically unplayable on a grid. My players hate playing without a grid, and I don't much like long fights, so I wasn't looking forward to running the fight. I almost changed the fight entirely, making the attack happen before the characters arrived at Sandpoint. God I'm so glad I didn't.

This was one of the most epic battles I have ever ran. The party was running, or riding, through the city fighting giants. Making use of their haste and fly spells. The scout of our group stole a horse during the commotion and rode through the streets, shooting her shortbow at giants and direbears.

The highlight was the dragon fight however. Longtooth swooped through the town, set fire to the Garrison and the Cathedral. Then perched on the armory across the square from the cathedral and roared a bit. The wizard, who casted fly on himself at the beginning of the fight, dimensioned doored himself, the scout, and the horse she was riding, 40 feet above the dragon.

The scout succeeds a ride check, holds on to the horse as it plummets. The dragon failed a perception check to notice the horse and rider falling on his head. The horse hits the dragon on the head with a resounding thud, dealing enough damage to the horse to kill it, and enough damage to Longtooth to really piss him off. The scout was able to tumble off the horse and onto the dragons back.

Next round, the dragon takes off. The scout again succeeds a ride check to hold on. She pulls a rope from her pack and succeeds a dexterity check to toss the rope around the dragon and tie herself to its back. The dragon begins doing barrel rolls and flying at full speed (300 feet per round).

The wizard, in a shockingly intelligent move, sees this dragon flying so fast, and throws an invisible force wall up in front of him. The dragon does not notice this and hits the force wall at roughly 34 miles per hour.... directly over Scarnetti's saw mill.

The dragon plummets to the ground, fails a save to pull out of the crash, falls through the saw mill, which (by a random check) was running at the time. Longtooth is sliced up by the saws, while the scout passed an Escape Artist check to get free of the rope, a tumble check to get off the dragon, and a reflex save to dodge a few saw blades that were flying through the air as she made her way out of the sawmill.

This was easily the coolest moment in the entire campaign for me thus far, and I just want to thank Paizo and Wolfgang Baur for this great adventure, and great adventure path. You guys have given me and my group so much enjoyment.

Anybody have any idea if Orcus will be the final enemy that the players will play in the Wizards modules? I'm planning on running my players through all the Wizards modules starting with Keep on the Shadowfell, but we will be playing through the adventures quicker than they are released, so I'm planning another campaign to run as well. In the campaign I am making, I'd like to have Orcus as the final encounter, but if Wizards is going to do that, it would kind of suck :(

Any information would be great.

The Conan the Barbarian soundtrack is the best soundtrack for fantasy gaming ever, in my opinion.

I'm no legal expert, but I doubt Smiteworks is going to get anywhere with this claim. I like Fantasy Grounds a lot, and it's the only online tabletop I use, but Wizards gametable looks so much different.

As for the image linked. If Wizards did that, yes it was pretty dumb, but now their screenshot looks like this, which is quite a bit different from the way Fantasy Grounds looks.

Can't get the url tag to work right =\

Got them from UPS today. Thanks a bunch.

I still have not received the Gazateer, or the replacement Pathfinder book.

Thanks a bunch Cosmo.

This happened again with my most recent shipment. I have mine set up to ship once a month. For some reason, my Pathfinder #9 was shipped USPS, and my Pathfinder Gazateer was shipped UPS.

Our stupid USPS carrier bent the package (that says DO NOT BEND on the front) and shoved it into our mailbox.

I haven't changed anything with my subscription recently, so I don't know why it would have changed from UPS to USPS again. That's pretty annoying though.

I would love to buy a shirt from you guys, but to tell you the truth, these designs don't impress me too much.

Too much text on the Goblins and Fighter shirt.

I like the Paizo golem, but I don't like the white background.

I would love a shirt with that picture of the goblins on it, and then just "We be goblins - you be food" printed on it somewhere. I wouldn't buy any of these though, unfortunately.

Hi Paizo guys,

I had a problem with my credit card over the last couple weeks. You attempted to ship #932106 and #858230.

The problem with the card should be fixed now. I'd appreciate it if you could retry the payment.

Thanks a bunch

Just checked it and it's still set as UPS. So far so good. I'll let you guys know if it does it again. Thanks for the help.

Hi guys. I am having a problem with my preferred shipping method being changed to USPS every once in a while. I hate USPS and gladly pay the two or three dollars extra to ship all my subscriptions via UPS.

This happens only every once in a while and isn't a major problem for the most part, but my preferred shipping will just decide to change to USPS for no apparent reason. I've only had one thing accidentally shipped this way, but it bugged me.

Anyways, just thought I would comment on this and give you guys a heads up that something weird is going on.

Touchstone wrote:
Didn't find a mention of this on a quick search. The flavor text on page 44 indicates that Rebuking undead 'heals undead and can cause them to become immobilized for a number of rounds'. The mechanics on the next page make no mention of immobilization.

I think it must be referring to the chance that they will flee, or cower, in terror.

RIP Mr. Gygax.

I never got to meet the man in person, but he had the coolest voice ever, and Friday is my favorite day of the week because of this man. I love you Mr. Gygax. Thanks for everything.

Hey Paizo guys. I love the books but I need to cancel my GameMastery subscription. I have a stack of these books that, while I love, I will probably never get the chance to run. If you guys switch to 4e later, I'll definitely be picking them back up again, but right now I have more than enough 3.5 stuff to last me.

Thanks a bunch.

One thing that has helped in my campaign is adjusting the amount of XP given.

I have five players in my group, but I adjust it so that they gain XP like there was only four of them. This sometimes makes things a bit easy, but we usually don't run into an encounter like this where it's just a slaughter. It's a lot easier to make a fight more difficult, than to make one easier, while you are in the middle of a game.

Sorry to revive this thread. I'd just like to say that my card DID come when everybody else got theres. My wife, however, checked the mail, put it somewhere, and completely forgot about it. Even when I asked her specifically if there was a Christmas card from Paizo with the shipment, she said no. Anyways, it turned up the other day and my wife said "Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you about that."


So thanks Paizo! The card was awesome!

I really like the rest of this adventure, so far, but to me the Scribbler's Rhyme is very misleading and just doesn't work very well.

"On eastern shores of steaming mirror,"

The first thing that I thought about, and the first thing I think my players will think about is the sign you see when your coming into Sandpoint. The sign being a mirror saying "See yourself as we see you." I thought this sign was very interesting, and when I read the rhyme I thought OHhhh that's cool. But the rhyme is referring to a lake. =\

"Where seven faces silent wait,
Encircled guards at Runeforge gate"

First thing I thought of was the seven stones inside the Sandpoint cathedral. Another thing that has been emphasized throughout the adventure path that seems to have a purpose with this rhyme, but the rhyme is talking about seven stones in another place.

I really liked the idea of using things the characters have seen around town in this rhyme so the players can use the things they have learned along the way to solve it, but this rhyme does not offer them that, instead introducing new things that have not even been hinted at before. I can imagine my players running on a wild goose chase to the cathedral and the Welcome to Sandpoint sign, and then after rolling a knowledge check, me telling them about this lake and stones outside of Sandpoint.

Pretty disappointing.

This is always going to be a problem when running a published adventure. If you have a player who wants to spoil the story for himself, it is not hard to do so. All he has to do is look at this messageboard.

I think publishing the synopsis is a good idea. Your players should know better than to go looking through a synopsis of the game they are playing.

I've read most of the books listed so far, and I love almost all of them.

However, The Great Gatsby would be my number 1 most boring book ever. Farewell to Arms would be up there as well.

Also A Game of Thrones is pretty much the best fantasy book ever written, and I can't understand how anybody would consider it boring.

Thanks for all the great ideas guys. Lots for me to think about and talk with my group about.

I think I'm going to go ahead and let them have resurrections for the time being, with no penalties to them, except the ones listed in the spells. Still, people who can cast the spells will be very rare.

Also: I thought Wash's death in Serenity was very unnecessary. To have a great character like him killed so suddenly and for no real reason seemed like a big rip-off to me.

I have always been bothered by this in my games. For a long time now, I have ran my game without having any sort of resurrection spell available to my players. I have been a lot more lenient about killing them, but if their character dies, he will not come back. I like this, personally, as I think that death should be something for the player to fear, and I think that a hero should be willing to sacrifice himself.

However, one of my players has been complaining recently, saying that he would like to play with resurrection spells available to him. I'm not sure if I want to do this or not. I don't really want it to be as easily available as the Player's Handbook makes it out to be, but I'm thinking about having resurrections in some way available.

I am curious as to how you other DM's out there handle character death. How do you keep death as a constant threat, without frustrating the players?

Vic Wertz wrote:
Clive wrote:
I didn't get a card with mine :(
Any chance it slipped between the pages?

Nope, wasn't in any of the pages. Not a big deal, but was just curious what it was.

I didn't get a card with mine :(

Dark: That King book is Insomnia.

The item is kinda neat.

I'd like to check these out as well, if you wouldn't mind adding me to the list.

I'd really appreciate it, as I run a game online and these types of map would be great.

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After running D0 and D1 back to back, I've become rather attached to my player's Falcon's Hollow characters. Assuming they survive through Carnival of Tears, will there be any more GameMastery modules following the adventures in this small town, or do I have to start making stuff up own?

To be honest, this topic scares the crap out of me.

I really want Pathfinder and GameMastery to succeed long term. I love both of the books, and would love to be reading new issues five, or ten years from now. I never thought of how detrimental a system change like this could be to Paizo's sales numbers.

Just to restate my opinion on the matter. I love Paizo, but I would not stick with you guys if you invented your own rules system, or stayed with 3.5 permanently. I would definitely stick with you if you needed to use 3.5 for a while, before switching to 4.0 however, but I'd need to know that the switch to 4.0 will come eventually.

Anyways, I'm with you through at least the third Pathfinder adventure path, and hopefully far beyond that.

I don't think it is a good idea for Pathfinder to develop into its own ruleset. The entire idea of a 3.75 edition just sounds wrong to me.

I would not mind at all if the third Pathfinder series was not 4th edition, but if the fourth or the fifth stuck with 3.5, I might have to move on. I like the things that WOTC have shown us regarding 4.0, and I'm not satisfied with 3.5 at all anymore. I'm ready to change, and I really hope that Pathfinder will be too.

I would like to support Paizo if you guys came up with your own ruleset, but I'm not sure that I could. My players like to play D&D, and when they see a new D&D book coming out, and I say that they can't use it in my campaign (because I don't have time to modify the D&D 4E rules to the Paizo 3.75 rules), they would not be happy.

Basically, I really hope that Pathfinder, and Paizo, will stick with D&D 4E, but I don't expect to be playing it on day one or anything, so a slow switch is no problem.

For me, it depends on how Pathfinder goes. I would like to be playing 4th edition by then.

Wow, that Ameiko picture is great, man.

I'll definitely be using these when I run Pathfinder. Good stuff. Would love to see more.

Thanks for all the comments guys. I'm starting to feel a little better about this. I see nearly no hope with my group getting back together, unless my friend breaks up with his girlfriend (*crosses fingers*), but I've got an online group started with some friends that moved away a while back. We pooled some money together and got some Fantasy Grounds licenses, and I'm really liking the program.

I'm planning on running "Hollow's Last Hope" in two weeks and these guys seem genuinely excited about it, as am I.

Personally I'm a big fan of Ron Paul, although I don't agree with all of his views.

I do think that the IRS needs to go away. I think that America needs to get out of Iraq, and focus on military defense, not offense.

However, unlike him, I do not think that immigration is a problem, and believe that we should open our borders to anybody who would like to come in, and is able.

Yes, I am a libertarian.

The girlfriend is the main issue, but there are other issues as well. Like I said, the only ones I would want to play with are my wife, and the boyfriend with the annoying girlfriend, and he is the type of guy that would quit if I told him to leave the girlfriend at home.

World of Warcraft also had a hand in destroying my game. The players spend more time talking about WoW than D&D at the table, and most of them are more interested in playing WoW than playing D&D.

They more or less just show up. They don't think about the game while they are away from the table. We spend way too much time at the table leveling up their characters or picking out spells because they never have enough time to do so at home before the game, yet they seem to have enough time to level up their horde characters several times during the week.

The girlfriend seemed to bring out the worst in everybody, and I see no real way to fix the bickering at the table. There's not a whole lot of players around here, either, which is another problem. I live in a rather small town with no game shops, and players are hard to find.

If i kick the girlfriend out, I'll be down to myself and 3 players. Two of which do absolutely nothing away from the table.

I just don't want to deal with it anymore.

Also, we have all been friends for a long while. If I kick one or two people out of the game, I'll lose them as friends as well. If I end the game, I'll still keep the friends. I don't know, I've been thinking about it for weeks and there's just no easy way out. It took me a long while to click the send button on this e-mail.

I just sent out this e-mail:

"This really sucks, and I’m sorry I have to do it, but I’m cancelling D&D permanently.

I’m not having fun playing it anymore, due to the constant arguing at the table. I’m not seeing a whole lot of interest in it from other people. I just don’t feel like running it anymore.

If you have anything at my house, feel free to come by and pick it up on Friday.

If you want to hang out sometime and do something, feel free to call.

See you guys later.


God it sucks. I've been running the game every week for over 4 years, and it all fell apart because I let a player's girlfriend join the group. There's only two of the five players in the group that I like playing with now: one of them my wife, and the other has the girlfriend who ruined my game.

I'm going to try to get a game started online now, so that I can still run all this Pathfinder and GameMastery stuff that I love and never had a chance to run with my real-life group.

Anyways, I'm depressed, and just thought I would share.

Is there a picture of these guys in one of the GameMastery modules or Pathfinder?

I swear I remember seeing a picture somewhere, but can't remember where.

Link to website is:

I'm not a huge fan of the books, but i liked them okay. I always thought they would make good movies, and this movie looks great so far.

My daemon is a Crow.

I absolutely loved the first adventure, and though I'm only about halfway through issue 2, I am loving it as well. Very well put together, very interesting setting and story, and interesting characters and villians as well.

I've ran Shackled City and Age of Worms, and I am Soooo looking forward to running this, as I think it will be the best game that my group has ever played.

Grimcleaver wrote:
I guess here's my thing. If you get a reflex save to escape a ray of death or a fireball with minimal damage, why not a sword or a big grudly giant fist, or a pile of falling rocks?

You do. That reflex save is called Dexterity bonus to AC.

I like the way this mechanic sounds a lot actually. I love the idea of being able to crit with a Fireball, or a dragon's breath. I also like the idea that you can critically miss as well.

It seems like a good idea to have the attacker rolling instead of the defender.

Has an encounter table been made for this module yet? I like having a sheet with all the encounters and stats of the monsters available when I'm running the game. I'm about to start making one of these for this module unless another DM has one they would like to share.

If this was done, I wouldn't be picking up the hardcover, and would hope that if Paizo decided to put more stuff into the modules, they would release that information as a pdf free for those subscribers who have already received the modules.

Some of Sarah Silverman's first standup is funny. Some of her songs are funny. This video wasn't very funny, and I usually think that making fun of gamers is hilarious. All been done before though, and much better.

Geeks are best at making fun of geeks.

I've submitted mine, and am hoping for the best. Even if my adventure doesn't get picked, I'm still running the damn thing. The open call sparked my imagination big time, so even if it doesn't get picked, I have to thank Paizo for that.

You might like these guys: 12 to Midnight

They have their own setting, but their adventures work well in any modern. They mostly do modern horror, and it is all d20, I believe, although they convert some of the adventures to Savage Worlds.

I'd love to see some d20 modules from Paizo, but to tell you the truth, I don't know if I'd ever have the chance to run them, with all the Pathfinder and GameMastery that I'd want to run.

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