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I really hate to do this, because I love the books you guys write, but me and my group are moving on to fourth edition, and I can't afford to keep buying this book.

So, could you please cancel my Pathfinder subscription. I'll definitely still be buying the PDF every now and again, and if you guys ever put out some 4th edition stuff, I'll be there.

I rarely read these books in physical form, and I think I would be doing better to just buy them as a PDF as I have the money available.


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Okay, I was so proud of my players today I have to share. I had been dreading the giant attack at the beginning of Fortress of the Stone Giants. A huge battle that was going to be very long, involve lots of creatures and NPC's, and cover the entire city, making it practically unplayable on a grid. My players hate playing without a grid, and I don't much like long fights, so I wasn't looking forward to running the fight. I almost changed the fight entirely, making the attack happen before the characters arrived at Sandpoint. God I'm so glad I didn't.

This was one of the most epic battles I have ever ran. The party was running, or riding, through the city fighting giants. Making use of their haste and fly spells. The scout of our group stole a horse during the commotion and rode through the streets, shooting her shortbow at giants and direbears.

The highlight was the dragon fight however. Longtooth swooped through the town, set fire to the Garrison and the Cathedral. Then perched on the armory across the square from the cathedral and roared a bit. The wizard, who casted fly on himself at the beginning of the fight, dimensioned doored himself, the scout, and the horse she was riding, 40 feet above the dragon.

The scout succeeds a ride check, holds on to the horse as it plummets. The dragon failed a perception check to notice the horse and rider falling on his head. The horse hits the dragon on the head with a resounding thud, dealing enough damage to the horse to kill it, and enough damage to Longtooth to really piss him off. The scout was able to tumble off the horse and onto the dragons back.

Next round, the dragon takes off. The scout again succeeds a ride check to hold on. She pulls a rope from her pack and succeeds a dexterity check to toss the rope around the dragon and tie herself to its back. The dragon begins doing barrel rolls and flying at full speed (300 feet per round).

The wizard, in a shockingly intelligent move, sees this dragon flying so fast, and throws an invisible force wall up in front of him. The dragon does not notice this and hits the force wall at roughly 34 miles per hour.... directly over Scarnetti's saw mill.

The dragon plummets to the ground, fails a save to pull out of the crash, falls through the saw mill, which (by a random check) was running at the time. Longtooth is sliced up by the saws, while the scout passed an Escape Artist check to get free of the rope, a tumble check to get off the dragon, and a reflex save to dodge a few saw blades that were flying through the air as she made her way out of the sawmill.

This was easily the coolest moment in the entire campaign for me thus far, and I just want to thank Paizo and Wolfgang Baur for this great adventure, and great adventure path. You guys have given me and my group so much enjoyment.

Anybody have any idea if Orcus will be the final enemy that the players will play in the Wizards modules? I'm planning on running my players through all the Wizards modules starting with Keep on the Shadowfell, but we will be playing through the adventures quicker than they are released, so I'm planning another campaign to run as well. In the campaign I am making, I'd like to have Orcus as the final encounter, but if Wizards is going to do that, it would kind of suck :(

Any information would be great.

Hi Paizo guys,

I had a problem with my credit card over the last couple weeks. You attempted to ship #932106 and #858230.

The problem with the card should be fixed now. I'd appreciate it if you could retry the payment.

Thanks a bunch

Hi guys. I am having a problem with my preferred shipping method being changed to USPS every once in a while. I hate USPS and gladly pay the two or three dollars extra to ship all my subscriptions via UPS.

This happens only every once in a while and isn't a major problem for the most part, but my preferred shipping will just decide to change to USPS for no apparent reason. I've only had one thing accidentally shipped this way, but it bugged me.

Anyways, just thought I would comment on this and give you guys a heads up that something weird is going on.

Hey Paizo guys. I love the books but I need to cancel my GameMastery subscription. I have a stack of these books that, while I love, I will probably never get the chance to run. If you guys switch to 4e later, I'll definitely be picking them back up again, but right now I have more than enough 3.5 stuff to last me.

Thanks a bunch.

I really like the rest of this adventure, so far, but to me the Scribbler's Rhyme is very misleading and just doesn't work very well.

"On eastern shores of steaming mirror,"

The first thing that I thought about, and the first thing I think my players will think about is the sign you see when your coming into Sandpoint. The sign being a mirror saying "See yourself as we see you." I thought this sign was very interesting, and when I read the rhyme I thought OHhhh that's cool. But the rhyme is referring to a lake. =\

"Where seven faces silent wait,
Encircled guards at Runeforge gate"

First thing I thought of was the seven stones inside the Sandpoint cathedral. Another thing that has been emphasized throughout the adventure path that seems to have a purpose with this rhyme, but the rhyme is talking about seven stones in another place.

I really liked the idea of using things the characters have seen around town in this rhyme so the players can use the things they have learned along the way to solve it, but this rhyme does not offer them that, instead introducing new things that have not even been hinted at before. I can imagine my players running on a wild goose chase to the cathedral and the Welcome to Sandpoint sign, and then after rolling a knowledge check, me telling them about this lake and stones outside of Sandpoint.

Pretty disappointing.

I have always been bothered by this in my games. For a long time now, I have ran my game without having any sort of resurrection spell available to my players. I have been a lot more lenient about killing them, but if their character dies, he will not come back. I like this, personally, as I think that death should be something for the player to fear, and I think that a hero should be willing to sacrifice himself.

However, one of my players has been complaining recently, saying that he would like to play with resurrection spells available to him. I'm not sure if I want to do this or not. I don't really want it to be as easily available as the Player's Handbook makes it out to be, but I'm thinking about having resurrections in some way available.

I am curious as to how you other DM's out there handle character death. How do you keep death as a constant threat, without frustrating the players?

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After running D0 and D1 back to back, I've become rather attached to my player's Falcon's Hollow characters. Assuming they survive through Carnival of Tears, will there be any more GameMastery modules following the adventures in this small town, or do I have to start making stuff up own?

I just sent out this e-mail:

"This really sucks, and I’m sorry I have to do it, but I’m cancelling D&D permanently.

I’m not having fun playing it anymore, due to the constant arguing at the table. I’m not seeing a whole lot of interest in it from other people. I just don’t feel like running it anymore.

If you have anything at my house, feel free to come by and pick it up on Friday.

If you want to hang out sometime and do something, feel free to call.

See you guys later.


God it sucks. I've been running the game every week for over 4 years, and it all fell apart because I let a player's girlfriend join the group. There's only two of the five players in the group that I like playing with now: one of them my wife, and the other has the girlfriend who ruined my game.

I'm going to try to get a game started online now, so that I can still run all this Pathfinder and GameMastery stuff that I love and never had a chance to run with my real-life group.

Anyways, I'm depressed, and just thought I would share.

Is there a picture of these guys in one of the GameMastery modules or Pathfinder?

I swear I remember seeing a picture somewhere, but can't remember where.

Has an encounter table been made for this module yet? I like having a sheet with all the encounters and stats of the monsters available when I'm running the game. I'm about to start making one of these for this module unless another DM has one they would like to share.

I absolutely love the goblins in Burnt Offerings, and cannot wait until I get the chance to play them. Fighting my players with the psychotic glee that the goblins have is something that I look forward to greatly.

Another thing I love is that goblins love to sing. The song that is included in the adventure (and on the shirt, and in the blog) is great, but we need more. Post your silly goblin songs here.

"We'll stab you til you die.
Slice your spleen and poke your eye.
Cut your groin and smash your face.
If you run then we will chase.
From goblins you can't hide
Many have tried and many have died.
From goblins you can't flee!
So come out longshanks, come to me!"

I ran my players through Shackled City, and now we are nearly done with Age of Worms. I had been planning on running Savage Tide afterwards, but with all this good looking Pathfinder and GameMastery stuff coming out, I'm not sure what I want to do.

1. How does Savage Tide compare with Age of Worms and Shackled City, as far as length and fun goes?

2. When does Savage Tide take place compared to Age of Worms (which was like a year after Shackled City)?

3. Are there any major connections between Savage Tide and Shackled City/Age of Worms?

4. Any other tips for me if I do decide to run this Adventure Path?

Thanks for any help.

Does anybody know if they have options for characters who use x3 or x4 damage on critical hit weapons?

If not, do you guys think that having the player draw 2 cards on a x3 or 3 cards on a x4 and getting to pick between the results would be fair?

Well I've completely given up hope on a hardcover coming out any time soon, so I wanted to know which magazines are recommended to be picked up to run this adventure path.

I see that the adventures themselves are in Dungeon 124-135, but I know there was some stuff in Dragon magazine as well right? Which issues would be good to pick up? I don't want to spend the 7 or 8 dollars if it is just a little bit of extra information, but if it's really helpful I'd like to know.

Thanks for any help.

Our group finished the Shacked City AP last week, defeating Adimarchus in a long difficult battle. In the end, only one of the PC's died, and one was taken by Embril as a gift to WeeJas.

The group loved the adventure path so much that they are practically begging me to run an epic level sequel. I've got some ideas, but was seeing if any of you other DM's are considering doing something like this or have already done a epic level sequel.

The group is definitely going to want to recover their lost members soul from WeeJas, so I think I will start by having them travel to Archion (sp?) in an attempt to get the soul from WeeJas. WeeJas agrees to let the group have his soul back (they had already recovered his body from Carceri), but they must perform a task for her before a certain date or she will reclaim the soul.

There are some enemies in our campaign that lived and escaped, including Embril and a couple of the Cagewrights, and I am planning on having them reform, but haven't decided on their goal yet, besides the destruction of the PC party, and Cauldron itself. I was also thinking about having the party actually fight and kill WeeJas at some point, as the god in my campaign setting has become very corrupt and her followers are nearly entirely evil. The group hates WeeJas, and I thought that would be a fairly good goal for them.

What do you guys think? Any ideas or suggestions?