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Good advice, Quixote.
Now I am feeling childish :-) But I did not want the post go uncommented, so I guess we will finish the final book that way or the other.

Well, I got to have to add that the plant monster had a range of 9 meters, with the gunslinger standing the most far away from it. Therefore he could have moved back to safety without any troubles before starting to shoot (which caused an AoO which did lead to his death). As the melee fighters were both in attacking range and as there was no to little damage done to them so far, there was no need to take the risk.

If we kick the wizard, we will have rather less then more buff spells. Dont think that to be a good solution. Also, the player will hopefully return in time.

The gunslinger asked for an mighty invisibility buff which was precious at the time and which did not promise success as to our information the plant could see invisibile persons. Twice the reason for me, not to waste a 4th level spell.

At last, if I had known that he would die, I would of course have buffed him, to whichever outcome that would have lead. I just estimated the encounter as very harmless which it proved out to be, in spite of the death of the gunslinger.

He died from the fire aura of the bloodrager. The plant had grabbed them both and drew them towards it so that they were on neighbouring fields. In a way, activating that fire aura was unlucky to in the end...

So, that the gunslinger died was merely very unlucky and due to his own hasty decisions. He could have moved away one more round and engage from a safe distance while we were tanking that monster in melee, as I think a ranged character is supposed to.

No one ever prevented him from having a con belt crafted. He just decided not to do that and spent his money elsewhere.

As one member of the party Deathstern mentioned (I play an Oath of Vengeance Paladin) I feel the need to explain the situation in more detail.

1. The player who plays the wizard is absent for like 3-4 months, so I have to play both characters which lead to concentrating on my paladin and to not being perfectly firm in the exact amounts of spells and their usage of the wizard. This is due to the fact that I have only an old character sheet for the wizard, and as we all know, playing a wizard is complex enough if its your own character.

2. Yes, there is a pattern in which the gunslinger dies. Except for one overwhelming fight, he does not act tactical enough.

The last death, and that is why he posted here, happened as we had a random encounter against a single plant monster. Instead of leaving the fight to both the paladin and the bloodrager and withdraw tactictally by using 5-foot-steps over 2-3 rounds in combination with full defense, Deathstern decided to unneccessarily engage in the fight. Until then the bloodrager had taken 0 damage (having 200 HP) and the Paladin 10 damage (having 157 hp and still 18 Lay on hands with 14d6+28 healing).

Because the bloodrager envoked an aura of fire, and because the plant grabbed the gunslinger and pulled him on the bloodrager, he took two times fire damage and died from that.

3. Yes, he asked for a buff from the wizard which I denied for the following reasons:

A) We had a previous encounter where he and the wizard also died because the GM tried to kill us. As this was an encounter in a dream world and does not lead to real dying, only to insanity, fair enough. The fight the GM unleashed upon us included having nearly all the encounters of the whole dungeon coming in 4-5 waves upon us. At the end of the fight the wizard had zero spells left and the paladin had 0 Smite Evil and 2 LoHs left. Only then were we allowed to being out of combat and rest.

B) In the campaign we are acting against a time counter. We are short of the final engagement and as we have only 2-3 days left I did not want the wizard to waste one of his spells against a single random encounter.

C) The pattern of dying is one that is due to tactical errors mostly, imho at least, and due to the low CON and HP of the gunslinger. Deathstern is concentrating on a build full of special abilities (flying gunslinger with stealth) and what not but has neglected the basics, like for example taking Toughness or whatever as a feat to improve his chance on surviving if he becomes engaged in a fight.

It is not that we do not buff. It is not that the whole party is not overpowered (we won the fight which should have even killed a 1-2 level higher party) due to the wizard crafting like crazy all the time.

Its just that I decided to save spells because we are very near to the final boss, the random encounter looked really harmless to me and the bloodrager, and that I did not know that the gunslinger would attack with his really low damage against a tree and therefore would die.

Well, that's quite clear then. Thank you!

The spell "Chameleon Stride" has a range of personal and the target is you. So by rules, it can not be made as a potion.

The spell "Chameleon Stride, Greater" ( has now a range of 5 feet. So by rules it could be made into a potion.

But that does not make sense because it says "radius emanation centered on you" and the target is simply you. So the text of the greater version implies that you can cast the spell 5 feet in front of you and then you are the center of the spell.

It also implies that you can cast the spell on another creature and when it walks 10 feet away it does not longer has the effect of the spell, but you still have it as you are always the center of the spell.

So, to make this short, can "Chameleon Stride, Greater" be made into a potion?

To my understanding, as the text implies, not. I think paizo did something wrong here in the description when it changed the reach.