Can "Chameleon Stride, Greater" be made as a potion?

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The spell "Chameleon Stride" has a range of personal and the target is you. So by rules, it can not be made as a potion.

The spell "Chameleon Stride, Greater" ( has now a range of 5 feet. So by rules it could be made into a potion.

But that does not make sense because it says "radius emanation centered on you" and the target is simply you. So the text of the greater version implies that you can cast the spell 5 feet in front of you and then you are the center of the spell.

It also implies that you can cast the spell on another creature and when it walks 10 feet away it does not longer has the effect of the spell, but you still have it as you are always the center of the spell.

So, to make this short, can "Chameleon Stride, Greater" be made into a potion?

To my understanding, as the text implies, not. I think paizo did something wrong here in the description when it changed the reach.

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See also the item rules for potions (Core Rulebook pg. 477): "It can duplicate the effect of a spell of up to 3rd level that has a casting time of less than 1 minute and targets one or more creatures or objects." (emphasis mine)

Because the spell is an emanation, it does not target creatures or objects and is not a valid spell for a potion.

Well, that's quite clear then. Thank you!

I would have to ask a few more about that.
Where is the rule that emanation spell can not be used as a potion?
Above all, in this spell, at area of ​​impact, the allies in 3m are listed as additional targets.

Because in the (Core Rulebook p. 551) Core Rulebook, I find only the limitation of the "spell whose range is personal", can not be acted upon in a potion ".
I have not yet found a rule that states that the emanation spells and / or spells can not be potions with the reach category "In Metrics expressed range" (german Core Rulebook p. 214).

It hinges upon the game term "target". An emanation does not target a creature or object. The caster picks a point of origin and the effect eminates from there. Note the lack of a "target" line in the spell description for the Greater version, while it is present in the lower level version (Range Personal, Target you)

Does that help?

The range on that spell makes absolutely no sense. You'll have to do the best you can with it.

Thanks Kayerloth for your answer, now I understand why it does not work.

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