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This deal includes people who pleged from gameontabletop¿?

It seems like ND is doing some advance on other KS. It seems that Rail Raiders Infinite has been delivery (not full, i think...)

Refering SF vs Archon situation (Angry Backer question, then, ND response...):

Carlos DSuperbacker wrote:

Talking about interesting questions that won't be answered straight. Can you see the name of the contact for the projects Starfinder (Ninja Division) and Chronicle X (Archon). As we know ND owe thousands of USD to Archon ... dio/creator_bio tures/creator_bio

I wonder thus.

Why is the same contact on both projects ?

What happened to the miniatures that were in Archon's possession and that were gonna get destroyed if payment was not received ?

Ultimately, I would like to know what the heck is going on ?

Soda Pop MiniaturesCreadorSuperbacker wrote:

Not that you put credibility in my responses, but I am not lying to you:

Starfinder miniatures (resins) were to be manufactured by Archon - who had a great process and speed and cost to get the work done.

We have declared that we hold a debt to Archon and a few other manufacturers as our money problems came to a head. Again... nothing hidden here.

What is the hidden link here? We have production partners all over the globe. Archon has made no secret of this. But it's a manufacturing contract. And we had a lot of work moving there from Relic Knights and Starfinder - again... nothing hidden, we were trying out new processes and partners - and it looked good for a few of our plans.

Archon has a stock of miniatures that we can option to purchase when we move to pay them back for RK starter miniatures to get those into delivery *(one of our upcoming goals) Our standing with Archon is now back in line, we are working together on solutions.

Now you know what the heck is going on.

SuperDungeonExplorer KS link: e-legends/comments

Rail Raiders Infinite KS link: e/comments

So, ND is radio silence for us, we are the last on the queue...

Sooooo, any news?

thecursor wrote:
What I meant was: Why are you guys assuming that Wiz Kids would use the ND sculpts?

Well, it was a question. Sara Marie says that they provide the same art at both companies, so it was not 3d files.

We know that Paizo owns the 3d files, so it was not crazy that Paizo send Wiz Kids a copy of this to speed up the work. This is legally posible, no legal restrictions of any kind.

Im glad they dont do that.

Sorry if I was misunderstood.

Sara Marie wrote:
Either company would need to do significant work to use resources designed for/developed by the other.

Yep, that's true, but providing wizkids with all 3d renders that ND has, and Paizo owns, would increase significally the time to release that products. A bit of adaptation need to be done to fit the new casting process, but it is faster than create new ones.

Thank you for the quick response.

Nobody si asking if the wizkids sculpts are the same produced by ND...

So, ¿@Sara Marie, @Eric Mona, they are not the same sculpts, rigth?

I dont know if Pazio is aware of this other crowfounding webs where ND launch the Starfinder Miniatures and did the lates pledgeds:

They raised a lot of money there too.

Thx for your commitment.