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Thod wrote:

Savage Grace

Thanks for this very insightful opening of the thread. Let me try to give a little bit more of background to this as the banned person was an Emerald Lodge member. Well - technically not at the time - but we get to that.

Lets start with the good parts.
The player was extremly enthusiastic about the game - online hours at a time, trying out stuff, gathering for his settlement, fighting escalations, helping new players and recruiting at least one new member for us.
He could often give insightful comments and even was defensive up to the degree of a fanboi of PFP at times.

Unfortunately this was coupled with a lack of tolerance for other opinions and the feeling that opposing views often were personal attacks - which led to verbal feuds and quickly spiralled downwards towards unacceptable language.

To some degree the player was what you want for your company / settlement - someone knowledebale, enthusiastic, reliable and online nearly 24/7.

To some degree the player was the worst you can imagine for your company / settlement - someone who starts feuds on the boards that can fester and drag your whole settlement into a war.

I did spend quite some time of diplomatic clean up during the first days of his game when he blundered in and seemed to antagonize nearly every important faction in this game.

He was aware of that and offered his resignation. I felt I would do a better job for this game if we can make him into an asset instead of driving him off. For a while it seemed to work. Interactions on the board where less toxic and I even spotted a few favourites for some of his posts.
Yes - there were still one or two players he just wouldn't get on with - but it seemed I didn't have to patch up anymore and that it was slowly getting into calmer waters.

36 hours ago he resigned from the Emerald Lodge. It seems he didn't survive 24 hours before being banned.

What can be learned from this sorry episode?

1) There is a lot of communication in this game. Communication is two...

Always a shame that Mr Thod. If I hazard a guess who is was would i be right?

ty mission accomplished

I am stuck at a Tutorial quest:

I was told to buy 'toughness' from tutorial trainer.
I had already purchased 'toughness' to lvl 2.
The trainer does not recognise i have it and wont let me proceed.

Any ideas what to do next?

Grim Onyxheart wrote:
TEO Pino wrote:
The overwhelming chorus of 'Thankyou's from those poor ganked new players sure is deafening.
Their thanks was expressed by joining Golgotha. Six recruits and counting from this event.

That's good news, and i mean that - SENSOU will continue to help.

@Midnight of Golgotha - what is a 'crowd forger'?

@Gol Silandria

well i had to diddle my 3 wives before sleep, that count?

"diddle" to pass time aimlessly or unproductively.
"I felt sorry for her, diddling around in her room while her friends were having a good time"

@Wurner Frankly buddy i just want less QQ's and more bish bash bosh. The game has pvp, nuff said.

what? we did not flee combat, we killed your boys, who attacked us at the bank. Then we logged out some 10 minutes later because we have work in the morning. Whats hard to understand? If i am right in that is the fight you refer to.
Please just stop now, and take your bruises on the chin, as we will ours.

@Guurzsk lol where did you make that s@!& up from? Just so you know we are UK time zone - have work to do - and actually go to sleep at night.
If you don't flee a 3v1 then you are a moron. Seeing as none of you fight in groups less than 10, it should not come as a surprise to you. there will be times when we will not engage. We seek a skilled pvp engagement, unlike you lot.

Cards on the table:
SENSOU = 1 company of 4 active players, total 8 characters.
GOLGOTHA = 9 companies of 127 characters, at least 40 players.

Please stop talking now, as your making yourselves look bad, with so many tears.

SENSOU are pvp'ers - no intentional griefing at all. I am sure it will get better with a higher population and something to fight about.
I have to ask tho why so many respawn points, especially so close to 'towers' - its f%@*&*y, and degrades all pvp contest!

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Sorry i still don't understand why you think SENSOU are griefing new players, i am in SENSOU and I have barely been in game 1 week.
It is not like I stop and ask 'hey how long have you been in game' before the custard pies start flying! If your guys are QQ'ing over being killed 3 hexes away from the starting zone, maybe they need backbone training? Better still send them to Darkfall for pvp training.About 'starter' goblin spawns - if they get a poke and don't move then its fair game!

@Nordi, correct observation.
@TEO Cheatle BOT = bad.
@Grim, lolz I played 1 week only! suggest you tell your boys to buy new underpants. Please supply list of your team mates. Full loots starts tomorrow!