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James Jacobs wrote:

Level 20 has always been the cap.

I guess this doesn't fare too well for the prospects of an Epic level book and epic golarion campaigns then? :'(

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This seems awesome :D
Doesn't The Whispering Tyrant seem a bit too low-level though? I always assumed that he was level 30+

I personally think that It's the best AP since "Age of Worms"

Exploring the wilderness, having control over what happens, mass warfare, politics, intrigue and ruling a kingdom..... there's nothing like it.

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I just got a samsung tablet.

I was wondering if anyone knew any usefull apps that could help during a game? Dice rollers, random [insertthinghere] generators, initiative tracking...

Currently I'm trying to get pdfs of the books on it.

Also this could be like a list for other people to look for pathfinder-useful apps for their samsung tablets.

Oh hai~,

That's an android tablet, correct?

The ones I use are:
Dice Bag (Free) - A great dice roller that lets you roll custom groups of dice. It's invaluable for high-level campaigning.

Pathfinder Compendium (Free) - An easy to search compilation of all of the Pathfinder spells. It's very, very nice and pretty too.

Masterwork Tools: Pathfinder Open Refrence (Free) - The whole PAthfinder SRD at your fingertips. It's kinda ugly, but it has everything there

iCrit and iFumble (payed) The cards in button format. Very nice and straight from Paizo

qPDF and Adobe Reader (Free) - Two very good PDF readers for larger files

Liz Courts wrote:

Does this mean I get my cookie shurikens? :D

I'd hope so!

You'd be one heck of a NPC..... or opponent.
I once had a PC who would play crazy characters: Commoners with over-sized weapons, a monk who wore a barrel instead of clothing and used nothing but a 10-ft pole or latter and a Blind sorcerer who would cast AoEs in random directions with the sounds of battle.... He probably killed more fellow PCs and the opponents could ever hoped to!

Ow man, when I saw the part of the title of "Paizo Staff Characters", I was totally hoping that it would be mini's of the *actual* Paizo Staff..... I don't know about you guys, but I'd totally buy a Mini of Erik Mona (Greyhawk! F-Yeah!)

Oh hai,
I was just looking for a thread on this :)

When it comes to paper mini's, I really hope to see more with art like on the covers and the Beginner's box (I'll probally be buying the box just for the pawns).
I've looked over the "Rise of the Runelord" paper mini's, but they all just look so cartoony to me. If I can suggest it, I'd like Paizo to have more realistic or dungeon-punk style art instead of the art in the RotRL paper mini's

Well, It's the end of the week, but I still haven't seen it :(

Will do,
Thank you for the prompt response

Cosmo wrote:
Charles P wrote:


I ordered the "Shackled City" book on August 10, 2011 and it said that it shipped the same day, but it hasn't arrived yet :/

Hmm... it did ship out on the 10th, via the standard postal rate, so it should have arrived in 4 to 8 business days. Today is the 16th business day, so the package is definitely running late at this point. Unfortunately, this is not a trackable shipping method, so the only means we have at our disposal to determine whether the package is missing, or just delayed, is to give it more time to arrive. Therefore, please give the package a bit longer to show up, and if you still have not seen it by the end of next week, let me know and I will get you set up with a replacement shipment.


I ordered the "Shackled City" book on August 10, 2011 and it said that it shipped the same day, but it hasn't arrived yet :/


Hmmmmm, Will we ever see Tibits again? <3
I *loved* them!

I certainly wish to see Epic content as well :)

I'd like to include myself in the hordes of people wishing for this to be reprinted. Especially since I don't have cheap access to a printer :/