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eddiephlash wrote:

I like that old armors have effectively buffed, but should characters who explicitly don't use them, like Monks, have some sort of "anti proficiency"? Like, perhaps they always bury armors.

I can even see this applied to other characters and card types. Something like an inverse of the favored card type. Certain druids always banish human allies. Kyra hates bludgeoning weapons. Ezren can't use divine cards. Etc.

Maybe this is something to be expanded upon in home brew games.

Seems like an easy ability to handle. “When you play a(n) X, if it has any During Recovery text, that text becomes ‘Banish this card.’”.

This does weaken some cards that don’t normally get banished. An alternative is just a power that says “You are never considered proficient with X, even if you otherwise would be.” But this one basically won’t affect much post-core, because armors now assume a basic level of proficiency and don’t actually HAVE a negative effect for non-proficient characters (unless it’s heavy armor).

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Jenceslav wrote:

What about old Armors that have powers "Banish to reduce damage to 0. If proficient, you may bury intead"? Shouldn't it mean this power is still in effect, but useable only by characters with Heavy Armor proficiency? The conversion page says that all the characters are considered proficient with Light Armor, but that increases such cards' power for that characters quite significantly.

Pretty sure that’s the intention. Old armors were kinda weak and useless and kind of a boring thing to deal with on characters without armor. I think the intention was to give them a blanket buff across the board. It increases the lower bound of usefulness of cards without actually disrupting balance too much. I can’t think of any examples of armors that got a HUGE increase in power going from no proficiency to light proficiency, just minor stuff like going from Banish to Bury, as you mentioned already.

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So no conversion rules after all?

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If Paizo wants to play it safe, they could try re-releasing/ revising Class Decks instead. I don’t think it’s a surprise to anyone that the original batch of class decks were super outdated, even before the new design was rolled out (Mystic Theurge in Cleric is particularly bad, due to lack of Arcane stuff to use) But now they are even more so. So do those instead. It lets the devs update old class decks, lets players have their sets updated to the new format, and lets everyone see how they feel about redoing old content without a heavy investment.

Hopefully it would be released with more than just format updates, and actual modifications to the cards to fit with new stuff, like how spells tend to have additional effects now (See: Immolate from last weeks article), or even just outright replacements of a few cards.

Class decks are small, so it’s a bit safer to experiment with them for re-releases. And if it is successful, you could make a show out of releasing the old content. Look at the 10th Anniversary of RotR book, which appeared to be a huge success, or the current Kingmaker campaign. Update the faces of the cards, revise any text needed, throw in a surprise change or two, and toss the whole thing in a mono-color box with gilded text and people will eat that up.

But until then, class decks are a safe option.

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Sadly, I just got shipping notice of my items. On the one hand, yay it’s on the way. On the other hand, it can’t be altered now and I haven’t heard back from customer service yet.

Hopefully I’ll be able to grab the promos on their own at a later date at least, even if it costs me a tad extra.

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Thanks for the heads up! That solution seems the obvious one. I sent them an email. Here is hoping it works out.

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I had to settle for buying the games off the store normally. The subscription would not let me change the starting product away from Ultimate Wilderness. Every time I tried to do so in checkout, it would just switch back on the next screen.

Hopefully I'll be able to grab the promo's easily. Would suck to miss out on them just because I didn't want Ultimate Wilderness, a product I already owned.

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Also, if they won’t be updating it, will you? You offered your own templates before they did, and I don’t see why it can’t happen again?

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So with PACG “Not Technically” Second Edition, we are getting a new card face. My question is, when will this card face be available for people making their own cards?

One of the biggest draws of PACG to me is being able to make custom content, but the differences in the new card frames is going to drive me nuts. Is drivethrucards going to get an update with the new card faces? And if so do we have an estimate of when that will be?

And as a follow up, will we be getting templates at all for the storybooks, or just be on our own for that one? Admittedly not as big of an issue, but everything that makes custom content look a little more professional is nice.

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Vic Wertz wrote:

The only thing we have announced beyond Core and Curse is this year's Free RPG Day storybook.

Existing class decks work just fine. A brief section of the Core Rulebook gives you guidance that cover the majority of the cards, in the form of simple sentences like "If an older card’s level is B, C, or P, treat it as 0." We will also be posting a document in the coming weeks that covers the handful of cards that need adjustment beyond that.

The question is, how fine do they work?

Society play is a lot more strict on following the rules then regular kitchen table play. Are we gonna need errata for ever card in a class deck, or can we just use a new deck straight out of the box without looking at anything more than a decklist?

Obviously these are two extremes and I don’t think either one is likely to be the case, but a rough estimate would be nice. are we talking about changes on par with the updates that RotR got? Bigger? Smaller?

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I’m really interested in the concept of those random scenarios in Society play. PFS/SFS both have adventures that are replayable that take advantage of random generation to keep replaying them from growing stale. Can we expect the same from Card Society now?

I’m also curious about the balancing of difficulty in Society. The devs have been claiming to be offering a lot more rules for tweaking the difficulty of the game, but at the end of the day I am sure those are still house rules, and can’t be used in Society. So how do they make sure that Society scenarios are the right difficulty for most groups?

And on the note of Society, I’m also wondering what is going to happen with class decks. Will character creation be changing at all? Will we get updated versions of old class decks, a la “Unchained” decks? Will we have enough class decks out already when the new season starts to actually even play with only second edition cards?

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Would love to hear some news on how the Class Decks will work in Gen2, especially in relation to Society play.

I could feasibly see the Ultimate decks getting re-printed in a Gen2 format, since they are recent enough and built very well, but some of the class decks have not aged super well (looking at you, Mystic Theurge, and all 0 of your Arcane spells).

Will we perhaps see some "Unchained" class decks, for second gen versions of the class decks, with more modern tweaks? Will they be bundled together in groups (like how the new adventure paths are)?

Will we see more "Character Decks" like Pathfinder Tales, Occult Adventures, Hell's Vengeance, and the Goblin decks?

It looks like you guys have definitely been looking at Society for how to handle some stuff and improve Gen2, and its looking incredible, so I would love to know how its going to tie back in to improving Society as well!

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While I understand that online play is still a new and scary thing for the Society development team, I was wondering how these interact with PbP and Roll20 games, if at all. Are promotional boons effectively banned from any variety of online play?

I could feasibly see Record Keeper being allowed, by providing a screenshot of your My Downloads page, or a screenshot of a watermarked cover page of the PDF, but outside of that it seems like any characters used in online play have 1 less boon slot than all other characters. This also has the effect of making the Acquisitives much worse for online play, as their main bonus is unable to be used. This feels like it is a very unintended effect.

Am I mistaken about how this is handled? If so, how does one "Display" the required items? If I am correct, will we ever see online variants of promotional boons, to give online games the same flexibility as home/event games, and to balance the Acquisitives against the other factions better?

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Page 46 mentions a Welcome to Starfinder for a players -701, but this boon isn't listed anywhere as far as I can tell. Where can it be found?

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So, as a first time Society GM, looking to start up society play for my home game of Starfinder, with a bunch of first time Society players, which adventure should we run first, Claim to Salvation, or Into the Unknown?

Salvation has pre-constructed characters letting players dive in without having to go through character creation first, and try out the classes before committing to one.

Unknown seems to be better geared for actually learning how to play though.

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Vic Wertz wrote:

By the way, my 5-person slots are all full up, and 6 and 4 are closing fast. Still a fair amount of room for 3 or less!

Thanks for all your help!

I submitted my info for my 2 player group to Lackoffocus, and was told that he had sent it upwards, but have not received any messages from anyone else.

Also, you mentioned not recommending running multiple groups through the adventure at once, however, I was actually thinking of running 2 different groups of two players through the game, each one with different characters, end result being balance testing for 2 player groups, but playtesting of 4 total characters. Do you believe this would cause any problems?

EDIT: And I am an idiot and should have checked my email. Not just my private messages. Thank you very much, and I look forward to the playtest.

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LordxMugen wrote:
so if i get this straight your giving us real cards (or cards with placeholder art and effects), which is what were paying money for and why your fedexing it? cause thats what its sounding like to me. also, game sounds alot like thunderstone and that has my interest piqued. anyways, letting my VC know and we'll see what happens.

actually, the way I understand it, is that they are having the fedex actually print out the cards. You aren't paying paizo, you are paying fedex.

I assume that's also why it has to be a fedex print shop, and not just any fedex.

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Sent a request to playtest. I live in Maine, so I'm quite a ways away from the nearest VC. However, the FedEx happens to be right next to my college, which should make pickup rather easy.

Extremely interested in this. I quite like TCG's that have that bit of flair that really lets you bond with your deck.

I assume character advancement is handled through restrictions in deckbuilding, allowing more options as you level?