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‘Welcome Incoming Students’ the large green and gold banner over the gymnasium reads. The mass of students containing future heroes, powered and non-powered, cascades on to the bleachers and the seats on the gym floor. At front of the room stands a podium on a raised platform the Dean of Students and next to him Councilman Nathan Xavier. As everyone settled in the Dean begins to speak, ”Today it gives me great pleasure to welcome you all to Colossus College of Heroic Studies. We are incredibly grateful that you all have chosen to advance you knowledge and skills at our fine institution. However, given the increase of dangerous incidents causing substantial collateral damage and civilian injuries, new rules have been put in place recently, both on and off campus. These new campus rules are all in your student handbooks and we will go in to the more in-depth when we break into our small groups, but the one I would like to address specifically is the new campus flying ban, initially we tried to just ban ‘distracted flying’ but there were still too many mid-air incidents, again it will be discussed in-depth later. With that being said I will turn the mic over to Halcyon City Councilman Xavier and he will give some updates about off campus.”

Councilman Xavier is a tall but slightly built man with salt and pepper hair and a full beard, he steps up to the mic clearing his throat, ”Welcome students and thank you dean. It is my deepest pleasure to speak with you, the newest up and coming heroes in a long history of Halcyon City. I know this will be unpopular but new rules have gone into effect to protect the city, the civilians, and even you our future heroes. These include registration, licensing, and insuring of powers. The students of this fine establishment will be granted provisional licenses and be covered by the school’s insurance while engaged in official business. Once your education is completed you will be tested and if you pass you will be granted a full license. Again I know some are unhappy about this but remember this is also to protect you from lawsuits and liability. Thank you and have a great year.”

A few more speakers get up and talk about student health and financial aid, most students let it go in one ear and out the other. The head coordinator for the orientation then takes the stage, ”Okay everybody, time for small groups, you were all given a colored bracelet at the start and told to keep it, now it’s time to find the staff member with the matching colored placard. This will be your advisor and will be answering your questions.”

Our group is all together for the small group and Bastion(?) the hero we saved happens to be our advisor.

What do you do?

Discussion open

People expressed interest in Masks: A New Generation.
This is a narrative driven game using the Powered by the Apocalypse system.
It focuses on how a team of young superheroes see themselves and the world around them (With adults trying to ruin their fun at every turn - those bastards).

But I wanted somewhere where people interested in running/playing that is not the recruitment thread of an already full game. With that said I might be interested in GMing/Co-GMing or playing.

So lets spitball some ideas and see what happens...

Recently there was a re-recruitment for a Masks: A New Generation game, sadly I was passed over for selection. This was the first time I had ever heard of (or at least really looked into) any of the PbtA games. This led me to reading some reviews and watching some youtube videos about Masks and PbtA in general, and I think it looks like a very cool system and wanted to see if, other than the person running the one Masks campaign (or them if they want to run a second game), anyone was willing and able to run a game and/or play in one.

According to Wiki there are 17 games that use Powered by the Apocalypse, I am up for whatever, but it sounds like the most popular versions are Masks, Apocalypse World, Dungeon World, Urban Shadow, Monster of the Week, and Monsterhearts. I have none of these books so I am hoping to find someone else who can run a game, but if there is enough interest I could purchase and run a game.