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A new challenger? Let's see how you fare in the field, Gumshoe.

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Drejk wrote:
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Why I Love Impus Major #238: (or whatever)

His Spanish teacher is making them do one of those horrific white elephant gift exchanges for the last day of class before break tomorrow. The rules are simple: The gift has to be store-bought, cost between $1 and $15, and be wrapped.

So Impus Major is buying a watermelon, and having me pack it in a nice box so it won't roll around (or move at all), and NobodysWife wrap it (she takes wrapping to a new level of art form -- if you have to use more than one piece of tape, it's ruined. And if you have to use a piece of tape at all, you could have done better).

Then tomorrow he's going to sit back and enjoy watching his classmates squabble over the heavy, beautifully-wrapped "gift".

And yep, it matches all of her criteria.

tips hat

Please tell me he steeples his fingers while this goes on, muttering "dance, puppets, dance!"

I am pretty sure we already determined that Impus Major is gone to be a world top class villain.

There is hope for the younger generation after all.

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Anaurok-OOC: Did we get a name for our group yet?

Olivie-OOC: The rainbow of failure!
Anaurok-OOC: A REAL name? That I can give to people who might hire us?

Now, see that?

That's getting your priorities in order.

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*steals chandelier before it hits the ground*

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That's for me to know, gumshoe, and for you to find out.