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Kim Snow wrote:
.Cariban. wrote:
Something's a bit familiar about that whole teddy bear situation...

totally different.

Kim has the haunted curse and is possessed by the ghost of her mother. and uses the teddy bear to communicate.

That's... Less different then you know.

Not the same, of course. You're far from stepping on toes.

Damiani wrote:
.Cariban. wrote:
Something's a bit familiar about that whole teddy bear situation...

Even other evil teddies need lovin'.

Just saying. Not really, but...

Hay! I'm not evil!

Something's a bit familiar about that whole teddy bear situation...

ignance wrote:

"That sounds good. Let's go."

the bear stretches a little! having been "asleep for a while.

the bear re-animates itself. "Hmm? Ah, sorry. I had some thinking to do. Oh, wow, who made this? It's very nice."

Cariban remains silent. She doesn't seem to want to say anthing, but her features do show that she is awake.

"Woah! That's... Disorienting..."
she says as she gets spun around.

"Geez.... What a way to wake up. I suppose that does give me time to make my own outfit, though."
carabian doesn't do much, she just kinda sits there in Sarah's arms.

"Looks like I'm out just in time for a ton of drama."

the teddy bear's features full out and fingers separate again.
"Meh? What? Oh. Hi people. How long was i "asleep"?"

"Well, let's see if i can..."
she does a few motions, apparently casting a spell, before she prestidigitations the water all off
"Yep. I wonder why i have spells in my head? No matter, you're dry."

carabian comes over.
"Would you be more comfortable if i did it?"
she asks zilla.

"Yes. Yes they would."
carabian puts a little of her claws out and starts sharpening them with each other.

Grim Jr. wrote:
"uh I'd prefer not to answer that, I have found there are no right answer to those kind of questions,"

carabian snickers a little.

"You were interested in seeing this, correct?"
she laughs just a little.
"Eh, nothing new. Normal, really. Just remember, others don't want you looking at them when they aren't covered, just like you don't want them looking at you when you aren't covered. With the exception of me, of course, I'm not going to be covered, I'm a plush toy."

not sure, but if you think so, i trust you.
"Yeah, it's me. You, being told not to look, then what's the first thing you try and do? You try and look. Immediately."

carabian, who had been waiting at the lakes edge the whole time, says
"Keep your head the other way, lover boy."

carabian waits by the cat.

carabian walks next to the cat, keeping a close eye on this odd cat.

Kizmetz wrote:
Who is all with Sara?

And me.

"I'm not going underwater If i can avoid it."

Sara and Bee wrote:

Intelligence is my casting stat. ;)

"Okay. Birds are better than nothing."
She tweets to the birds to get ready but let's Cariban offer suggestions before asking Carl to put the birds outside.

"I've got nothing."

She nods, and runs towards wherever a guard is needed, her fingers extending into long, vicious claws, serrated in such a way to tear and rip flesh.

"I don't want to leave you alone, Sarah, not unless you're comfortable here. When you feel relaxed, I'll go protect you from anything trying to come to attack us."
carabian moves up to Sarah and hugs her.

she seems not to know what to think about that.
"Anyway, would you like me to stand guard somewhere?"
they teddy bear seems serious, but how could it possibly be threatening? I mean, really.

"Look, Sarah, we are safe. This is a fortified location, so they just teleported us somewhere safe. Settro's bands keep him from being teleported, so that's why he int here. I'm sure he's on his way."

she then answers Carl.
" i have decided to be female, and i will be naming myself soon. Until then, call me Cariban."

the teddy bear, which hadn't moved until now, suddnly has it's button eyes become much more real-looking, and it's hands grow actual finger-like structures
"Hi! And thank you, i try and keep myself looking nice."

no sound pierces the bubble.
"You'll be ok, Sarah... No need to be afraid. And you can make it light, Sarah. You're a caster, you can do things like that. The sprit can tell you how."

"It's alright. Calm down. You're fine..."

"Nor will i."

"Umm.... I'll think about it."

"Aright, it's settled. Female."

"He, she, it...
Basically, those things you use when you don't want to use a full name."

"It kinda makes things easier to have a pronoun."

"Sarah, would you prefer to refer to me as male, female, or an object?"

"Whatever Sarah prefers."

"At this rate, one for me would be no problem, honestly. If you want to know, i am an "it" but most people see that as rude."

"Meh. Sun could use some company, and it looks like you have plenty."

Hey, fireclaw, did you miss my post?

"I am not a girl. Or a boy, for that matter."

"Oh. Then i won't be coming either."

Cariban is back to singing.

"I'm mostly certain he can come."
Cariban turns to sun for a moment.
"If you can't, i'll tell you otherwise before. Alright?"
it turns back to it's work.

"Doesn't mean all can't. Everyone is diffrent."
carabian doesn't look away from the sewing.

"Really now, Sarah? Why ever not?"

"♪Stitching some clothes... Stitch-stitch-stitch-stitch... stitch-ing some clothes... Da-de-da-de-do♪"

to the tune of "stamp on the ground"

Cariban whistles while it works, without it's mouth really moving.

"I don't think i can get tierd."

the kimono is coming together quickly.

the bear works deftly and swiftly, as if it had done this all it's life...
Well, i suppose, it's done it for a lot of it's life already.

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