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Baaa-aaa-aaa-aaa-aaaBY can you DIG yo MAN!

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Soylent Green, dear Mammoth, Soylent Green!

Besides, who cares?! When the First World dies off from depopulation, there'll be plenty of space for the Third World to spread out and f+%# things up all over again. But hey--it'll take 'em years to figure out how to use our tech, and by then the ants will have conquered the planet!

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I read this novel when it was released a few years ago. I remember it being quite good (except for the last three hundred or so pages; typical in most of King's work over the last 20 years), but I thought it another great example of King getting by with virtual plagiarism--ever notice how almost every novel and story he writes is essentially a rewrite of an Outer Limits of Twilight Zone episode?

At any rate, I remember the novel as mostly a critique of fundamental religion in America. Is this how the TV series is focused?

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OMG, did you see what Bianca did last night!

Hey...this isn't the Eastenders thread, is it...

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Last week I woulda said neither; I mean I woulda said, "Neither."

See, I had just watched me some awesomesauce Milla Jovovich kickin dat infected zombie ass outta her sexy way, and when her suppo team shimmied they way to 'help' her (if, you know, 'help' means get in the way and almost get her sweetness and a cute tagalong clone killed at ever friggin turn), they used a totally rockin Sony S!

I went and bought one and loaded some kickass Resident Evil junk on it and decided to COSPLAY at the local abandoned missile base (I live la vida loca in central Alaska)...immediate error message: "temperature range exceeded", and didn't that biahtch shut down and never turn on again! I don't understand-- they used the same exact Sony S to crack into an abandoned Soviet base in the arctic--maybe American arctic bases are colder.

Anyway, don't buy a Sony S if you want to outdoors COSPLAY ResEvil in Central Alaska in the winter.


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I absolutely know that none of you are actually here; that in fact 'here' is a state I personally redefine on a continuous basis. Every thought you have is because I gave it to you, and all your collective thoughts and actions, the clothes you choose to wear, the food you eat, the BM waiting for you a few hours later, are all designed to teach me something my superconscious finds useful or necessary to my continued development.

Thank you for your assistance.

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Hmmm...I see a list of future Hides...

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Once, the illimitable Chuck Norris and the immortal Bruce Lee struck fists within a quanta of less than a quanta, and Chuck Lee was born...

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Whatever it takes.