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5 posts. Alias of captain yesterday.


Pillbug Toenibbler wrote:
Red Dead Cap'n Yesterday wrote:
Beating A Dead Horse wrote:
Evil Turtle wrote:
*Kicks the 'Alignment' dead horse*
Easy their cowboy
Whoa there, Tex.
{shouts in Canadian accent} I'm not your buddy Tex, guy!

Hold on there, champ, what's the dealio?

Hopefully everyone knew I was joking.

Especially Marty.

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Non Sequitur Camel wrote:
Selene Spires wrote:
What is the sound of red?
Isn’t it weird that people are made of meat? Cats too.

How can they be made of meat if they're full of s@@&.

Unless, they're the bottom feeders of land...

Oh deary me, I've gone and did it again.

Absorbs oversized #1 hand, oozes back in to the sea.

Some of us are going the other way, thank you.