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I just submitted this order, and put in a new billing and shipping address. When I got to the confirmation page, it had reverted to my old shipping address. Can the shipping address for this order please be corrected to my default shipping address?

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Waaaaay back in 2nd Ed AD&D, our GM had a house rule of making a Con check(roll d20, equal to or less than your Con to succeed for you youngsters who never played 2nd) to wake up if things were happening around you and no one was making a direct effort to wake you up. The first time he announced this was when a vampire attacked a party member in an inn we were staying at. At the time, I was playing a Rogue who had rolled a 17 Con.

So, after failing 2 rolls that night, I just chalked it up to bad luck.

The next four encounters that occured while I was sleeping, with multiple opportunities each, I never succeeded on my Con checks.

After that 4th encounter, my GM and I both came to an agreement. Unless someone was actively trying to wake him up, my character slept through anything and everything.

Standing up would provoke an AoO, but it would not automatically be a sneak attack. The attack would still have to already qualify as a sneak atack; i.e., you are flanking the target.

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939. Not every old man in Ustalav is secretly a vampire. Some of them are liches.
940. Not everyone living in the woods in Ustalav is a werewolf. Some of them are just idiots.
941. Testing rules 939&940 with silver and wooden stakes to the heart of everyone you meet WILL have alignment repercussions.
942. Do not read anything you find in Ustalav.
943. Do not look directly at any strange creatures you encounter in Ustalav.
944. Do know what? Just stay away from Ustalav.

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Eh, my players had fun with it in CotCT. Though one was fairly upset about transforming into a woman, and they never did anything about the evil duplicates that two of them drew. And one of them drawing the holy avenger was pretty anticlimactic, what with them having Serithtial and all.

Just a few that have yet to be mentioned.

Delita Heiral, of Final Fantasy Tactics. Ruthless. Manipulative. Cutthroat. Uses and manipulates a civil war, rising from an obscure commoner to King, through the sacrifice of his sister, best friend, and even the woman he loves.

Elijah Price, a.k.a. Mr Glass, of Unbreakable. Murdered hundreds, possibly thousands, just to prove that he wasn't alone, wasn't an accident.

Azazal, Fallen. Tiiiiiiime is on my side...

After the destruction of our first ship, the Wandering Damage, our second ship was named after random flavor text used previously in the adventure, the Dread Silence.

Subsequent ships have been dubbed Maelstrom's Edge and Stolen Kiss. A fourth ship our last session last night, but she has not yet been named.

After over an hour of debate and name pitching(we are mostly the same group of people who were distracted for over an hour by plans on what to do when a magical accident left us with a Large angora rabbit, and who sought to weaponize green slime, brown mold, poison oak, and walls of stone) we finally agreed to vote, elimination style, on a name. Names ranged from the serious(The Payback) to the comical(the previously seen in this thread She's One of Ours Sir & Don't Sink Me Bro) to the purely ridiculous(Money Shot) to the pure pop culture reference(Revenge, S.S. Date Rape, & The Orca) we eventually decided to christen the ship with one of our groups old in-jokes...

The Wandering Damage

The opponent would have gotten two attacks from the scenario as described. One from his readied action, which I can only assume was to attack. And then a single attack of opportunity as the character continued his charge.

Wouldn't apply. Finesse now applies to all finesse-able weapons, you don't choose just one.

When someone else in the group successfully identifies that the group is fighting basilisks, and warns everyone to close their eyes, the group's warrior, while rolling his saving throw,

"I don't need to close my eyes, I can only fail on a-"


AnnoyingOrange wrote:

I was wondering about that as well, I would houserule it so that the caster could not make an AoO in this case but I do not think there is an actual rule to disallow it.

From the PRD

Cast a Spell

A spell that takes one round to cast is a full-round action. It comes into effect just before the beginning of your turn in the round after you began casting the spell. You then act normally after the spell is completed.

A spell that takes 1 minute to cast comes into effect just before your turn 1 minute later (and for each of those 10 rounds, you are casting a spell as a full-round action). These actions must be consecutive and uninterrupted, or the spell automatically fails.

When you begin a spell that takes 1 round or longer to cast, you must continue the invocations, gestures, and concentration from 1 round to just before your turn in the next round (at least). If you lose concentration after starting the spell and before it is complete, you lose the spell.

You only provoke attacks of opportunity when you begin casting a spell, even though you might continue casting for at least 1 full round. While casting a spell, you don't threaten any squares around you.

This action is otherwise identical to the cast a spell action described under Standard Actions.

There is a feat for Catfolk in the Advanced Race Guide that does that, called Nimble Striker.

The thread is deleted, because it's finally a reality! Starring Nicholas Cage, and directed by Uwe Boll!

On that note, I wish Uwe Boll was never allowed to make another movie.

His UMD doesn't come into play, because there are no requirements to activate the crystal ball. Anyone can use it.

And no, you don't have to be familiar with the subject, it just makes their save against your scrying attempt easier as per the scrying spell.

If they are killing minions, Phantasmal Revenge is a fun piece of payback for a level 7 spell. As long as they're not leaving the plane, it will find them.

1 - It's a lot of backchecking, but I would allow any ability granted by any of the spells upon which it is based. Polymorph any Object being based off (Greater)Polymorph, which allows the subject the abilites granted by Beast Shape IV, Elemental Body III, Dragon Body I, or Alter Self.

2 - From the last line of the PRD on Polymorph any object
"This spell can also be used to duplicate the effects of baleful polymorph, greater polymorph, flesh to stone, stone to flesh, transmute mud to rock, transmute metal to wood, or transmute rock to mud."

Granted. Your car has exactly the amount of gas you need to get through today. Your bill will be in the mail.

I wish Uwe Boll could never make another movie.

This may fall under the genereal 'polymorph spells have changed' rule, or the general 'save or suck spells' listing, but one we only recently stumbled upon...

Baleful Polymorph no longer has an instantaneous duration, but instead a permanent duration, and thus, can be dispelled normally.

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Zyren Zemerys wrote:

They're gone but will be back in a minute.

I wish I had a Big Mac...

Mark McGwire shows up in your house with a baseball bat and a bottle of gin...mostly empty...

I wish I had some bacon.

Last year was no better.

Dona Baldwin
was in
Robert Loggia

Clockwork pickle wrote:
Ravingdork wrote:

being able to see through the shadows does not change the fact that the shadows are still there (which means the assassin/shadowdancer can still use his ability). It looks to me as though the A/S might still be able to hide.

All the ability does is allow the A/S to make a Stealth check even though you are looking directly at him.

I agree that the description of the ability is vague enough to justify the default "GM call" about how it interacts with true seeing.

that being said, it seems to me that the simplest explanation of the ability is that A/S HiPS requires nearby concealment provided by shadows or dim light. because true sight (or blindsight/blindsense for that matter) negates that concealment, the ability doesn't work.

however, the ability doesn't actually say that, and it is possible that the shadows do something else to allow stealth checks.

really the point is kind of moot in most conditions. sure, they can hide, but they are going to need to hide in something other than the shadow/dim illumination for it to work against true seeing. I guess it would be equivalent to automatically succeeding on a free action bluff to distract.

From the Pathfinder SRD

True seeing, however, does not penetrate solid objects. It in no way confers X-ray vision or its equivalent. It does not negate concealment, including that caused by fog and the like. True seeing does not help the viewer see through mundane disguises, spot creatures who are simply hiding, or notice secret doors hidden by mundane means.

So, no, true seeing should NOT help you find people using HiPS.

An eldritch blast is a ray with a range of 60 feet. It is a ranged touch attack that affects a single target, allowing no saving throw. An eldritch blast deals 1d6 points of damage, with an additional 1d6 points of damage every two levels thereafter (3rd, 5th, 7th, etc.). An eldritch blast is the equivalent of a spell whose level is equal to one-half the warlock’s class level (rounded down) with a minimum spell level of 1st and a maximum of 9th when a warlock reaches 18th level or higher.

I know this is your personal conversion, but didn't they errata out the scaling level of eldritch blast, because it would explicitly exclude the warlock from ever making use of feats like Empower Spell-Like Ability or Quicken Spell-Like Ability? Such feats can only be used on SLA's with an equivalent level much lower than the creature's caster level.


I wish that I could do any sort of crazy, dangerous, or illegal act without getting harmed, arrested, killed, or committed to a mental institution.

Granted. Unfortunately, now that your term as President of the United Statese is over, no one much cares about you.

I wish I had an easier time finding shoes that fit.

It has been confirmed. Michael Jackson died of food poisoning.

He ate 10 year old nuts.

Sebastian wrote:

I think V got hit by a charm monster from the imp. The effect is mentioned right before the fight with the big devil, then V passes up an opportunity to gloat, and now this.

Or, he's just acting out and getting the damn plot back on track, which is nice. I am sick to death of the blue man group.

I'm just curious. Where are you seeing reference to a charm monster there? I just poked back through the strips and I'm not seeing it.

Personally, I just see V's current action as nothing but the logical outcome of his perceived failures in the battle against Xyklon, his obsession with locating his friends, and his frustration at his magic still not solving all of his problems. Oh, and sleep(or the elven equivalent) deprivation.

Sorry for the long post, been awhile since I've updated this. Here goes...

PC Name: Brother Joshua (Human cleric 9)
Adventure: The Champion's Belt
Location of Death: Shrine of Kyuss
Catalyst: Good saving throws
Long Description: So, several times, Bozal attempted to annihilate the young cleric from behind the safety of several spawn. After spell after spell failed to fell Brother Joshua, Bozal instead closed into melee and proceeded to bash the other cleric's brain in with his club.

PC Name: Zhakarai (Human scout 9)
Adventure: The Champion's Belt
Location of Death: Shrine of Kyuss
Catalyst: Leaving the party's sight
Long Description: The party had retreated into the coffin storage room during the fight with the spawn and Bozal Zahol. Zhakarai, unfortunately, had been blocked into the hallway to the pump room, and was brought into unconsciousness by the marauding spawn. As one of the spawn bent down to infest the unconscious youth with worms, a single bead from a necklace of fireballs incinerated the remaining spawn, and Zhakarai as well.

PC Name: Zhakarai (Human scout 8)
Adventure: The Champion's Belt
Location of Death: The Greyhawk City Arena
Catalyst: Madtooth HUNGERS!
Long Description: After being resurrected in secret beneath the arena, Zhakarai stood tall in the fight against Madtooth the Hungry. So tall, in fact, that Madtooth tried to eat him. Unfortunately, Zhakarai didn't taste very good(a chill fire shield will do that), so Madtooth spit Zhakarai out into the crowd. He crashed into the expensive seats, but did not manage to take any spectators with him.

PC Name: Nidget (Tiefling wizard/sandshaper 11)
Adventure: The Spire of Long Shadows
Location of Death: On the road to Magepoint
Catalyst: Filge returns!
Long Description: Having his life spared did nothing to lessen the anger Filge felt over his humiliation at the hands of the People of the Sun. Escaping from Diamond Lake's jails, he sought revenge, even making a deal with certain devils who also sought the party's demise(or at least the acquisition of a certain artifact from them.) As the party attempted to wind walk to Magepoint, Filge ambushed them with a timely dispel magic and a pair of bone devil allies. Half of the party fell from the sky, crashing to the ground. During the fight, Filge targeted Nidget with a chain lightning, felling the tiefling and wounding her allies.

PC Name: Ixit (Poisondusk lizardfolk druid/warshaper 12)
Adventure: The Spire of Long Shadows
Location of Death: Halls of Corruption
Catalyst: Discorporating Dive
Long Description: Ixit was targeted by one of the sword archons for a discorporating dive. Lizard guts went everywhere. Icky!

PC Name: Brother Joshua (human cleric 12)
Adventure: The Spire of Long Shadows
Location of Death: Chamber of Contemplation
Catalyst: Finger of Death
Long Description: Brother Joshua just seems to draw the attention of creatures with death magic. Unfortunately, this time, he actually failed his saving throw.

This brings our campaign's grand total of deaths up to 12. Deadliest fights would have to be the fight with the Kelvos and the 2 sword archons, and the fight against the spawns of Kyuss and Bozal Zahol. Close calls include the battles with The Faceless One and Grallak Kur in Three faces of Evil, and the fight with the Harbinger(maze + paralyzing touch make for great ways to whittle down your opponents!)

There are ways around that. Several low level spells come to mind. Magic Aura. Misdirection. Obscure Object. Nondetection. These can lead to making players mildly paranoid, but definitely entertaining. ("Oh my god, that plain vase in the corner isn't magical! SMASH IT!!")

...convinced George Lucas that he could write dialogue.

Rather than CMB, I've been using in my game a scaling DC with BAB; 10+ for tumbling past, 20+ for tumbling through. DC scales for anyone with Combat Reflexes, increasing the DC of anyone tumbling by/through them by their Dex bonus.

With multiple Pelorites in the group, my players opted for People of the Sun.

PC Name: Kyra (female human bard 7)
Adventure: The Hall of Harsh Reflections
Location of Death: Zyrxog's realm
Catalyst: Octopin + Rend
Long Description: When the party was ambushed by the first group of octopins past Zyrxog's sigil, the bard ended up left all alone against one octopin. Two rends later, and the bard's lingering song was all that was left of Kyra.

PC Name: Half-breed(male half-orc barbarian/fighter/bear warrior 8)
Adventure: The Hall of Harsh Reflections
Location of Death: Zyrxog's Realm
Catalyst: Octopin + Rend (Take Two)
Long Description: This time, it was the half-orc's turn to die to the octopin's rend ability. Only this time, it was the advanced octopin, and it took 3 rounds of playing whack-a-mole(knocked unconscious, healed, stoop up, provoked AoO, knocked unconscious, wash rinse repeat) for him to stay down for good.

Reach, Combat Reflexes, and Rend. That advanced Octopin was nasty. And it certainly didn't help that they fought it in the brain room after the warlock chose to wander off and get the octopin's attention before they had successfully dealt with the brain pillar.

So long as Lucas doesn't have his hands on any of the dialogue, we should be safe.

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PC Name: Vanthis(male dragonborn of bahamut paladin 6)
Adventure: The Hall of Harsh Reflections
Location of Death: Telakin's Hall, Sodden Hold
Catalyst: Attack Nearest Creature
Long Description:
Before I start in on the death that occured later, I have to say this...the Hall of Deception has to be the single most fun encounter I have ever been involved with, either as a player or a DM. Everyone(except the player running the doppleganger up to this point) was thoroughly confused and suspicious. Were it not for the party's barbarian decapitating his double in the first round of combat(greataxe criticals are beautiful things) it might have been a TPK. Very nearly was. Anyway, back to the story at hand...

After dying ingloriously to owlbears, Vanthis accepted being raised from the dead to give the ol' hero thing a second try. Everything was going well, until the party reached the Hall of Deception, and spent a good deal of resources(and patience) dealing with and recovering from the dopplegangers. Physically and emotionally drained, the party pushed onward, determined to find the source of this bizarre conspiracy hatched against them. Telakin awaited them upon his throne, in the guise of Allustan. Catching much of the party in the doorway will a wall of fire, he then managed to catch Vanthis and Dhar'shan, the parties main real warriors, with a confusion spell. During the first couple rounds, both fled from Telakin to the far side of the room(the wall of fire kept them from escaping the room entirely.) Unfortunately, on the 3rd round, Dhar'shan turned and attacked Vanthis. For the next several rounds, they traded blows until Dhar'shan landed a grievous blow on Vanthis, cutting him down.(sometimes, greataxe criticals aren't that beautiful)

1) Never sell your party members to the local alchemist, no matter how shady his ethics are, or if he's offered you a hefty bonus if you can find him exotic materials for making potions & oils.

2) When locked in a cell where the jailer has access to a lever/switch that can instantly kill you(spikes, crush trap, etc.) it is best to not compare his looks or personality to that of a chihuahua.

3) No matter their color or alignment, never EVER EVER ask a dragon for some of his or her blood.

4) For whatever peculiar reason, gnomes do not appreciate being used as footstools.

5) When a member of your party gains an odd magical aberration, such as a flame where his or her eye used to be, it is not appropriate to use it to light your pipe.

6) Invading a lizardfolk lair is the wrong time to discuss whether or not lizard tails taste like chicken.

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PC Name: Vanthis(male dragonborn of bahamut paladin 6)
Adventure: The Hall of Harsh Reflections
Location of Death: On the road to Greyhawk City
Catalyst: Bad luck on dice rolls
Long Description:
Ever have a few dice rolls you wish you could have back?
On the 2nd night out from Diamond Lake, the Ixit, the party druid, and Vanthis were on watch when they noticed the horses growing restless. They went over to check them out, and perhaps try to calm them. What they failed to notice was a half dozen owlbears approaching.
The party put up a valiant fight, but in the end, all of the horses were slain.

Oh, and Vanthis died too.

PC Name: Nala (female elf fighter 5)
Adventure: Encounter at Blackwall Keep
Location of Death: The Twisted Branch Lair
Catalyst: Spawnlings are poisonous!
Long Description: The party had decided to help move the lizardfolk's eggs, as no one wanted anything to do with the black dragon's egg. So, half of the party was not even in the room when the egg started to 'hatch.' A panic ensued, and when all was said and done, a dozen twisted angry spawnlings hatched and attacked the three people left in the room. Nala suffered several bites, as did the 2 others, and all decided it was time to run. The spawnlings followed them out the tunnel. The 3 victims burst from the water running for their lives, which surprised the party cleric waiting on the other end almost as much as the vicious mob which burst from the water to attack him. After killing a few of them, the cleric turned what were left, and the party fled the lair. Unfortunately, Nala succumbed to the venom of the spawnlings bites.

Of course, they now have a problem, as the spawnling managed to reanimate the king and a few other dead lizardfolk as a spawns, and soon, the Mistmarsh may become a nightmarish place of worms.

Hail Kyuss!

You've never been hit by an empowered envervation and had the DM roll a 4.

As far as random path goes, from the basement, the only real paths of escape are the stairs.

Unless you're playing a warlock who has Flee the Scene, which one of my players is. Pretty appropriate ability for having failed that fear save, imho. She ended up using it to run and dimension door outside of the keep until the effect faded. Pretty amusing.

More amusing, however...


I was using the slightly harsher ruling that when grappled, 1d4 worms are automatically applied. My players were already paranoid against using touch/natural attacks from seeing what happened to the eggs in the Twisted Branch lair(having a dozen nasty miniature crocodiles with worms crawling out of their eyes trying to bite you will leave an impresssion on most anyone.) One of my players is playing a modified swordsage/rogue hybrid, and was hit on multiple occasions with worms. His solutions for removing them before they burrowed?

1) After having several worms on him as a result of a successful bull rush(went with the same ruling as grappling, especially since he failed his opposed roll so spectacularly) he used a maneuver that produced a small cone of flame....on himself.
2) After being grappled, and seeing that he has worms crawling on him, the druid casts a flaming sphere and has it leap onto him.
3) After escaping the grapple, and with more worms on him, he threw himself upon the flaming sphere.
4) After having a chance to recover his expended maneuvers, he gets grappled yet again, and cones himself again.
5) Finally, after getting grappled one last time, and unable to remove the worms from himself, the cleric begins experimenting with spells to try to remove the worms as they burrow towards his brain. Luckily, the cleric did have remove disease, and he did not become a spawn of Kyuss.


Psychic_Robot wrote:
Why on Earth would I waste a spell slot on cone of cold when I could cast baleful polymorph, cloudkill, enervation, charm monster, black tentacles, or the like? Simply put, there's no reason to cast damaging spells as they currently are.

Because no monsters are ever immune to any of those spells....never....and there are absolutely no spells to protect you from any of those spells. /sarcasm

Psychic_Robot wrote:
Not to be rude, but just because you think that they're fine doesn't mean that they are. There's a reason that the Character Optimization Boards (WotC forums) hate evokers and classes like the warmage. I'm going to have to side with my own mathematical prowess and the nigh-autistic number-crunchers on the CO forums.

And not to be equally rude, but just because you think something is wrong doesn't mean that there is.

I agree, it would have been not as bad had it been at the end of the adventure...

However, my group has a long, long, long history of unorthodox thinking. This led to them making it into the mines almost undetected, managing to ambush and annihilate the two tiefling guards before any alarm could be raised, and then they chose to take the Labyrinth FIRST.

On a small side note...

Does anyone else think that it is absolutely insane to put a creature with ability DRAIN in this module? At 3rd & 4th level, you have zero means of dealing with ability drain. ZERO!!! And CR 3?

I played it fast and loose with that one, making it only wisdom Damage, and letting the party face the allip alone, rather than with a pair of wizards aiding it. As it was, they nearly all lost to the allip anyway when 2 of 6 people succeeded on their saving throw to the babble.

Str 11
Dex 14
Con 13
Int 7
Wis 17
Cha 15

Hrmm....guess it's time to join team cleric. Or maybe druid. Anyone remember the prerequisite scores for druids?

PC Name: Isom Phen (male human spellthief 3)
Adventure: Three Faces of Evil
Location of Death: The Inner Sanctum, LAbyrinth of Vecna
Catalyst: Trying to take on the Faceless One solo
Long Description: Despite being low on resources after being ambushed by two different kenku groups, the party pushed on deeper into the Labyrinth, reaching the inner sanctum. Several rounds later, with the druid down on the ground from a critical scorching ray to the chest, and most of the party trapped in or behind webs, the Faceless One arrived, coming out through the acolytes' chamber to try to catch a view of the interlopers. Well, Phen decided to sneak through the laboratory, to try and surprise the Faceless One. And succeeded. Unfortunately, the rest of the party was still stuck in the web, or hedged out by the scorpion TFO had summoned. The Faceless One decided that he was a nuisance, and proceeded to put a lightning bolt in Phen's face. Unfortunately, prior to the lightning bolt, Phen only had 2 HP left from the previous encounters.


After the battle, the party found a pile of soot and ash covered clothing, with an eerie shadow scorched into the wall behind it that looked suspiciously like Phen...

After successfully escaping the treacherous elevator, the party next faced off against...

A large stone block.

Yes, a stone block.

It took them 15 minutes to gather up the courage to try to move it, to disarm the trap, to squeeze 2 characters through the opening above it, and finally pull it down.

And who says it's only 3.5 combat that can slow things down?

After that, things seemed to be going quite well for the group. They seemed quite fascinated by the statues here, especially the air currents in the statues hands. Of course, no one noticed the strangler lurking behind one of the statues...

Several eye beams later, with Cuda running for his life, Dar'shan sleeping on the floor, and most of the rest of the party thoroughly confused, they finally noticed the beast.

To make a long confusing battle short, the fight ended when the strangler attempted to strangle a sleeping Ixit, when it was pulled off of her by Dar'shan, and then hacked to pieces by Dar'shan's bastard sword.

Oh, and Syl can't hit the broad side of a barn with her eldritch blasts. Or a tiny, flying aberration.

The rest of the lair was explored rather uneventfully, with the party avoiding the brown mold as they had no real means to kill it.

Grrr...stupid work computer....claiming to post 3 posts and none of them show up!


After fighting the swarm, the party elected to not climb down that tunnel, and instead opted for the yellow tunnel instead, the one leading to the lair of the architect. Syl was the first to ride down the elevator. When it came back up, Brother Joshua was examining the device, but had made no move to actually enter it.

Well, Brother Joshua, as mentioned before, is claustrophobic, and is already very uncomfortable in this cairn.

Well, Cuda is very impatient. Cuda decided to shove Joshua into the elevator.

Cuda succeeded on his bull rush attempt.

Joshua had now entered his own personal HELL.

Several years later(to his perspective, anyway) Joshua collapsed out of the elevator, sweating and panicking. And looks up at the ceiling to see Syl starting down at him from her spot on the ceiling.

Oh, and the rest of the party made it down the elevator without incident.

Oh, I have to tell you, the look of horror and fear on the face of Joshua's player so made that whole night worth it.

Mary Sue's and Gary Stu's are also often (shameless) self-insertions of the author's idealized self into their work. The worst name the character after themselves. Wesley Crusher in Star Trek comes to mind, the work of the late Gene Wesley Roddenberry.

Enervations, and all sources of negative levels as well, do stack, however...

Did you take away his spell-like abilities do to enervate? Only actual memorized spells are wiped out due to negative levels. His effective caster level would have been lowered by the enervates, but he wouldn't actually lose the use of those abilities.

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