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Infernal Healer wrote:
Patrick Curtin wrote:
Celestial Healer wrote:

I am at a conference in Boston. I have some downtime this afternoon. I have decided to spend it taking a self-guided Fallout 4-themed walking tour.

Here’s hoping I don’t run into any super mutants.

Have fun storming the castle!

I took out a ghoul with a rail cannon.

At least I think it was a ghoul...

I probably shouldn’t go back to Boston.

No...You shouldn't

cracks knuckles

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taig wrote:
So, Patrick has a case of the Mondays?

Be careful badger..

We'll be waiting, punk

Crack knuckles


It's only a matter of time. It's for your own good after all ...

That's OK, we ship lots of tax avoiders up to you ...and then they vote for more taxes in NH! Vive La liberalisme stupidite!

slaps truncheon in meaty fist


I'll summon the Brute Squad!

I'm in the Brute Squad!

You ARE the Brute Squad!

Mairkurion {tm} wrote:
Spanky the Leprechaun wrote:
Sounds like Trump trumpeting his birth certificate victory.
Nah. The differences: 1. I have great hair. 2. That victory was for the other side.

1. I thought you had leaves?

2. What Other side? The Yankees?

Dontchoo be messin' wit our new duke and duchess

Be happy. We'll be watching...

Slaps nightstick


Sytt, Lesser Yugoloth wrote:
Well, I'm going back in time and then I'll vote against you!

You have some ID sir?


Yeah and those SEIU thugs are stealing my schtick ..

Cultist of Obama wrote:

Mr. Obama made us all safer by telling everyone everything is our fault and apologized to the world! Everybody will love us now! Yay! Yes we can... Yes we can....

I'm still waiting for my apology ....

OK I'm going to need to see some ID folks