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Yes! Crab!

Paz wrote:
kinevon wrote:
Contact your VL, he will either get the sheet from you to enter, or set you up as a delegate to be able to enter information into his event.
Wait, what? How do I set up this delegate thing for my events?

Go to edit your event, scroll to the very, very bottom, and voila!

Stealth feature.

This is a pretty amazing resource for any season.


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This handout from Paizo might be useful...

Pathfinder in libraries.

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I... I have something in my eye, excuse me.

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To Mordor!

Kayland wrote:

We have one store in the entire city (38,000 people) that is in any way shape or form considered a gaming a city with a major college no less. That store, unfortunately, is almost completely nothing but cardfloppers, so there's never really any gaming going on as is.

Additionally I probably know about 12-15 different gamers in town...but only one person that would ever actually run something and his schedule wouldn't be conducive to actually running pre-gen content on specific given schedules.

Hi Kayland,

When I started VC-ing we had no (or very, very little) organised play culture. Western Australia alone takes up a third of the country, coming in at 20 times larger than England and more than 3-1/2 times bigger than Texas, but our whole state only has a population of 1.7 million.

To cover that area we had one game store.

As Matt mentioned above we work off a fortnightly schedule. On our 'on' week we now have four games days out of the seven.

Don't let the current situation be a barrier to getting involved. There's no one way to make things work.

Good luck!

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Matthew Pittard wrote:


I've seen lately some character names that well... need some work.

Don't tell me it's Mr Pibb!?

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Kyle Elliott wrote:

Congratulations to us all, but major kudos to you Mike!

How you deal with all of us without going crazy, who knows!

Of course, our NDA prevents us from making it publicly known he has in fact gone crazy.

Kevin M. Corrie wrote:

I personally only play on Mondays, however a few locals play upwards of 3 times a week... I don't want to sound like a jerk and tell them to get another hobby, but... I may want to...

You don't need to be a jerk at all, we just need to manage the expectations of players and allow for a sustainable rate of play. Playing three times a week is not a realistic ongoing situation within Pathfinder Society.

Hi Kevin,

The other thing you may want to consider is slowing down the pace a little, and managing the expectations of your players. Even with the modules and APs there's a real risk of you running out of options again at that pace.

We only run fortnightly events and generally try to run only one or two scenarios across multiple tables. This gives also gives us a better overall picture of the scenarios our players have run.

As suggested above, maybe take a break, run some one shots with another system or break out the board games every once in a while.

Saluzi wrote:

I'm talking about the function, not the Bard Thief archetypes which don't impress me much. Especially what the Bard gives up would make him better than the archetype.

Suggestions? Am I wrong?
I want this because I see that a substantial number of PFS scenarios could use this.

You could probably do it with most classes. For Pathfinder Society I have an invulnerable raging urban barbarian who's an investigator with the Ulfen Guard.

Stephen's the reason I'm a Venture-Captain.

Nice job boss!

Kneel before Thod!