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With Psionics Augmented: Occult, Dreamscarred Press brings to your table a plethora of ways to integrate psychic magic with the psionics system from Ultimate Psionics. Within these pages, you’ll find new ways to use both occult and psionic material in your game, including psionic takes on psychic classes, psychic takes on psionic classes, and everything in-between.

Psionics Augmented: Occult is a 90-page PDF that includes:

An expansive introduction detailing the differences and similarities between magic and psionics
New archetypes for occult classes that meld them with psionic themes, including the massive empath medium, who calls zeitgeists from across time to fuel their abilities
New archetypes for psionic classes, tying them into the themes of occult magic, including the living legend soulknife and host of heroes aegis, seekers of stories who meld their powers with their assumed roles to achieve victory
Brand-new psychic skill unlocks
A number of new feats for all types of characters
New magical items like the crystal bookmark
New focus schools for psionic occultists
New wild talents for the kineticist
And more!

Unlock the secrets of the occult with Psionics Augmented: Occult!

Written by Forrest Heck, Kevin Ryan, Doug Haworth, and Adam Boucher.

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Now Available!

I have the dreamscarred products for occultists and kiniticists seperates from this one and I'm curious: if I get this, will it have new material or will I essentially be repeat-buying?

@Caligasta: This includes the Occultist and Kineticist-books, but it also features the phenomenal Living Legend, Host of Heroes and Empath - it's basically the compilation of the occult-psionics-series.

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