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Everything I wanted but only one of it at a time.


This was the deck I've been waiting for. I love Magi and I've been eager for this deck to show up at my door since the moment it was announced. It is also the first deck where I've been excited by all three characters and wanted to use them all. Unfortunately, that isn't possible. Why? Because they all three use Magus Arcana as a Cohort and there is only one copy in the box! I've been daydreaming about the moment when I finally get to send Zvarbel and Talitha off onto an Adventure Path together but I guess that's not going to happen. All the cards are really solid and thematically appropriate and there are some reprints it will be really nice to have an extra copy of. Just really needed those extra Magus Arcana for it to be what I wanted.

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Specific, but specifically good.


This product is worth the money for the Titan Fighter archetype alone and I bought it for that reason. I was not disappointed. It fixes what the Titan Mauler barbarian archetype was supposed to do and finally lets you do what you probably wanted to do with that class, only to find out you couldn't. The catch is, this is a Fighter archetype not a Barbarian one, but just take a dip into a class that grants Rage if it means that much to you and problem solved.

I don't play Druids so I can't speak to the power of the new Druid archetype presented, but it looks pretty potent based on what I've seen.

Another great feature is having a handy reference guide to all the various giants published so far. Very good for a GM who doesn't want to waste time poring through Bestiaries to find just the giant he or she needs. Now you can find what you're after and where to find it easily.

Overall, a very good book for anyone wanting to tangle with giants, be they GM's or players.