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Erm... wow. Way to tease. :(

I'm fine with the idea of conversions, but it seems silly to convert the "Against The Giants" when they have already released the "Revenge of the Giants" super-adventure...

Personally, I'd much prefer to see an offical conversion of something a bit more epic (and less redundant)... Age of Worms, perhaps?

Tiefling kisses from Coppers the Warlord! Sign me (well, not Coppers..) up, bossman!

Just poking my head in here to see if anyone can tell me if this wonderful project has died a quiet death, or is still (even faintly, gaspingly) alive... I'm hoping for the latter but fearing the former; can someone prove me wrong?

Several friends and I are trying to assemble a gaming group that will run via VTT (Fantasy Grounds 2, to be specific) and Skype or Teamspeak.

We currently have 4 (including the DM), but would like to add a few (2-5 more) players. No knowledge of 4e or FG2 is required, tho either or both would prove helpful, ultimately.

The only downside is that you'd have to purchase at least a $23.95 "Lite" FG2 license here in order to actually play.

More specifics available on request - feel free to contact me via Skype

Skype ID: daddysauc3
for more details!

Several friends and I are trying to assemble a gaming group that will run via VTT (Fantasy Grounds 2, to be specific) and Skype or Teamspeak.

We currently have 4 (including the DM), but would like to add a few (2-5 more) players. No knowledge of 4e or FG2 is required, tho either or both would prove helpful, ultimately.

The only downside is that you'd have to purchase at least a $23.95 "Lite" FG2 license here in order to actually play.

More specifics available on request - feel free to contact me via Skype

Skype ID: daddysauc3
for more details!

What days/times do you play? I'm a semi-local, but also a stay-at-home dad, so I'm pretty much an evening/weekend gamer.

Also, is this Pathfinder, 3.5 or 4e converted?

- Matt

I'm joining the Warforged hate-train, though my main reason for booting them is the craptastical art associated with them.

I'd be much more inclined to allow them if a player came to me with a picture of an Iron Kingdoms warjack stapled to his/her character sheet...

Wow. Turning a whole adventure into a SC? Interesting thought.

DM Nixon wrote:
If there isn't room when you are able to come back and post, I am planning on running a War of the Burning Sky campaign which I will give you a free pass into if you're interested. [/ooc]

I'll definitely take you up on that, assuming I can find some time to myself at some point! :) I love my daughter to death, but she is running me ragged!

Will be mostly AFK thru Saturday evening - Rev, do with Mirth what you will, as long as it only involves ONE of the following:

- Iguanas
- Lumberjacks
- Cigars
- Eclairs
- Swimming Pool Floaties
- Cabbage

That should give you pretty many options.

DM Nixon wrote:
Paging Chorro, Dran and Karn. I understand if things are busy IRL just looking for a heads up on whether or not you guys plan on continuing here. I can always have your characters go somewhere that we can retrieve them when you are ready to come back if you need some time. Hoping for a response by the end of the week or weekend.

Still around, but very sparsely. My daughter is just learning to crawl and my wife is on end-of-fiscal-year overtime for the next three weeks, meaning I'm pretty much screwed as far as sit-down computer time.

Whimsy Chris wrote:

So last night was the first time I used both a Paizo module (Burnt Offerings) and the 4e rules together, and it was awesome!

Up until now, our group has been using WotC's 4e modules, but I must say I haven't really been that keen on them. But using a Paizo module, with it's rich flavor, and the 4e rules really struck the right cord for us. I highly recommend, if you are into 4e, to run those Paizo modules if you have the time to convert the mechanics...

I'd recommend visiting (or downloading) Scott Betts' 4E RotRL conversion, which can be found here.

It's good stuff!

Dark Sun 4e I will buy.

Dragonlance 4e I won't.

Rev DM wrote:
My pleasure, Mirth. I'm not using your action point as if you're invoking Shield, that's an immediate interrupt and would already be up. If you can clarify when you next get a chance to post, I'll retcon if necessary.

Had intended to use Fire Shield (utility daily) that gives me Fire and Cold Resist 10 and inflicts damage on anyone who makes a melee attack roll vs Mirth, since I was stepping into 2 melee-threatened squares. Doesn't make me harder to hit, but punishes those who try). Plain old shield works fine though.

Chorro is updated and ready to go. DM Nixon, do you have an e-mail addy that I can send my CB file to?

I believe that most of us have complimented you on your roleplaying ability. The way I read your last post made me think that you were waiting for us to start bemoaning our fate now that we are one Jacob Lewis short of a handful.

Sorry. No fawning, no apologies. You figured you had had enough, you left. If you came back hoping to see us begging you to return, I can understand why you were disappointed.

I'm not sure that any of us really care to have your motives explained, even should you deign to offer such tidbits to the humble, pathetic rabble that we are.

Just GTFO already.

Jacob Lewis wrote:
I already suspected my presence was keeping you away for some reason, but don't flatter yourself. I'm not buying your reasons of a "paradigm" as an excuse not to find two minutes in the last 23 days to let somebody know anything about what is going on with you. You have no right to sit here and judge anything I've done recently when you've been waiting for your moment, not breathing so much as a word to anyone who may have been counting on you to participate in the game in whatever limited capacity you are capable of mustering...

You're right. I have been deliberately lurking in the shadows of the archived posts, waiting for this one golden opportunity to leap upon your words like an avenging angel... lol. I'll send that "don't flatter yourself" right back atcha, sirrah.

I've severely curtailed my posting in two other games I play in, and the one I DM for the last month - I'm surprised you failed to mention that, since you did such thorough research on my recent whereabouts...

Anyways, you've left; have fun. I'm pleased, and shall attempt the same.

Jacob Lewis wrote:
Consider yourself warned, gentlemen. Or the gloves will come off.

Or what? Gonna come to my house and rough me up with uber-RP? Rebuke me with scathing messageboard vituperation so vexing that I pee my pants? (assuming I wear pants when I sit down to post...)

You roleplayed Marcus extremely well, I thought. He was an interesting, well-fleshed out character with a strict code that made him fairly inflexible and hard to adventure with, since your last ultimatum struck me as being a "my way or the highway" sort of deal. <shrugs> Not sure how much of his attitude came from you and how much came from the character, nor do I really care at this point.

I figure your reason for leaving was because you're currently enrolled in the same adventure over at myth-weavers, and didn't want to spoil our fun by winning the adventure singlehandedly. I might be wrong though.

Mark me down as being as disappointed with your last post as you were with ours, and go ahead and drop those gloves. Let's see what you've got, mister.

PS: My answer was "I didn't care."

DM Nixon wrote:

I had figured that you would be coming back so I wasn't going to replace you but I thought that getting you guys a leader character might not be a bad idea since you have no other roles now besides striker and defender. I actually feel like Aglaeca fits the bill for a tiefling and I wouldn't expect less of him. I have no intention to tell any of you to change your characters, after all this is your game just as much as it is mine. If you all feel comfortable without a healer then that is totally fine with me. I just wanted to see how you guys felt.

Aglaeca- Striker
Chorro- Striker
Dran- Defender
Karn- Striker
Sturdy- Defender

If you guys feel good going forward then we will, I'd rather not delay the game anymore unless you guys want to make some changes.

Chorro is a Leader, not a striker, and should be able to keep folks healed, unless I just suck at healing ;)

Logos wrote:

If the Dm is willing, some of us could change our level 2 feat choices to leader/healer multiclasses?

Isn't shaman a leader? They do healing with some options no?

Chorro is a Leader and can heal, yes.

Logos wrote:
well, if it will magically fix the problem, I can have my guy ride off into the sunset as easily as anyone else.

I don't see any problem with Aglaeca, really. It looks to me like Jacob has already left, so I see no reason to consider retiring another character. Just my 2 cents, of course...

DM Nixon wrote:
I'm not sure what the issue is but It seems to me like he just felt like he wasn't able to play the role he wanted in the group. The better people to ask are your companions moreso than I. I thought it was just dynamics between you guys. we will need to recruit since we are at 2 defenders and 3 strikers, though chorro is missing too. everyone's thoughts?

Missing = absolutely totally and suddenly swamped with freelance work thru this weekend - apologies for my lack of notification, but it's been a longish two weeks in these parts. :(

I must admit that Jacob/Marcus had a little to do with my willingness to not find time to check in - while he roleplayed Marcus very well, he made it hard to coexist with a party given the needs of the paradigm.

Anyhow, that aside... I can't at this point promise to be a daily poster - if you're still willing to have me despite that, I am still pleased to play. Just let me know - y'all are fun company, and DM Nixon is doing an admirable job, IMO. :)

By the way, Aglaeca, Chorro agrees with you re: the goat cheese.

Rev Rosey wrote:
The longer term objective is the retrieval of Lady Saharel's phylactory from the Shade Enclave. It was taken by agents of Szass Tam a century or so ago (not long after the Spellplague struck). You really can't do this yet, but you can start finding out more about it.

If Thay happens to get razed to ash and memories, and the ground thrice-salted somewhere in this process, (or even soon after, she's patient...) Mirth shall live up to her namesake.

Mirth's CB file has been e-mailed to Rev, though her profile is antiquated.

Good to go on my end, IMO.

So. If you've got a 10-character party (don't ask...), would it be feasible to simply double the recommended critters/encounter, since the party is double-sized?

From what I can tell from the DMG advice, this should work as far as balance goes. Anyone have any practical experience with such a ghastly scenario?

Rev Rosey wrote:
I am toying with bumping you all to level 6. Anyone object to that?

No objections. Mirth will be undergoing some very slight retooling, nothing more than a power or two and possibly a feat. Will get it done and mailed to you soooooooon. :)

Just checking in - my parents have stayed a few days longer than we expected, and my freelance job is just tying up, so I'll be around and posting as normal come Monday. :)

I'm Daddysauce on Facebook

Fine by me - it'll be a learning curve on both sides of the table, I am certain!

Josiah Knight wrote:

We now have 10 DM's registered (and thus able to add content) to the Curse of the Crimson Throne wiki. If interested, please register and add your ideas, concepts, and requests so we can work together.


Is this wiki/conversion still viable? I've registered, but apparently do not have access.

While I don't know enough to speculate, and I already enjoy 4e, i would be exceedingly happy to see Dark Sun as the "new" setting. It was by far my favorite campaign setting, pretty much ever. :)

Madda wrote:
Knew I'd forgotten something. Still, dazing Jurival can't be all bad. Madda ends up at Q34 - I forgot to say.

Anything that give you an edge is good, IMO. Adjudication later tonight.

Scott Betts wrote:
Matthew's absolutely right. He's the guy to listen to.

Indeed! He has proven quite encyclopedic in my DMing crises to date, for which I am greatly appreciative! :)

If a player affected by the slowed condition uses a power granting him a Shift (taking place during his Standard attack action), is he then allowed to use his Move action to move further, or is he limited to 2 squares per turn regardless of what part of the turn they are used?

Power in question is the Barbarian's "Vault the Fallen", which grants a shift of up to 4 squares sandwiched between 2 attacks on separate targets.

After attacking target 1, shifting 2 squares ('cause of Slow) and attacking target 2, is he then allowed to use his Move action to either move two more squares or use his normal shift?

Rev Rosey wrote:
In fact with Arcane Power, arcane casters can now take more feats to allow them to use their powers without frying their friends, which is a pretty urgent need at any level.

Mirth is trying to decide whether to learn those feats and stick with AoE effects, or skip the feats and veer towards more single-target illusion spells.

Apologies in advance if she lights one (or more) of you up in the meantime. :)

Yes, another one. :)

According to the PHB, ongoing damage of the same type (or untyped) does not stack when applied to the same target.

What happens when a single character is attacked by a pair of critters who each have the following powers:


Creatures in question are Plague-Changed Ghoul Eaters, from Dungeon 161.

Claws (Standard, at-will)
+18 vs Armor Class; 2d6+5 damage, and the target is immobilized (save ends).

Gut Tongue
When the plague-changed ghoul eater damages an immobilized, stunned, or unconscious target with its Claws attack, the target also takes ongoing 10 acid damage (save ends).

Is the second power usable only once - until the afflicted character saves against it - in which case it can be re-applied the next time the first power hits under applicable conditions?

I think that's the way the RAW would interpret the situation, but it doesn't really make sense that way, (to me, anyways...) given the power descriptions.

If I were on the receiving end of said generosity, my preference would be for Adventurer's Vault (new folks always like magic items!), PHB II (more of everything!). After that, I'd venture either Arcane Power or Martial Power, as the other titles I've seen aren't necessarily beginning-player-centric.

Alternatively, go for the 3 core books and a DDI subscription?

Stefan Hill wrote:

Is this possible?


This would be great, IMO.

GM Chris, Quandary and Gavgoyle... Val and I are going to be retiring, for multiple reasons (none of which reflect on you three). Thanks for letting us share in the fun, and best wishes to you all.

- Matt/Grumble and Kelly/Val

Aside from the obvious White Wolf WoD settings, don't neglect Monte Cook's (via WotC) Ghostwalk. I believe it deals primarily with dead or risen PC's.

Still here - will have post for you tonight

I'd be happy to climb on the waiting list for this, if there be such a thing.

John Sullivan wrote:
Cacophonik wrote:

Can someone help me fill my gaming jones? I prefer D&D, tho would be open to Ars Magica, WHFRP or Shadowrun, I guess.

I don't much get into min/maxing or munchkinning, but besides that, a good mix of combat and roleplay would be nice.

I've got a group that might have room for a new player. We're older players around 40-45. Currently doing Rise of the Rune Lords with Pathfinder Beta. Have done some WFRP and Savage Worlds, but generally move back to D&D.

I am in my early forties, so age shouldn't be a sticking point! ;) When do you generally play? I have, unfortunately, fairly limited play time since I am a stay-at-home dad, with weekends for about 4hrs at a time being best.

Snaggletooth wrote:
Mirth, please stop undermining my commands. He is gone. And I don't want DM-controlled kobolds leaving the room and our influence. Yes, we will be in a world of hurt, but we cannot stop him at this point. Better to win this battle and rest up for the next one.

Just wondering who elected you the boss, IC or OOC? What's wrong with NPC's leaving our (your?) sphere of influence? Do we need all 10 unarmed kobolds cluttering the battlefield to deal with a pair of crepers and a pair of ettercaps? And who says we'll get to rest, if he nabs reinforcements from the floor above?

From a RP perspective and from my personal tactical viewpoint, I did what I thought best (as did you), and I will continue to do so regardless of your approval or lack thereof. I would expect you to do the same.

Rev Rosey wrote:

OK. I've looked at the Hybrid rules and I'm fine with anyone who wants to use them doing so.

My one proviso is that everyone takes a good long look at the new stats as these rules are a work in progress. I also reserve the right to veto them if they look as if they are unbalancing the game or rendering anyone ineffective - by no means impossible.

For what it's worth, I think the original 4e system worked just fine for Multiclassing, at least based on the hybrid rule bits I have read. This strikes me a bit more like "We need something new for PHB3 besides the bizarre plant people!"

Gilliam the Grateful wrote:
Your Cleric is HERE! WEll, not really, I still have to convert from DnDCB to Gilliam's profile, but he is a LvL 22 cleric of pelor/radiant servant of Pelor/ and eternal seeker. support with healings and radiant powers galore! I'll convert tomorrow. need sleep, I got work tomorrow. who says bankers only work bankers hours. not me.

Might retool Chorro to a more aggressive build, with Gilliam joining the group. I had built him thinking he was going to be the only healing support, but now we have 1.5 clerics and a Paladin, so...I'm not seeing the urgency for a nearly all healy Shaman.

Won't be a wholesale refit, but a tweak here and there, maybe a few more Rangery, pokey bits...

Not to derail the imminent fun, but I will be out of town and most likely sans laptop on Saturday and Sunday. I trust y'all can stretch things out until my return. (or just leave old Chorro snoozing comfortably by the fire while you go save the world!)

FYI, I will be out of town sans laptop Saturday and Sunday. Feel free to NPC Chorro as necessary, DM Nixon.

'Sturdy' Shodden Mahoen wrote:
I'll keep track of party treasure in the bottom of my profile for simplicity sake and we can split it evenly at the end of the adventure.

Fair 'nuff. Chorro isn't overly concerned with coins anyhow

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