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quibblemuch wrote:

Tonight's game featured a point where the players had to decide between crossing a river of blood that flowed across a room and up a wall as if gravity twisted, and a pitch-black room impenetrable to darkvision in which a little boy sobbed about how his lamp had gone out.

They chose the river of blood.

I'm loving this campaign.

Wait'll they come across the conveyor of freshly stomped orphan meat. Heh, heh, and then... the meat dragon!

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{munching on bucket of KFC baby hands} What?

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Scintillae wrote:
Impus Major's costume just makes me disappointed that my kiddo who was talking about the horse mask for the Midsummer Night's Dream themed prom didn't follow through.

Maybe he was holding off for something more stylish. Perhaps a handsome llama mask?

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Virginia J. wrote:
Lyz: You know, raccoon hands are surprisingly human-like...

No amount of raccoon hands will satisfy a tummy making the rumblies though.