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Please can cancel all my subscriptions. Shipping and Handling fees no longer worth the free PDF.

Page 205+ Was Polar Ray intentionally left off the Elemental Spell List? If so, why?

Hello I'd like to cancel my Lost Omens Line Sub.

Rest are still good.


Pathfinder Spell Cards: Advanced Player's Guide
Order 36294448
Submitted Yesterday
Status Pending
Destination Carleton Place, ON, Canada
S Pathfinder Spell Cards: Advanced Player's Guide

All of the previous Spell Card Products were EXCLUDED form the accessories Subscription. So it comes as a surprise that this latest on is apparently INCLUDED and therefore the only ones I would receive.

Please kindly cancel this ONE product as I DO NOT want it.

Hi there,

Please cancel my Pathfinder Pawns subscription.
Keep all the rest and my Pathfinder Society bonus.

Thanks in Advance

I agree with a better solution for box shape. Allowing the cards to sit vertically would make them easier to search though.

But what I'd really like to see is a solution for holding the cards at the top of the Paizo GM screens. Some sort of simple clip that would allow them to be seated at the top, with the art facing the players and the stat block readable for the GM. I've kind of made my own with a couple of plastic rulers taped together and clipped to the screen, but I'd definitely buy a more professional looking solution.

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Hi there,

Please cancel my AP subscription.
Keep all the rest and my Pathfinder Society bonus.

Thanks in Advance

If you've been charged then you should be moments away form your email and PDFs at the very least. Good for you, enjoy your reading

Nah, mine is the big 4 with Standard APG and still pending.

Congrats on the nice surprise David.

Me? Oh, well I got my email from the Goblins about the Gencon Twitch schedule. Guess that's something :D

I received my physical copy of Apocalypse Prophet 3 days ago...I've long given up hope of getting things by street date. But at least that shipped day 1 so I had the PDF on June 9th. This time around I have 4 subscribed products sitting in pending but to add insult to injury they shipped me a Flip mat by itself and charged me shipping instead of putting it with my monthly order...my LGS will have it on street date. So will Amazon for that matter at a 15% discount as well.

Mark Moreland wrote:
emky wrote:
THANK YOU again for using a standard format, rather than tying them to a particular virtual tabletop service. (Any chance of revising to .PNG rather than .JPG?)

We looked into a few file formats, but JPG was able to give us the compression we needed to keep the files at as high of resolution as possible while still coming in under the 10MB file size limit that Roll20 has for user-added content (at least for maps).

(Oh yeah, be on the lookout for maps in the very near future.)

Awesome! Was just about to post asking for Maps . The interactive maps are great but, layers or no, PDFs are just not high rez enough.

Question for all you rules gurus and experienced Pathfinders. How does the Redeemer Champion's Glimpse of Redemption feature interact with AoE spells and abilities? If the ennemy choose NOT to cause damage, is the entire spell negated and are the corresponding actions negated. That's how I've been doing itbat my table but just wondering what others think.

I'm new to Pathfinder and the wording of this spell seems vague to me.

Range 30' affects 1 or 2 targets

An arc of lightning leaps from one target to another.

So what are the range limitations as far as the second target goes?

Anywhere as long as within 30' of me as well?

Within 30' of 1st target?

Needs to be adjacent?

For now I've rules that both targets need to be within a TOTAL of 30' from caster. For example if first target is 20' from caster them second target must be within 10' of 1st target


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My complimentary subscription is not showing up in my downloads, any help?