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You will be missed, thank you for all your hard work!

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Conjure Implement (Sp):

Conjure Implement (Sp): You can expend 1 point of mental focus to conjure any item that qualifies as an implement that you know how to use. This implement can be used as the item in question, functioning as a masterwork version of that item, but it can also be used to cast your psychic spells, even though you did not select it at the beginning of the day. If you have more than one implement for the same school, decide which set of spells the conjured implement will grant when you first conjure it. The implement cannot be used to store mental focus or create any effects that require mental focus. The implement lasts for 10 minutes per occultist level you possess.


With the Conjure Implements focus power, can you create implements made of special materials (Adamantine, Silver, Cold Iron, etc)?

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Have: Oread

Want: Undine

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You can also get EWP: Spiked Chain playing a half-elf with the Ancestral Arms alternate racial trait.

The aforementioned Warpriest from ACG is an excellent option, having a much more martial flair to it than the vanilla Cleric.

Personally, my Kuthite build is Fighter 5/Sentinel 7 (from Inner Sea Gods) and gets his Deific Obedience and first 2 boons at lvl 5/8/11. Granted, he lacks spells, however, he has higher hp, bab and a plethora of extra combat feat slots.

For a trip build, there's a few feats you may want to look into from "Cheliax, Empire of Devils" including Fury's Fall (to also add your Dex mod to trips), and Cornugon Throw/Cornugon Shield for some flexibility/defensive boosts.

Trait wise, Bred for War from "Humans of Golarion" gives you +1 CMB (available to half-orcs, half-elves, tieflings and aasimars as well). Chain Master from "Blood of Fiends" gives you +2 to Trip with spiked chains (though you would have to pick this up via Adopted social trait now that Tieflings are not creatable). Which you takes depends on how trip focused you want to be (Disarm and Dirty Tricks are good backups).

Also of note is that when you use a weapon to perform trip/disarm/sunder cm's, you add your enhancement bonuses to weapon as well as traits/feats/spells that boost your +att with that weapon (weapon focus, weapon training, symbolic weapon, etc) to your CMB.

scootalol wrote:
Well, if it's for PFS, then you're stuck rolling with Chaotic neutral... With a crazy pain-worshiping sadist god who expects you - his messenger! To carry through.

You would actually have to be Lawful Neutral since ZK is a Lawful Evil god.

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Not yet, if it's like last year, it will be late Friday/early Saturday

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Ran this for 4 veteran players tonight using the pregens provided as a slot 0 for GMs running it this weekend on free RPG day.

How it Turned Out:

Took 4.75 hours from the time of handing out character sheets with no breaks and no role playing.

The mod is very challenging with the pregen PCs. The amount of encounters with enemies with DR5/- and Hardness 8 really trivialized the Investigator and the Swashbuckler (damage wise) making the party rely overly on the Warpriest and the Bloodrager. The Investigator was good as a skill monkey, but has very little to offer in combat aside from Stone Fist on the animated objects (which almost got him killed more than once).

The party cleared 10 of the encounters on the first day and used up the Warpriest's wand of CLW doing so. After being pushed to the brink of dying, they asked for rest and they spent 2 days licking their wounds before tackling rooms 12, 17, and 18.

The party got rocked on the last encounter, even with near full resources. Granted they didn't find the one piece of loot in the adventure that could turn the tide on the last boss, they put up a valiant effort.

Final count 3 dead. The Investigator was the only survivor because he left the staggered Swashbuckler behind as Mummy bait while he ran the other way.


I feel the mod really goes against the idea of free RPG day.

At our FLGS, people are encouraged to try out new game systems. Page 34 of the Guide to Society Organized Play points out that:

Guide to Society Organized Play wrote:

Most players whose first experience in a campaign results

in a character death don’t return to the campaign.

After running this scenario tonight I am regretting inviting one of my friends to make this weekend's free RPG day their first Pathfinder Society experience. I am an experienced GM (4-star in pfs) and I tend to use kid gloves when dealing with tactics where I have a lot of leeway, and I still managed to completely destroy the party without really trying to.

Paizo needs to return to interesting, inventive scenarios that capture people's imagination and hearts.

We Be Goblins was an excellent free RPG day mod for that. There was a lot more variation in encounters, memorable moments, and fun antics. If you failed, it didn't matter because it was fun regardless and players had stories to tell for months.

This mod feels like a stale, brutal dungeon crawl... that's what Bonekeep is for. This is up there with Master of the Fallen Fortress in terms of brutal introductory mods. I know at the end, all it left me with as the GM with was a dirty feeling.

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When reading the Asmodeus Exalted Boons, it seems to imply that you choose on of the SLAs when you first receive the boon and can't change it afterwards. I am inclined to believe this is the case for all of the SLA boons, regardless of deity selection

Someone said wrote:

1: Darkfire (Sp) burning hands 3/day, darkness 2/day, or deeper darkness 1/day

2: Embersight (Su) Your eyes take on the appearance of red-hot, glowing embers, granting you the ability to see in darkness much like devils. You gain darkvision to a range of 60 feet. If you chose either darkness or deeper darkness as the spell-like ability granted by your first boon, you can also see perfectly through both darkness and deeper darkness.