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"The dragon has yet to lose" is not something to be proud of. This isn't a game of Players vs. DM. It's a collaborative game of all players working together to have fun.

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Primus Agnarok wrote:

Wow that's bad. I've only gone some place to do PFS once, but that happened there. not sure how much time the guy spent though. Either way, it sucks to wait.

Primus Agnarok

Yeah, unfortunately this has become a recurring theme. As a player, leveling up is, like, my favorite thing EVER, so having players come to a game and not have even started leveling their character makes my mind completely fail.

Duiker wrote:
Play with people who actually want to play the game?

Honestly, yeah, I've thought seriously about this. In most every other aspect of the game, the players have zeal and interest. But when it comes to the out of session work they have to put in, they're just bloody lazy. Not all of them. But the ones that are lazy more than make up for the ones that aren't lazy.

fallingphoenix: I'm not sure that would work well for us. We get one session a month, and it could be between 4 and 6 hours in length, at most. Spending even an hour of that on character prep is just plain rude to the other players. Last session, the one character that DID have his character ready to go was completely livid that his time was being wasted. And I don't blame him, because I was pretty much the same way (only with much more resignation and defeat built in, after all this time).

BigDTBone, Kazmüd Khazmüd: We generally do the same thing. In the case of the previous First Session of the Campaign, however (we literally started a backup campaign for the frequent attenders since some people have bad attendance), people have over a month to make characters, and still came to the session halfway done (for one person) completely unstarted (for another), (and mostly finished) for a third. Only one person was actually done with their character.

In general, I have to say yes and no on communication. I feel like my communication is excellent. I send out emails and put posts on our wiki frequently to remind people. I send texts and make calls to ensure people know what's going on and when (and when I expect stuff by). I do this SO much, in fact, that this has stopped feeling like a game to me, and I'm reminded of my days managing a section of a department store. It feels like work, and I feel like the hapless manager that lacks any real incentive with which to encourage his employees. And since we're all friends, harsher options aren't easily available. Sometimes it really makes me wish I played with people that weren't friends, that way we could be more brisk and serious. It makes it easier to call people out.

Jaelithe: That's what I'm doing today. All my players but one got their characters in, nominally, by the deadline of Friday evening (we play Sunday at 4pm), which gives me, in theory, enough time to go over their character and send it back for correction. The last player sent it to me Saturday afternoon, so way late, and I no longer had the opportunity to audit it. So he's playing today at the previous level, because there were so MANY mistakes on his character sheet that it's just not usable. It honestly looks like he spent about 5 minutes attempting to level it up as fast as possible to get it in as quickly as he could.

Gwen Smith: I can't be positive, of course, but I'm fairly certain it's laziness. They seem to enjoy playing, and they insist that they want to play and want to be there. They make sacrifices to be there...just not to have their characters ready. The thing I struggle with is making it so that the people that are prepared don't suffer along with the people that aren't. Because that just sucks for them. If we have to call a stop session because half the group wasn't ready, that's just overtly unfair for the people that did their task properly.

They're definitely not "just forgetting." I send out reminders pretty constantly. I feel like I nag them, to be frank. And they DEFINITELY know that I'm not happy with the certain status quo.

The players are free to level up together or through email. With one exception, all players are, supposedly, excellent at building their own characters, by virtue of long practice, or, in one case, a belief in self-excellence. Even the one that doesn't know how to do it well manages, though. She got her character in on time and had virtually no mistakes on her sheet.

Sadly, we can't schedule more time, due to scheduling constraints.

I'm leaning, quite depressedly, towards your statement that they may just be slackers and don't care, much though that sucks to admit. :(

Today I'm going to try having the one player play a level down. Next week, though, we have a new player joining our backup campaign, and I expect he will not be ready, and one of the established players will still not have finished her character from the previous two sessions. What should I do in that case? I can easily play without the first player, but the second is already in the storyline. Hard to just remove her.

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This is, quite specifically, disallowed.

A glove of storing uses up your entire hands slot. You may not use another item (even another glove of storing) that also uses the hands slot.

So your RAW answer is,"You may not do this."

In other words, you will need to speak with your GM if you want to do this. The most reasonable pricing of doing so is 25,000 gold pieces for a pair of gloves, where an item can be stored in both gloves. This is the simple half again rule.

This is quite a powerful item, as it opens up a lot of tactical weapon swapping, which is why it was limited to one glove. Two gloves allows for substantial abuse, by allowing you to make full melee and ranged attacks without any penalty for swapping with two powerful weapons (as opposed to the other alternative, which is making full attacks with both but being required to drop a weapon everytime you want to change over).

Quite powerful, as the weapon swapping allows for the bypassing of quite a few actions.

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Perhaps it is a favored class bonus?

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What ability's save DC are you trying to increase?

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I activate it as a free action whenever my boss speaks to me at work.

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To expound slightly upon Chris' answers of "Yes," and "No," respectively, you would, indeed, be able to use your ringed hand freely for basically whatever you'd like, because, as Von Marshal said, you can activate and deactivate the ring as many times as you'd like in a round. You could, for example, deactivate the ring at the start of your turn, swing your two handed sword at an opponent, then reactivate it before moving through threatened squares for attacks of opportunity, then turn it back off before ending your turn so that *you* may make attacks of opportunity. It's a decent tactic, albeit a little bit gimmicky and not without its drawbacks. Honestly, if you want to use this tactic, you're much better off using a Quickdraw shield, unless you intend to fight oodles of ghosts.

For the "No," well, that's easy. See below.

When wearing armor, using a shield, or carrying a medium or heavy load, a monk loses his AC bonus, as well as his fast movement and flurry of blows abilities.

You use the ring "As if it were a shield,sadly," so no Monkishness allowed.

If you want a shield bonus to AC as a monk, you're better off spending a round putting up Shield. Ask your DM if you can make a custom item that casts it as a free action (there is precedent, if you're in a high-powered campaign), or as a standard if you're poor or playing a low-powered campaign. Or you could grab some UMD ranks.

Best of luck. :)

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The fact that you, personally, have not had a problem with them doesn't mean they're balanced. You're clearly not the type of munchkin that takes an unbalanced idea and runs with it. The level of imbalance inherent in those abilities isn't egregious, but it is there. It's an individual's use or abuse of an ability that demonstrates its lack of balance

But mathematically, those abilities are imbalanced. Accuracy is quite strong, and Damaging is fairly weak.

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A friend of mine is running an Oracle and having a bit of a problem with the Life Oracle's Energy Body ability. Specifically, we're unsure as to how many times per round the ability can be triggered, and the text is not explicit.

Does anyone have an official ruling or a RAW breakdown on how the ability should work so he can give it to his DM? For ease of assistance, I've quoted the relevant text below.


Energy Body:
Energy Body (Su): As a standard action, you can transform your body into pure life energy, resembling a golden-white fire elemental. In this form, you gain the elemental subtype and give off a warm, welcoming light that increases the light level within 10 feet by one step, up to normal light. Any undead creature striking you with its body or a handheld weapon deals normal damage, but at the same time the attacker takes 1d6 points of positive energy damage + 1 point per oracle level. Creatures wielding melee weapons with reach are not subject to this damage if they attack you. If you grapple or attack an undead creature using unarmed strikes or natural weapons, you may deal this damage in place of the normal damage for the attack. Once per round, if you pass through a living allied creature's square or the ally passes through your square, it heals 1d6 hit points + 1 per oracle level. You may use this ability to heal yourself as a move action. You choose whether or not to heal a creature when it passes through your space. You may return to your normal form as a free action. You may remain in energy body form for a number of rounds per day equal to your oracle level.

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ACW wrote:

So, RAW, can you take Weapon Focus/Specialization for "type" B, or P, or S? RAI, almost certainly not. But as written...

The part you're quoting is the flavor text part of the feat description. It should never have any bearing on game mechanics.