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Sounds like it has a really nior Sin City vibe to it, I might have to repaint my terrain grey scale with red highlights while I'm waiting.

I'm wondering where the adventure explicitly gives the location of the black site to the players. There are two NPCs that can point them in the right direction, but that assumes the players let them live, which is a dangerous assumption.

My guesses:
No name gives them a few miles worth of snow they can check out, and Avigdis is able to give them the location. I'm assuming I just have the players cinematically defeat her and she stays alive to tell

The Phantasy Star series is an important science fantasy game that I incorporate into most ttrpg's that I run. It's the idea that this evil comes back every millennium and humanity hasn't learned or changed. There's bits of lost technology and it blends Magic seamlessly. In one of them they thought they were in a medieval kingdom, but it was the biome off a Generation ship.

Heavy Metal is a really good gonzo science fantasy. I also like the art of metal bands. The night begins to shine is a really good episode of a really bad cartoon, teen titans go. If you like vaporwave and outrun style art, and cybernetic unicorns check it out

Kung Fury is worth watching. The Viking era has laser Raptors and Valkyrie with Maschine guns. Also time traveling hitler. It's a short film, check it out

Soulfire is applied to weapon crystals, solar flare can use weapon crystals

Weapon fusions that cannot be used on small arms say melee only. Soulfire does not say this.

Thus, solar flare meets both of those requirements to have the soulfire ability.

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I like monsters that aren't using weapons and character abilities, I could just make NPCs. I also think some lower tier mobs are important.
*swarm stirges
*heavy metal devils (low level mosh pit devils to higher level rock and roll legends.)
*brain slugs, already mentioned in society
*that really sick vaporwave robot unicorn Pegasus thing
*space giants that ride on top small ships like motorcycle gangs.

Haunts from carrion crown were amazing, having glitched AI or gremlins, dimensional instabilities or hespers that cause problems. For example, a computer that makes solid holograms of its crews last battle, etc. Having monsters that are not necessarily combat encounters, like undertale, would be amazing.

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BigNorseWolf wrote:

By that logic the prohibition on applying a fusion that can't apply to a small arm is completely meaningless because no fusion is ever applied to the solar flare at all. It's all applied to the crystals.

That prohibition is there for a reason. it means something.

The way it is worded with small arms only applies to fusions such as throwing weapon, it applies to melee only, so it is not compatible with small arms. Soulfire says weapon crystals only, not melee only.

pithica42 wrote:

It's this part that makes soulfire not work...

Bolding Added wrote:
Any solarian class features (including stellar revelations and zenith revelations) that specifically affect melee weapons (such as the flashing strikes class feature) function with your solar flare, even if they normally work only with melee attacks. Anything that specifically affects solar weapons (such as solarian weapon crystals) affects your solar flare in the same way, though it can’t gain any weapon special property, critical hit effect, or weapon fusion that can’t be applied to a small arm.

Soulfire is a fusion that is applied to solarian crystals, not any form of solar weapon. Because solar flare can use weapon crystals, it can use weapon crystals with the soulfire fusion. You don't apply soulfire to anything that isn't a solarian crystal, so literally speaking it cannot be applied to solar flare OR solar weapon. You can apply it to the crystals both of these abilities feature.

FormerFiend wrote:
Convergent Evolution & Intelligent Design make for strange bedfellows but the resulting bastard offspring is named Convenience.

I just feel like if I wanted to play Iron Claw, I would have picked up that game system. These options are more appealing to my players because they have some familiarity. I mostly just feel disappointed because my players keep thinking earth exists because "where did all the humans and animals come from" It makes it harder for my group to get immersed in the Pact Worlds. I bought the interface zero for them to give them a game world with more of these themes. That's just my group though. They are expert contrarians

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Its weird to me that they have so many races that are humanoid earth animals. Why would space otters even exist? It would be more concise if they just had an uplifted template and stopped making anthropomorphic versions of everything to add to their race quota.

Armory Pg 126:

"A grenade becomes a hybrid grenade when a technological
casing houses magical components that can be activated like
any other grenade."

So... nobody is telling me i can't. A soldier can become an arcane assailant, its not like the mysteries of magic are forbidden to them.

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the "grenade expert" ability of a bombardier soldier follows the same rules without the use of a spell slot. I would allow soldiers to use hybrid grenades in home games, is this legal for starfinder society?

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I've ordered this and I can't download it. I volunteered to GM at a convention in 2 days time, and this scenario was allocated to me, so unfortunately this is kind of urgent now. I've also started a thread in customer service. I'm just hoping someone at Paizo takes notice.

Scenarios typically drop the last Wednesday of the month. Check your downloads now. Mine is there.

I'm having the same issue with the two scenarios in this subscription. It shows that i paid for them and directs me to a sadly vacant downloads section. Also the customer service line does not work...