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Doubt AoO doesn't are feat for the major part of classes... I question about everything alternative... (Grapple I see, but there was anything method?)

Question is here, how I make the movement impossible o risk to move?


Spell Darkness is 20 ft Darkness. The player don't have the darkvision. I master roll 2d20, 1d20+TxC,1d20 11+ "see" the adversary, 10- doesn't see.
1) Is correct?
2) Player must seek the advesary... But 1d20 other... There are 3d20, TxC, 1d20, e 1d20+perception...a what serve the seek?

What serve? I dont't find as what aie usabale...

Thank you :)

I have a pathbuilder2ed... 5 level 0 in can prepare, but I can't prepare evil eye 5 spell I cast...

Hex, 1 per round. Evil Eye I has casting the thing, over the 5 spell 0 I have?

But...Recall Knowledge what is needed? I don't know...

graystone wrote:
Blackstorm wrote:

Unspecific lore?
Specific [vampire lore] vs non-specific [undead lore] for a vampire for example.

Ah :S CD I use x-(2, 5)....

YuriP wrote:

AoN and Foundry modules have the RK DCs already calculated.

But as Sibelius Eos Owm said it's basically monster level DC -2 for Unspecific Lore and monster level DC -5 for Specific Lore.

Unspecific lore?

Recall knowledge (lore), use how much a the DC?

I questioned: but manual 3rd, I pay in case I can to sell?

Temperans wrote:

My personal rule for such things is "always assume the worst case and ask the GM". If the GM agrees with the worst interpretation then no loss. If they however side with the okay or good interpretation then you get to use that stuff.

In this case the familiar abilities would shut off.

I ask the GM. Rules are silecious...

I have 4 formulas, how can I do more formulas? Feats or other?

Does the tatued
"Familiar Tattoo
Item 3
Invested Magical Tattoo Transmutation
Source Secrets of Magic pg. 164 1.1
Price 60 gp
Usage tattooed on the body
This tattoo typically consists of an image of a small animal or of a familiar's name written in runes. Your familiar can meld into your familiar tattoo to be carried in your skin. The familiar must spend a single action, which has the magical, move, and transmutation traits, to meld into or exit your tattoo. It must be adjacent to you to meld into your tattoo, and it exits your tattoo in an open space adjacent to you. Any of the familiar's companion items remain on it, but it can't carry any other items with it. This tattoo is non-magical if you don't have a familiar or if your familiar doesn't remain present for the entire tattooing process. If your familiar dies, this tattoo loses its magic and becomes a mundane tattoo."

Familiar where tattoo, Cantrip connectintion, Familiar Focus, et similar, where tattoo they work, or not?

Eoran wrote:
QuidEst wrote:

Ignore this example. It's using a level 20 feat.

Yes. For a level 20 Witch only. That is also an absurd example that would be completely useless in an actual combat.

The only Hex that you could use with it would be the Hex Cantrip. All of the others would also cost focus points to cast the Hex and so you would run out of focus points sooner.

And yes, after round 5 when you run out of focus points you can no longer cast Cackle and sustain all of them.

A level 10, o 5, o 12... I cackle one round, focus... 1 round cackle, use 1 focus, 2 round use 1 focus to cackle... I use 1 focus at every round, maintain cackle? I use focus ha hex, not a cackle...

Ah, yes. I cofused... thank... is empty e no full... Error my :)

A have a doubt:


"1st round: Hex, Hex, Hex
2nd round: Cackle to sustain all three Hexes, Command Farien to recharge the point from casting Cackle, Hex, Hex.
3rd round: Cackle, Hex, Hex, Hex.
4th round: Cackle, Hex, Hex, Hex.
5th round: Cackle, Hex, Hex, Hex.
And now I am out of focus points to cast Cackle with."
Cackle I have to cackle 1 point goes on infinite, oh I must spend a point 1 focus the round successive?

Ferious Thune wrote:

Cackle is a Free action, not 1 action.

"PFS StandardCackle
Focus 1
Uncommon Enchantment Hex Witch
Source Advanced Player's Guide pg. 237 2.0
Cast verbal
With a quick burst of laughter, you prolong a magical effect you created. You Sustain a Spell."

Cast: > verbal
1 action

"PFS Standard
Feat 1
Source Advanced Player's Guide pg. 100 2.0
You can extend one of your spells with a quick burst of laughter. You learn the cackle hex. Increase the number of Focus Points in your focus pool by 1."

No action...

I have problem...

I ask, before I cosider the cackle at down.
"You can extend one of your spells with a quick burst of laughter. You learn the cackle hex."
1 action. Extension, like Evil Eye: "Duration sustained up to 1 minute"... I cackle extendo my spell, and don't he have "You have at least one spell active with a sustained duration, and you are not fatigued.", me support the spell I'm fatigued or not?
Second quenstion: I'll Evil Eye, and Nudge Fate (or other focus spell witch), I can (1 focus + 1 focus), have two Cackle, 1 action a cackle, o 2 action, 1 Evil eye, and 1 Nudge fate?

Oh. Thanks you :)

Red Metal wrote:

Here's the full Stealth line from the hazard

Stealth +11 (trained) or DC 23 (trained) to notice scratches around the musical pipes and a slight give to the seal

No, I've writing bad. DC 11 (trained) or DC 23 (trained)... DC 11 what's knowledge is in memory?

(I ask forgive, I don't write question, instead, I writing... I totally delected, I excuse me)

Red Metal wrote:

Here's the full Stealth line from the hazard

Stealth +11 (trained) or DC 23 (trained) to notice scratches around the musical pipes and a slight give to the seal

That means you use +11 to determine the hazard's initiative, and the perception DC for players to notice it, and you use the DC 23 as the perception DC for players to notice a particular aspect of the hazard (specifically, the "scratches around the musical pipes and a slight give to the seal")

Hhhmmm... It come back...

keftiu wrote:
Aspect gives you the speed and senses of the animal, Form changes you completely into it. One gives you cat ears, the other turns you into a panther.

Hmmm... Aspect do you have a "human" form, you can indoss armor, armies, and similar? Transformation they are "hidden", magic want to be nascosted?

I don't the difference... time 1 minute, 5 minute, however the differnce I don't see... I ask the time 1, 5, minute, I don't see a difference two spell... I ask you. Or I must ask I forum Strength Of Thousands?

Stealth: 11 (trained) DC 23 (trained)... +11 trained/untrained, 23 untrained/trained?

Squiggit wrote:
Blackstorm wrote:

"Move UP TO your speed" I don't find...

Right here:



Source Core Rulebook pg. 471 3.0
You move up to your Speed.

"Move" no "feat"... Thanks :)

WatersLethe wrote:
Your GM is crazy. Sudden Charge lets you Stride twice. Stride says "move UP TO your speed".

"SUDDEN CHARGE [two-actions]

With a quick sprint, you dash up to your foe and swing. Stride twice. If you end your movement within melee reach of at least one enemy, you can make a melee Strike against that enemy. You can use Sudden Charge while Burrowing, Climbing, Flying, or Swimming instead of Striding if you have the corresponding movement type."

"Move UP TO your speed" I don't find...

5 (or 10?) - 50 (40, 50) feet. I do you stop and attack 5 ft, 10, 15, 30, stop and attack. My master (player is a dwarf), Sudden Charge 2xspeed, dwarf cannot stop in 10, 15 feet... For me is a interpretation crazy... I don't find a way to propose him that I have reason... (I must play a dwarf wizard, I don't ask for my personage)... I have reasons, or my master have reasons?

Question: if you're have the both hands busy, in PF2, can you launch a spell that have somatic or not?

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Thanks, I don't document for Kingmaker :)

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I have kingmaker 1e. Doc exists 1e -> 2e? I have the Italian kingmaker, 1ed. Doc monster 1ed -> 2ed, or I must to buy kingmaker 2e?

Thanks :)

I can't individue this palace on the map, I ad the name of way, but I don't maps present position, help me (I master, zoo they are this session, o the next), do you help me, way that I have to find Dreaming Palace in the map?

I PF1 is in middle of PF2, what I confound. However, DC = 10+ athletics, is however rolla d20, 12, 15, is the same?

"police office", what's position are it? 3 days I search, but I don't trove the posiotons of office of the Edgewater... Help me :)

Escape: DC = 10 + athletics, or 1d20+athletics?

HammerJack wrote:
Yes, size having built-in numerical modifiers is a 1E thing.

Oh, I played with pathfinder 1e fom the exit, I fatigue in 2e... Excuse me :)

CA I'm wizzard 12 in AC. Familiar 12+tiny (+4 or +2)?
(Thanks you, I don't find :))

HammerJack wrote:

They don't exist. Familiars don't have those things that aren't in the familiar rules at all. You don't find them anywhere.

Modifiers and AC
Your familiar’s save modifiers and AC are equal to yours before applying circumstance or status bonuses or penalties. Its Perception, Acrobatics, and Stealth modifiers are equal to your level plus your spellcasting ability modifier (Charisma if you don’t have one, unless otherwise specified). If it attempts an attack roll or other skill check, it uses your level as its modifier. It doesn’t have or use its own ability modifiers and can never benefit from item bonuses.

I'm the 5th level familiar on the attack has +5? It's low... I ask you to excuse me.

HammerJack wrote:
The quoted rules are for Animal Companions. None of them apply to familiars in any way.

I cannot trove the familiar data, (hp, ca, size, I trove), but TS, bab, è the remaning, I don't trove.

Super Zero wrote:

The bird animal companion is a massive, super-powered bird. It's definitely not a base animal anyway.

A Small bird is not the same as a small bird. That's size rank Small, which is a pretty dang big bird.

He has a tiny?

Temperans wrote:
For familiars throw everything you know about the animal away. Apply the familiar stats.

I don't find the stat of familiar, ca, size, and the hit point I trove pag 217. But For, Des, Cos, Int, Sag, Car, special abilities? I can't find.

Bird (or companions type).

Bird wrote:

Your companion is a bird of prey, such as an eagle, hawk, or owl.
Size Small
Melee [one-action] jaws (finesse), Damage 1d6 piercing
Melee [one-action] talon (agile, finesse), Damage 1d4 slashing
Str +2, Dex +3, Con +1, Int –4, Wis +2, Cha +0
Hit Points 4
Skill Stealth
Senses low-light vision
Speed 10 feet, fly 60 feet
Support Benefit The bird pecks at your foes’ eyes when you
create an opening. Until the start of your next turn, your
Strikes that damage a creature that your bird threatens also
deal 1d4 persistent bleed damage, and the target is dazzled
until it removes the bleed damage. If your bird is nimble or
savage, the persistent bleed damage increases to 2d4.
Advanced Maneuver Flyby Attack


1. Modifier and CA: "Your familiar's save modifiers and AC are equal to yours before applying circumstance or status bonuses or penalties."...

2. My familiar 10+des familiar + size? If not I must?

3. Size: tiny in substituns ad medium, small?

4. Hit poits: 5+mod con familiar?

5. Movement: the animal had 60 feet fly, familiar has 25 feet?

6. Support benefit: Aid, or other?

I ask, because I light the manual and I don't uderstood what Familiar gets... I ask, excuse me...

Phntm888 wrote:
The product page is here. I believe the PDF doesn't go on sale until the street release date for the adventure, which is October 26. Since Paizo is on the west coast of the US, it might not be available for purchase in Italy until later that evening/October 27.

I aspect to 26-27... :)

How do I buy it? PDF, in Italia, pdf are the solution in english...

Hit Points are fixed, 1d6->6, 1d8->8, 1d10->10, 1d12->12... I 1dX what is needed 1dX, when hp X (dice max)? Don't 1dX are not superfluous, instead of X?

Fumarole wrote:
Sibelius Eos Owm wrote:
If you are grabbed, a somatic spell has 20% fail chance
Materials components also require the flat check.

Material and critical? Attack of opportunity don't make a critical, and you continue to cast?

breithauptclan wrote:

There are a few other reactions that can disrupt a spell. But they will specifically say that they do so.

Superstition Barbarian's Mage Hunter reaction for example.

Core rulebook, attack of opportuniy crit, and stop? The player that play a wizard is happy :)

Captain Morgan wrote:

Assuming that is the case...

Blackstorm wrote:
What prevent a spell, is slot consumed, and you have lost a spell?
Usually a critical hit on attack of opportunity or a similar reaction, yes, and yes.

Attack of opportunuty critical... other doe's not esist?

Guntermench wrote:
I assume you're asking if a slot is used if a spell is disrupted?

OH, correct :)

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