I confused (illusory disguise)

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Scroll of illusory disguise, it 3 GP. And the same page, it's level 1st, 4gp. I don't 3 GP have a sense...

A scroll with a 1st level spell should cost 4gp. The other entry may be a typo, I do not know which printing you are looking at.

It's like that in all printings

Baarogue wrote:
It's like that in all printings

Printings of what?

In the CRB it lists the prices for scrolls.

Where are you seeing a price for specifically a scroll of Illusory Disguise? Which book? What part of the book?

The same page, as OP says

Fine, make me pull out my CRB.


Yeah, it looks like the example got the price wrong. Use the table value of 4 GP for a 1st level scroll. The price for the 3rd level item (level 2 spell) of Glitterdust is correct in the example.

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