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My mail arrived with the "DO NOT BEND" package folded -- so I guess technically USPS followed directions? Wasn't completely doubled over, but like 30 degrees -- enough to crimp / rip the spine of Adventure Path #91 (Giantslayer #1, "Battle of Bloodmarch Hill"). I let most mishaps go but this one is pretty bad. Would it be possible to get a replacement? I'd be happy to send the damaged one or photos or whatever. Stinks because it isn't Paizo's fault. =( Thanks a ton!

Please cancel my subscription to the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. I am interested in keeping my Adventure Path subscription, however. Thanks!

The Beginner Box is great and I'd love to see an Expert Box that allowed for 6th to 10th level play. One of the things Paizo has stated is that they don't want to cannibalize sales of their main RPG.

I was wondering, however, if it would be possible for them to tweak the AP slightly (and yes, I know they are loathe to do that, but bear with me) to allow for the first three installments to work with the Beginner Box and a hypothetical Expert Box.

The first tweak would be to support the Beginner / Expert Box mechanically where needed for the first three books of an AP. I doubt there is much that would need to be added, right? After all, it isn't until after 10th level that lots of the complexity creeps into the game.

The second tweak would be to have the third book (which usually ends around 10th level) of an AP come to some sort of satisfying resolution, though obviously not THE resolution of the story.

This would give people that like the Beginner / Expert Box and want to keep their game a bit simpler use out of the APs -- and maybe even hook them into other supplements. Also, there's a good chance that players will want to continue with the second half of the AP. Provided the conversion is painless enough Paizo would then find people converting to their main product.

VG the condition or "very good, I found this awesome module!"? Yeah, not sure that is VG. Maybe, maybe not, can't tell in the picture that well. And is it notched (for the bundled release of back stock in the mid- to late-80s) just above the yellow banner?

Are 1ed modules in that condition really going for $20 a pop? Got a complete set of the 1ed modules pre-re-styling (a la Ravenloft and the like) in both the solid colors and the pastels.


Even though the Paizo site lists order #2090925 as having shipped July 10th it doesn't show up in UPS tracking until July 17th with a delivery of July 23rd (and as of July 18th it is still in WA). As I'm out of town for a bit soon I won't be able to get the package, but hopefully my friend who is watching the house will get it. What caused the delay? Had I known I'd have probably asked for the order to be held until I get back.


Please cancel my Roleplaying Game, Campaign Setting, and Companion subscriptions. I'm trying to cut back on my recurring monthly expenses and will pick up individual products from those lines as I need / can afford them. If the items from those subscriptions (Player Character Folio, Blood of Angels, and Magnimar) can be removed from the July 13th shipment that'd be great, but if not I understand.

I still very much wish to keep my Adventure Path subscription, however. And of course still want the additional non-subscription items in the July 13th shipment (RotRL and the Savage Worlds stuff).


I'd like to cancel my subscription to Pathfinder Tales, please. I just can't keep up. =/ If possible, could you also remove _Nightglass_ from my next subscription shipment (June 2012) as well? Thanks!

Hmmm, on reflection maybe this shouldn't be in Customer Service since it was intended to spark discussion and not just deal with an issue. If it should be moved please let me know. Thanks!

Has anyone looked at this? How is it? I have all of the Weird Wars books that they put out earlier this decade but didn't realize this was coming out. Is it substantially different from "Blood on the Rhine" (basically the "core" book of the non-Savage Worlds based Weird Wars) in terms of production values (color would be nice!) and content (much more important, of course)? What is its value as a fluff book (not sure I want to invest in the Savage Worlds rules at the moment)?

It would be very helpful if we could get links to the products referred to in the "My Subscriptions">"Example Subscription Shipments" list. Thanks!

I just added a Companion subscription to my account and requested that it start with the current product, Cheliax. I was hoping that it would combine with Order #1242223 (my existing order for this month, that doesn't appear to have shipped yet, that contains AP #26 and the PFRPG core rulebook) to save on shipping. It seems to, however, be in its own order with $4+ shipping.

Is there any way to fold Cheliax into Order #1242223 or at least just delay it to next month's shipment, if possible?


I noticed that the 5', 10', and 20' radii spell area "templates" are centered at the corners of four squares and not directly in the center of a square. While this would work for ranged area of effects how does it work with point-blank area of effects where the source is almost often less than 5' "wide" and thus must occupy a single square (the template of course works for point-blank effects with a 10'-area occupying caster)?

I'm aware of (and fully support) the fan-made SRD but I'm wondering if an official one will be forthcoming from Paizo?

No, I don't want it so that I can cheap out of buying the book -- I've got the book on order and will buy the PDF tomorrow.

I'm making a CRPG and am interested in using the rules improvements that Pathfinder RPG made to 3.5. In order to do that I'd need an official SRD that clearly defines its contents as Open Game Content (as well as include the OGL in the product with an updated Section 15 that credits the Pathfinder SRD, of course). It could be an addendum to the existing 3.5 SRD I suppose (in which case I'd have to credit both the 3.5 SRD and Pathfinder SRD) or an outright replacement (and I'd have to determine if the 3.5 SRD would have to be referenced in Section 15 or if referencing the Pathfinder SRD alone covers it).

I'm also aware that any CRPG would not be permitted to use Pathfinder RPG Product Identity. Though I haven't the rulebook yet, even if there is a statement in it that says anything not PI is Open Game Content I'm worried that I'll slip up and include PI -- hence a separate SRD would be very welcome.

Anyhow, any feedback is welcome. Thank you very much!