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Like underling, been with you guys since day 1 and also need to cancel my AP subscription. Shame to lose the Charter tag, but it is time -- life is just so busy I find myself having little time to read, much less play, the excellent product.

My mail arrived with the "DO NOT BEND" package folded -- so I guess technically USPS followed directions? Wasn't completely doubled over, but like 30 degrees -- enough to crimp / rip the spine of Adventure Path #91 (Giantslayer #1, "Battle of Bloodmarch Hill"). I let most mishaps go but this one is pretty bad. Would it be possible to get a replacement? I'd be happy to send the damaged one or photos or whatever. Stinks because it isn't Paizo's fault. =( Thanks a ton!

Lord Gadigan wrote:
BigWeather wrote:
How much of the information in this book is of a more general nature, a la the Revisited series? I guess most (all?) of the undead types were covered in Classic Horrors Revisited and Undead Revisited, so probably not much needed.
From my initial look over: Very little. There's some new magic items / diseases / haunts that could be used in a more generic sense, but this book is pretty much entirely about specific undead NPCs and about their lairs.

Thanks, I figured as much. I really enjoyed Dragons Unleashed and it was similar too, in that most of the material about dragons in general was in Dragons Revisited, so I'll likely pick this up too -- good to know what to expect.

How much of the information in this book is of a more general nature, a la the Revisited series? I guess most (all?) of the undead types were covered in Classic Horrors Revisited and Undead Revisited, so probably not much needed.

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Not only could I enjoy it, I'd prefer it. As I get older I'm realizing that I prefer simpler rules, less options, etc. Others don't, and that's cool too.

Thank you!

Please cancel my subscription to the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. I am interested in keeping my Adventure Path subscription, however. Thanks!

FabioMatt wrote:

Any news BigWeather?

The AP is on my iPad of this morning thanks to a Shipping notification received at 3:30AM AEDT :)

Nope, nothing yet. Thanks for asking, awesome that they got around to you. Hopefully tomorrow (or today, I guess -- still a few more minutes so it's possible). Can't wait to read it. What I've read in this thread has me drooling. Egyptian-themed adventures are my absolute favorite.

FabioMatt wrote:

What BigWeather said! It is 4:16PM Seattle time and I'm getting edgy!

Hoped to be reading it today instead of getting productive work type stuff done!

My last name starts with 'Y' -- yours late in the alphabet too? </conspiracy>

Jim Groves wrote:
Odraude wrote:
This AP is off to a great start. Groves knocked it out of the park. He's a great designer and a mad handsome man, ladies ;)

Thank you so much for those kind words. :D

And this is just the beginning. To follow on that baseball metaphor, Crystal has delivered another home run—and folks we've got an All-Star line-up on every level in this series. Everybody has delivered. The cartography is magnificent. The art is stunning, evocative and compelling. Every part of this AP is solid. Right down to the awesome new bestiary entries.

I'm honored to have started the show but the Golem is just getting started! This is definitely a great AP to subscribe to!

Aaaaagh you are killing me! Still no ship notification. Paizo doesn't do that alphabetically by last name or anything silly like that, do they? Seems I'm always among the last to get the PDF. =)

Oh well. Next week it is then. =)

Ooooh copies are going out even on a Saturday? F5 F5 F5!

Looks like I'll miss getting the PDF this week (got the order processed yesterday evening). Ah well, soon!

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There have been a few APs I've not been thrilled about (usually ones that play it more traditional fantasy or ones involving demons and such -- boring to me) but I've stayed subscribed. Can't be more thrilled with MM and IG, can't wait! Also I don't want to lose my Charter tag, I know it's stupid but... Well. I wonder how many people still are Charter AP subscribers?

Edit: And I know it's silly to keep subscribing for that reason even during APs that are less than appealing. But I do always find interesting ideas and enjoy reading the fiction and the bestiary stuff at the very least. I have all 150 issues of Dungeon and all 78 issues of the APs and I dunno, just seems silly to end it. It's like any other subscription -- some National Geographics don't have articles I'm thrilled about but I always come away feeling like I got something out of even the "weak" ones.

Liz Courts wrote:
BigWeather wrote:
Is this out in the wild now? May have to swing by my FLGS and pick it up!
Street date is 1/29. :)

Ah, next week it is then. Thanks, really looking forward to it.

Is this out in the wild now? May have to swing by my FLGS and pick it up!

Pharaoh (I3) is my favorite module of all time. They have a hard-cover copy? I've always wanted to obtain the original (non-TSR) version but it's too expensive. My copy signed by Tracy Hickman is one of my most prized RPG possessions. So looking forward to Mummy's Mask!

Note that the next product linked from this page is the Beginner Box, just as it was for Bestiary 2 -- maybe a cut-and-paste remnant?

Really happy to hear that S3 is the major inspiration for this AP. I love, love, love Egypt and I'm honestly overlooking Mummy's Mask in giddy anticipation of this AP.

zergtitan wrote:
BigWeather wrote:
IJ4 was OK, not great, but certainly didn't ruin the series for me. The SW prequels, on the other hand...
Interesting. While I didn't love the prequel trilogy I did appreciate the storyline minus Jar Jar Binx.

Actually I didn't mind AotC or RotS much -- the story was decent, the locations interesting enough, and ignoring the "NoooooOOOooooOO!" at the end I had a good time. tPM, though, man... I just can't get past it. That and the terrible romance scenes in II and III.

IJ4 I enjoyed except for the Tarzan scene and the double-triple-oh-I-just-don't-care-anymore betrayals of that guy. I was fine with nuking the fridge and all, he's Indy, cuh-razy stuff happens and he survives. I was even fine with the nature of the plot -- it is exactly what I'd expect of a pulp film set in the 50s -- and with Harrison Ford's age they really couldn't visit much earlier.

As for the AP, I couldn't be more excited. My favorite AD&D module was Pharaoh (have my original signed by Hickman back in the 80s, even) and I love everything Egyptian. Then to follow it up with Numeria stuff -- my second favorite module was Expedition to the Barrier Peaks. I can't wait!

IJ4 was OK, not great, but certainly didn't ruin the series for me. The SW prequels, on the other hand...

The Beginner Box is great and I'd love to see an Expert Box that allowed for 6th to 10th level play. One of the things Paizo has stated is that they don't want to cannibalize sales of their main RPG.

I was wondering, however, if it would be possible for them to tweak the AP slightly (and yes, I know they are loathe to do that, but bear with me) to allow for the first three installments to work with the Beginner Box and a hypothetical Expert Box.

The first tweak would be to support the Beginner / Expert Box mechanically where needed for the first three books of an AP. I doubt there is much that would need to be added, right? After all, it isn't until after 10th level that lots of the complexity creeps into the game.

The second tweak would be to have the third book (which usually ends around 10th level) of an AP come to some sort of satisfying resolution, though obviously not THE resolution of the story.

This would give people that like the Beginner / Expert Box and want to keep their game a bit simpler use out of the APs -- and maybe even hook them into other supplements. Also, there's a good chance that players will want to continue with the second half of the AP. Provided the conversion is painless enough Paizo would then find people converting to their main product.

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Yeah, it does kind of stink to be a subscriber and see the PDF for sale to the general public before I get it. It is a perfect storm of "Visions of WAR" (non-subscription item) being with this shipment and of course GenCon. What can ya do (besides repeatedly press F5 =))?

Order placed on Thursday and still no PDF, sigh. =/

Got my box last week, haven't opened it yet. I'm debating just trying to sell the Vampire box, or maybe everything (Vampire + $150 in add-ons). It is so intimidating, I'll never get around to painting them all, and since I pledged so long ago financial situation has changed a bit. =/

Feros wrote:
BigWeather wrote:
Where can the product catalog PDF be found? Would love to take a gander at it, particularly the new AP. =)
You can download it HERE.

Many thanks, Feros!

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Where can the product catalog PDF be found? Would love to take a gander at it, particularly the new AP. =)

Thanks for the news, guys, and taking the time to type it out while you are trying to soak it all in. I hope to make it to PaizoCon sometime in the coming years!

Any more information on the new AP? I'm gathering that they may be exploring Osirion's alien influences? That's cool! (But, that said, please manage to also capture some more traditional Egyptian tomb-diving, please!)

Sorry it took so long to get back to this thread...

Thanks Justin, so not quite E6 but a bit more compressed than normal. Really looking forward to this!

Can this be used as a way of doing EL6 (or EL8) play? Normal character advancement through 6 or 8 then just mythic from then on? Will it, in essence, keep some of the lower-CR foes that normally become irrelevant relevant while still offering an advancement path for the PCs? Or does the advancement path actually widen the gap?

Meaning, going to CL6 then to CL6+ML10 vs. going to CL6 then to CL16?

Thanks a ton for the responses regarding Ultimate Equipment -- definitely considering it and I'll check out the PRD. Thanks!

How is Ultimate Equipment? Only one I haven't bought.

Does the PDF come with the book for those that pre-ordered a bit ago (and skipped the Kickstarter)? Just wondering -- I honestly can't remember haha. Thanks!

Andius wrote:
And people leaving Pathfinder P&P over this.... pure foolishness. We are better off without those drama queens. This has nothing to do with the P&P.

Really? That makes no sense -- why would people do that? The presence of non-consensual PvP means that I won't play (or support via Kickstarter) this MMO, but it doesn't change my perception of PFRPG one bit.

VG the condition or "very good, I found this awesome module!"? Yeah, not sure that is VG. Maybe, maybe not, can't tell in the picture that well. And is it notched (for the bundled release of back stock in the mid- to late-80s) just above the yellow banner?

Are 1ed modules in that condition really going for $20 a pop? Got a complete set of the 1ed modules pre-re-styling (a la Ravenloft and the like) in both the solid colors and the pastels.

One of the 1,075. My list of subscriptions ebbs and flows (right now it's at an all-time low of just the AP, sadly, but it'll go back up soon I'm sure!) but I'll drop by AP sub only when it is a choice between eating or reading -- and then I'll go hungry for a bit to see if it's doable! I can't remember how many issues I got for "free", but I want to say four. By that time I was hooked. Thanks for all you do, Paizo!

Whew, was worried it was something on UPS' end. Thanks for the explanation, I've got my PDFs to tide me over on vacation (typing this not more than 20 miles from you all!). Hopefully UPS will not just leave it out in the rain (they are pretty good about leaving it on my porch or at least bagging it if they leave it outside). Thanks!


Even though the Paizo site lists order #2090925 as having shipped July 10th it doesn't show up in UPS tracking until July 17th with a delivery of July 23rd (and as of July 18th it is still in WA). As I'm out of town for a bit soon I won't be able to get the package, but hopefully my friend who is watching the house will get it. What caused the delay? Had I known I'd have probably asked for the order to be held until I get back.


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I can think of a dozen APs I'd rather have before a Gnome-centric one. I'd buy it, though, if for any other reason than to not lose my AP charter subscription status. But ugh! Numeria, Osirion, Arcadia, Vudra, other planets, etc. would be far more interesting to me.


Any hope of Paizo getting more of these? Would really like to order it alongside my shiny new Superpowers and Horror supplements...

Please cancel my Roleplaying Game, Campaign Setting, and Companion subscriptions. I'm trying to cut back on my recurring monthly expenses and will pick up individual products from those lines as I need / can afford them. If the items from those subscriptions (Player Character Folio, Blood of Angels, and Magnimar) can be removed from the July 13th shipment that'd be great, but if not I understand.

I still very much wish to keep my Adventure Path subscription, however. And of course still want the additional non-subscription items in the July 13th shipment (RotRL and the Savage Worlds stuff).


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I think the cancellation of those two magazines (though I must admit to being more partial to Dungeon -- I still have all 150 issues and a handful of module rejection letters from Roger E. Moore) is one of the biggest blunders WotC has made and a true blow to the hobby.

I had always dreamed of being published in Dungeon and the news of the cancellation hit hard. Not having time to muster up a proposal (it had been almost two decades since my last one) I decided the prudent course of action was to consider getting a letter published in Dungeon "good enough" to fulfill my dream (when the bar's too high, lower the bar!). You guys ended up publishing my letter in #150, the couple of copies of which I treasure to this day. Thanks!

There is consolation that Pathfinder rose from those ashes but I still wish the two publications were around today. Great blog and thanks for letting us peek behind the curtain!

I'd like to cancel my subscription to Pathfinder Tales, please. I just can't keep up. =/ If possible, could you also remove _Nightglass_ from my next subscription shipment (June 2012) as well? Thanks!

Wow, North Carolina represent! Two from Raleigh, one from Apex (about 10 minutes from Raleigh), and one from Kernersville (about an hour away).

Looks like the "back link" to the previous product in this subscription line is missing for this product. Just a heads up.

Thanks a ton for providing feedback on the items that didn't make the cut. I appreciate it!

Pup Tent of Preparation
Aura faint abjuration; CL 3rd
Slot none; Price 5,000 gp; Weight 20 lbs.
The Pup Tent of Preparation offers comfort for the adventuring caster. A person within this small tent enjoys a restful sleep which fulfills the rest requirements for preparing arcane spells in 4 hours rather than 8. In addition, the tent mitigates heat- and sound-based distractions of the environment, allowing the time spent preparing or readying spells to be halved.
Requirements Create Wondrous Item, Lullaby, creator must have 2 ranks in the Survival skill; Cost 2,500 gp

Regarding the spell being in italics, the template sent around for round 1 did not include the formatting specifier around the appropriate "ZZ" string for spells ("ZZspells"). I imagine a number of people probably didn't italicize their spells for fear of messing up the formatting with a bad code or doing something beyond what was asked. Is that a basis for elimination?

The three I'd most like to see (in no particular order):

1. Numeria, in the style of Barrier Peaks. At the time I didn't know what to make of "Expedition to the Barrier Peaks" but over the years it has become a favorite.

2. Arcadia. I'd love to see some of pseudo-Americas. Would love to see some Meso-American stuff a la "The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan". This could make an excellent Kingmaker 2 as well -- charter to establish a presence in Arcadia and the option of taking different routes: conquest, settlement, trade, religious crusade, etc.

3. Osirion, in the style of the "Desert of Desolation" series. Sure, we've had a couple of J* modules and a source book. A couple of PFS modules. But never a full blown treatment of Osirion. "Legacy of Fire" does not count.

Erik Mona wrote:

I'm not sure I wrote the terra cotta warriors in Jade Dragons & Hungry Ghosts (though the poop monster and the one with the prehensile intestines were mine!).

In any event, I didn't design anything in Bestiary 3.

Maybe it speaks volumes on my maturity, but I'd be giggling non-stop at my fortune if my day job was designing a poop monster. That is pretty much the definition of "win".

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