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He’s mah great-great-greatx30 grandpappy. Our folks came from Egypt back in the day, afore we wuz expelled and sailed to Ultima Thule.

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Iä iä! By the signs and portents shall ye know the Old Ones coming!

The Herald walks abroad! the Walking Man, the Ebon Pharaoh! Chaos and death follow in his footsteps!

I knows him personal like. He was my prom date.

That’s mah mammy and pappy there.

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Don’t you be sassing the Black Goat!

Why the Goat with a Thousand Young! I do have a lot of kinfolk

New year a-comin’. Might’n be the year the Old Ones come back. I do miss my pappy.


Whirs my double cheese and fungus at?

Auta be a Law agin dem

Who farted?


Worse than gubbmint revenooers

My aim is off


*click click*


Hograth Graul wrote:
I love my mammy. Oh, yessiree, I love my mammy!

I loves you tew, my little toadstool!

Ah thinks ah missed

That's sum meat on the hoof boys!

*click click*


Wheal, go shoot me a hippeh!

Chicken butt

Quick lil critter

It's even wurse! He's a dang hippeh Monkey! GETTIM!

click click


Well, whachoo waitin' fer? Blast dat varmint!


He does look mighty plump and tastee


Who let that thar dirty money on mah poarch!?!?

Dang thing is a messing with the flow of time as well. There's snow on the mountaintops yonder! Last I reckoned it twern't even near Samhain yet!

Peeks in rift from other side

It's this durn shootin' iron! It done blasted a hole clean through tew another univerts!

It's some sorta paralyzed univerts

Naow thisseres a pickle. And no mistake

Interdimensional rift opens. Large bulky figure falls out

Gol' Dangit! I musta set the rifle to the wrong settin'!

I gots me mah new fowlin' piece. It's a Sig Sauer Shoggoth Mk 325. Inter-dimensional Plasma Pulse rifle. Mah Uncle-Cousin Aloysius bought it fer me as a courtin' present.

Naow, lemme see here...

Fiddles with several knobs and cranks bolt back

Say cheese hippehs!


Who'll git me sum more hippeh? This here stews a bit thin

That's whut dey say. Ayup

Have a spoonful

Ah'm cooking up some hippeh stew. Y'all want sum?

I think dem Ol' 'Uns done sent dem hippehs to bedevvil us'n. Deys shore madness inducin'


We-ail it's be a might tough killin ' them since they been takin' them Mario Mushrooms. Allus got an extree life or two

If there is sumpin', it be that thar hippeh

Damn hippeh's more slippery than a Deep One during mating season.

Go ahead an' take annover one, Zombeh. I has a hankerin' fer sum soup.

I wants me some a-those Hippehpeño poppers.

Mmmm. Mexican hippehs

Mmm. Murdered, gutted, and flavor injected hippeh! Now that's a meal!

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I hopes not! All them sitins keeps their meet nice and tender. 'Celt for them pickiteers. I cain't staind the taste of free-range hippeh.

We needs one-a them Me-Lenny-Y'all hippehs, not this old 'un. He's all stringy and smells like patchouli. Ruins the stew seasoning.

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Ayup. That's a close to a guarantee yew gonna get these-here days.

Hey thar hippeh! If'n yew stand in the middle of that thar pentagram there's a really rare one-a them Pokémon thingies alla yew hippehs seem to lahk so much. Go on! Yew gotta catchem all!

Who got a virgin hippeh to kill fer the ritoal?

Seems liak the stars are Ight, ayup ...

Mmmmmm otter pie

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