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A Pawn has no Name?


The pawns are, as always, high quality. The art is fantastic (I noticed a few reprints, but they're good pieces), and there is a nice diverse set of figures included.

However, unlike previous sets, the pawns in this set don't seem to have names, numbers, or labels at the bottom, nor is there a list of what pawns are in the set on the back cover.

This may not seem like a big problem, but it makes it impossible to include these pawns in my collection without completely changing the way I organize them. The lack of a pawn list on the back cover also makes it easier for me to lose pawns from this set, since I can't exactly keep inventory once I've popped them out of their frames.

They don't even say which pawn set they're from on them, which has been standard for pawn sets since after Runelords.

I don't know if this was intentional, or an oversight, but it's an unwelcome change to an otherwise great product line.

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The Campaign Traits are not nearly as limiting or railroad-y as other reviewers have claimed. They do assume some level of connection with the region, but there's not one of them that wouldn't fit an out-of-towner just as well with only minor tweaks. I thought the Campaign Traits from Jade Regent were way more restrictive. I honestly think these are some of the best Campaign Traits we've seen from Paizo in a good long while, and I'm escpecially excited to see how they tie in to the campaign down the road in book three.

The connection with the six mythic tiers also seems to have people concerned, but I think that's jumping the gun a bit. The campaign traits don't lock you in to a specific mythic path, they just give you a bonus if your mythic path and your trait's path match up. It's too early to tell if that bonus will be significant enough that player's will regret giving it up, and I trust Paizo will handle that issue in the AP.

Overall, it's a very cool AP Player's Guide.

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