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Sorry, but I can not follow you all into 2nd edition. The order above has the last AP (144) for 1st edition, Adventure Path subscription. Please make that my last item to ship and then (regrettably) terminate my subscriptions.

I see you've quietly removed the Pathfinder Tales tag, leaving me w/ "Adventure Path Charter Subscriber" and "Modules Subscriber". Please remove the 2nd edition module in the order above and terminate that subscription as well.

Leaving me w/...nothing I guess. A sad day. I do wish you all the very best w/ 2nd edition PF, and thanks for lots of great memories over the years.

To be super clear: the only thing I want from the pending order above is AP #144.


Let's say spell caster w/ higher initiative nails an enemy w/ Glitterdust (or Hold Person) early in the round. They fail their save and are temporarily blinded/paralyzed. The way I'm reading the spells is that once the enemy's turn comes around, they get to make a save.

Fair enough, but doesn't that mean in this scenario they get 2 saves in the round? That seems a little unfair. Though I suppose I would appreciate it if I were on the receiving end.

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Here's a hypothetical: 3rd level Witch takes Craft Wondrous Item for her feat. Wants to try and create a Scabbard of Many Blades [ACG]. It's a CL 9 item, and requires knowing the spell Secret Chest (5th level, and on the Witch spell list but obviously she doesn't know it yet).

Base Spellcraft check would be 9 (CL of item) + 5 = 14 but since she doesn't yet know Secret Chest, you add another 5 for a total skill check of 19.

At 3rd level, w/ an 18 Int and maxed ranks in Spellcraft, her total bonus is 4+3+3 = 10. So if she had the time and money, she would have to roll a 9 or higher on d20 or else have wasted her time and money; if she rolls low enough, maybe even get a cursed item.

So far so good? The part that's confusing me is in the CRB, though.

"Most of the time, they take the form of spells that must be known by the item’s creator (although access through another magic item or spellcaster is allowed)."

I suppose if my new-best-friend, that 9th level mage who has prepared Secret Chest for the day, was around to help me craft it...I'd be back to a 14 skill check. But that's a ridiculous scenario. What I need help w/ understanding, though, is the reference to "another magic item". Does that mean a 1-use item like a scroll or potion (for lower level spells)? Or a permanent magic item? I'm not grasping something, but hopefully those crafters out there on the boards can explain what that means.


I've looked for an answer, and while I find rules for fixed costs like creating magic items, retraining, and even activities you can do in your downtime, I can't seem to find anything on point for my question.

Say you're not thrilled your Paladin is stuck w/ a base 2 skill points per level; you're not a human; and you're using your FCB for something else. So at 1st level, you put your 2 points into Diplomacy and Knowledge: Religion, as an example. Obviously when you level up, you can either keep putting your measly 2 points there, or maybe start increasing some of the other 8 (!) class skills you have, or any of the non-class skills.

Is there or is there not a rule that encompasses the ability to spend your hard-earned gold on increasing skills? Sure, I can house-rule it, but if I've missed something in the rules, I'd love it if someone could point me in the right direction!


The best I can come up w/ is to go to the Free Downloads > Errata Docs, and that tells me a fair amount (e.g., the CRB is up to the 6th printing).

But that page, as far as I can tell, hasn't been updated since 5/19/16 (when UE was noted as having a 2nd printing).

Why do I ask? I have a lot of store credit at Noble Knight Games, and assuming they can even tell me which printings they have for a particular HC, I'd like to start buying some of these HCs. Of course if I ordered directly from Paizo, I'd simply get the latest printing (I assume anyway), but like I said, lots of store credit that should get used first.

Thanks in advance.

Is this a glitch? I'm already logged in, but to get to My Downloads, the site makes me put in my username and password again. Seems odd.


I received this shipment about a week ago, but 1 of the 3 items I ordered had been replaced w/ something else by mistake.

Instead of PF Campaign Setting: Planes of Power, I was shipped PF Campaign Setting: Inner Sea Temples.

I sent an inquiry via email but have not heard anything back this week. So I guess we have to post here to get help.

Please advise what you would like me to do at this point.


I don't want to cancel it, I just want to change from 2 volumes being shipped every month to just 1 volume.


http://www.ripten.com/2012/03/27/brian-fargo-talks-wasteland-2-abysmal-publ isher-treatment-and-having-fun-again/

Sorry my link-fu is weak, but this was an eye-opener for me. For those of you who blamed Obsidian for all the bugs at launch for Fallout: New Vegas, you might want to read this.

In any case, I'm rooting for Fargo and Wasteland 2.

Just saw that he passed away recently in the Sunday obituaries. Surprised no one else here has mentioned it. While I wasn't a fan of his Western (Blueberry), once he started w/ the sci-fi, I was hooked.

His Silver Surfer work was pretty rad, too.


This is a bit embarrassing, 10+ years into 3x., but here goes.

Somehow I've avoided situations where I needed to cast a spell from a scroll that was higher level than I could normally cast. Looked through the relevant sections in the PH, DMG & Rules Compendium. Still seems to confound me.

Here's my example. Mystic Theurge (cleric 3, wizard 3, mystic theurge 1) means I'm a 4th level wizard for this purpose. I find a scroll of Teleport (5th level spell), presumably scribed by a 9th level caster.

What do I roll to see if I can cast this scroll spell? Am I rolling 1d20 + 4 (pretty sure), and more importantly, what is the DC? 11 (base) + 9 (level cast) = 20??

Don't have any forbidden schools...

EDIT: and if I fail that roll, is the spell still on the scroll, or ruined/cast??

You might be connecting to a website that is pretending to be "secure.paizo.com"

I get this when adding a new thread, replying to a post, or adding a new post. I've never had this issue before that I can remember.

Anything I'm doing wrong?

So I bought the 1st Monster Vault just for the tokens (don't play 4th ed), but the 2nd one, Threats to the Nentir Vale, is a little more than I'm willing to pay for just some tokens.

Anyone willing to sell their tokens from the 2nd boxed set? I could also trade you the 1st boxed set; everything BUT the tokens, as I'll never use that stuff.

All reasonable offers accepted! I know this is a longshot, but couldn't find a better forum to put it in...

If you want to contact me outside of this thread:

benstowell at mac.com


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Didn't find anything in another thread, so I started this one. Such a terrible tragedy.

My deepest sympathies to those who lost family, friends, acquaintances, countrymen.

as long as I only have to ship it to a US address:

1) Xbox 360 version of Dragon Age: Origins
2) Mac version of Neverwinter Nights 2 (*)

If you're interested in playing one of these and haven't, you can contact me @


Both games will provide lots of fun gaming.

(*) Minimum specs: OS 10.4.11 (Tiger); I played it w/ 10.5 (Leopard); don't know how 10.6 (Snow Leopard) does w/ it. 1 GB RAM (2 is Recommended); CPU Speed 2 Ghz (2.33 is Recommended). Supported video cards appear to be: NVIDIA ( GeForce 7600, 8600) or ATI (X1600, X1900, HD 2400, HD 2600).

I might be late to this party, but just read a KQ article w/ Chris Pramas recommending it, and checked it out on Amazon. Looks right up my alley. The only thing that stopped me was some reviews that the (Chinese) binding job on at least the 1st TPB (Dark Horse) was so bad the book falls apart. I can't tolerate that kind of thing. Anyone own these TPB's and have good things to say about the quality of the binding?

I'm reasonably sure I'll like the story & art already ;-)

I got excited for a minute when I saw the HC versions for sale, but my German isn't good enough to make those keepers. :(

BenS wrote:
see above; they seem to have disappeared (again)

Gaah! They're back already! Nevermind then.

for The First World article in PF #36. I've been waiting a long time for something like that, and it was a wonderful, imaginative read. Kudos.

If you actually see this thread, here's a ?: Did you imagine the Eldest on the power level of deities, or more like the epic-level types on other planes (Demon Lords, Empyreal Lords, etc.)?

As for Magdh of the Eldest


she reminded me of The Living Tribunal (Marvel comics) meets Destiny (of Sandman fame). Awesome, even if that wasn't your conscious intent.

Why are these anonymous, unlike the other blog? I can usually figure out who I think is the author, but not always. No big deal, it just struck me as strange.

I just went over there and spent half an hour. Nada. Either I'm an idiot, or they've hidden them really cleverly. Or in fact removed them.

Can anyone provide a hint or link? Thanks.

When fighting a demon (say, Marilith) that summons another demon (say, Nalfeshnee) to the battle, when the original demon summoner (Marilith) is dispatched, does the summoned demon disappear or remain behind for the duration of the spell?

Don't descend on me like locusts, but, I accidentally bought a 2nd copy that I'd like to give as a gift to someone.

Only a few preconditions: you must live in the U.S. (since I'll spring for the postage); I'd strongly prefer if I "know" you from the boards here (sorry lurkers!); and I have a few of you in mind already.

My 2nd copy has a few creased pages (about 17 pages w/ 2 creases, about 15 pages w/ 1 crease); though this is not the reason I'm giving it away. Just want to be upfront about that. Nothing that interferes w/ legibility by any means; it's only an aesthetic consideration.

I'll check in on this thread later tonight, and again tomorrow after work (Pacific Standard Time). If there's an easy way for me to choose (like rolling a D20, for example), that might be more fair than 1st come, 1st served.

When I pick the winner, I'll do so here and post my email address so we can confirm the details.

Good luck.

Anyone know why the following were not included in the PFRPG: Archmage; Blackguard; Dwarven Defender (!); Hierophant; Horizon Walker; and Thaumaturgist?

Obviously I know why Red Wizard (of Thay) didn't make it ;-)

Of those, I'd only miss Blackguard & Dwarven Defender really...

The following products are included in this shipment:
1 x Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook (OGL) Hardcover
1 x Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook (OGL) Hardcover
2 x Pathfinder Adventure Path #25: The Bastards of Erebus (Council of Thieves 1 of 6) (PRPG) Print Edition
1 x Pathfinder Chronicles: Legacy of Fire Map Folio Print Edition
1 x Pathfinder Companion: Cheliax, Empire of Devils (PFRPG) Print Edition
1 x Pathfinder Module: Crypt of the Everflame (PFRPG) Print Edition

I responded to the email, but since this is about to ship I'm going to post it here as well.

I believe there's an (expensive) error in this order, and that is the 2nd copy of the PFRPG. I only ordered one copy as far as I know; it's the PF sub that gets 2 copies (properly noted above).


I fought and killed an Arcanaloth (sorry Todd!) that was an ally of an evil archmage. So he wasn't brought there recently w/ a summon spell of any kind.

I think he's dead rather than "reforms on home plane", but that's not my real question. He had some magical items. Do they remain behind?

BenS wrote:
If so, please let me know who to email w/ the details. Thanks!


I put the 3 freebies in my shopping cart, and hit "Proceed to checkout", but it hangs and I get an error message (can't find server I think). I'm wondering if this is a bug in which the system doesn't like a total of "$0" as the starting point?

Anyone else have this particular problem? Thanks.

Hi gang,

On 8/14/08 I was charged $25.34, but have no record of what this might be for in my Account history. Can someone help me clear this up? Thanks.

I just saw this was available for the Mac, and it looks like it might be fun, in the Diablo vein. Opinions welcome. Decent graphics, good gameplay, and decent story all add up to a good game, though not all fun games have all 3 necessarily...

Title says it all. I'd rather buy them here than directly from Goodman Games, but I can't wait forever...

Titles will start selling out soon, I think, at 50% off.

I'd just like to say that this is the 1st part of each Pathfinder I read when I get a new one. Similar to when we had the magazines and I'd rush to the back for either the latest Downer episode, or a Zogonia/Mt. Zogon strip.

Having never lived through the age of pulp fiction, w/ its serialized works--though of course I did grow up w/ comics--I really can appreciate the joy of breathlessly awaiting the next installment.

So, I've really enjoyed all these tales of Eando Kline, and how they serve as a travelogue of sorts for Varisia. I'm also quite impressed that you manage to rotate the writers for these and yet retain the same feel.

And I'm dying to know what that wayfarer compass is leading him towards!

Good times.

BenS wrote:
I'm on a Mac, if that matters, and though they've worked for me in the past, now when I click on one, it just acts like a "Back" button instead.

Nevermind, I seem to have fixed the problem by going to another site, clearing my history and my cache, and then returning to Paizo. Now they work as they should.

The following are looking for a good home, and I'll give them to you for free, which includes me paying the shipping:

(2nd edition) Book of Artifacts
(3.0) Monster Manual
(3.5) Judges Guild adventure JG2 "Citadel of Fire" (I mistakenly bought 2 copies); levels 12-14

Like the comics I'm giving away in another thread, I'd prefer to give these to a board regular, but in most ways this should still be 1st come, 1st served. You can contact me here and/or privately at "b e n s t o w e l l @ m a c . c o m" (leaving out the extra spaces, of course). Please tell me your board name if you choose only to email me. Don't worry; it's not a popularity contest. I'm just curious.

All 3 items are NM+ condition.



I'm doing some Spring cleaning, and would like this series to go to a good home. I'm willing to ship it to you, also at my expense, IF you live here in the U.S. (If you live w/in driving distance of Portland, OR, you can pick them up). Bagged & boarded.

I'll check in on these Paizo boards about once a day. If you prefer to remain anonymous, you can email me @ "b e n s t o w e l l @ m a c . c o m" (just remove the spaces). I'd prefer to give these to a board regular, but otherwise it'll be pretty close to a 1st come, 1st served basis.


Hi gang,

I have a pending order (#751975) that's just waiting for Downer #2. I just bought a lot of Green Ronin sale items (order #838092). Anyway to add the latter order to the original pending order? That way I get an early Xmas gift in one huge package :)


Hi all,

I'm about to get a new Mac, and just realized that it might be possible to play some of the great PC games I've always missed out on. My 1st thought was just to get a new iMac, but would it be beefy enough for me? I'm not looking to play cutting-edge FPS's, so I don't need the uber-machine. But if it's more realistic to get a G5 desktop, maybe I'll consider that as well.

I'd love to play NWN, for example.

[Paizo staff: feel free to move this if you think this is in an inappropriate forum!]

Ok, fellow Mac users (PC users hit the back button and leave this thread...just kidding), I think I'm ready to start printing out portions of these lovely Paizo (et al) pdfs. Only one problem: I don't have a printer :) That's where you come in (hopefully). What Mac-compatible printers are you using to print out your pdfs (that's assuredly 90% of what I'd use it for)? I had looked into this about a year ago and got worried reading about problems printing pdfs w/ True Type fonts (IIRC).

My needs are simple: print double-sided pdfs. Yeah, nothing fancy. I have a G4 (866 mhz), aka a dinosaur. I'll probably get a sweet new Imac this winter. Anyway, I don't want a cheap printer, but I don't necessarily want what you have in your office either. A good mid-range printer that you know from experience works w/ a (your?) Mac!

I think a few of the Paizo staff are Mac-people, so feel free to chime in as well. Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions (well, except for those "Get a PC, fool!" flames I can already feel coming...).

Ok, before all 4 of you reading this get excited, I haven't heard anything from Wizards about psionics in 4th ed. Though come to think of it, that'd be another factor in whether or not I make the switch.

Anyway, to start a small little thread for those of us who like and use 3.5 Psionics, what are your thoughts about how the mechanics would change? Yes, this is pure speculation since we know nothing. Let me rephrase the question: what would you like to see changed in 4th edition psionics?

I'll start: not a whole hell of a lot! Having played through every iteration of psionics since 1st edition, I honestly think 3.5 nailed it. Sure, no system is perfect or beyond reproach, but I truly think that 3.5 psionics is one of the highlights of everything Wizards has offered for this version of the game. I know Complete Psionics was a letdown for many of us, but there's enough in there for me to pull out and use to complement the EPH that together there's a lot of good stuff to use.

That then begs the question, if they're going to radically overhaul all the mechanics, just what would they do w/ psionics? At this point, knowing nothing of their design plans, I'm hoping that 3.5 psionics is too new and already different to count as a "sacred cow" they need to fiddle w/ too much. For example, since it's not based on Vancian spellcasting exactly, hopefully they won't throw out the power point pools and scalability of powers. I am worried about one thing in general, and that's that psionics is seen as either a bit too "complex" for some--and that could target it for either a radical overhaul or even, shudder, the axe--or "just not fantasy enough".

I'm posting this here b/c, honestly, I can't stand the WOTC boards any longer. Any thoughts? Hopes? Fears?

Ok, sorry to post this here, but there's no "Marketplace" section on these boards. And after getting badly burned by sending a bunch of stuff to someone and not getting paid for it on the WOTC boards, I'm not going back there. Anyway, here's what I'm getting rid of. Everything's pristine or near mint unless I say otherwise.

Here's the best part. I'm giving it away free. There's no catch, though I'm afraid I'm going to have to limit this to the U.S. so I'm not paying foreign shipping costs. If you end up w/ some things that cost me a bit in postage, you're free to send me reimbursement for that alone, but I won't ask for it. Your call. The only other caveat is I don't want to have to send it all to one person, so forget about the "Sure, send it all to me!" replies :)

3.0 PHB
3.0 MM
3.0 DMG
3.0 Psionics Handbook

2nd ed. DM Screen
1988 adventure "The Abduction of Good King Despot" ("mid-to-high levels"; a little wear and tear on the cover)

3.0 Book of Fiends, Vol. 1: Legions of Hell (Chris Pramas)
3.0 Book of Fiends, Vol. 2: Armies of the Abyss (Erik Mona)
3.0 adventure (15th l.) "Lord of the Iron Fortress" (Andy Collins)
3.0 The Book of Eldritch Might I (Monte Cook)
3.0 The Book of Eldritch Might III: The Nexus (Monte Cook)
3.0 adventure "Maze of Zayene: Tower Chaos" (Rob Kuntz) 9th-12th levels
3.0 Character Sheets (I think they're all there...)

Dragon magazine #s 288; 301; 303; 314; 316 (very small crack in outer binding); 323; and 339.

From reading the 4th ed. boards, I realize there's still some of you playing 3.0 or older, so I guess these are meant to interest you. I'll check this thread at least once/day to see if folks are interested. If you don't want to leave your contact info (e.g., email), you can contact me directly at "benstowell at mac.com". If you do that, let me know your Paizo avatar's name so I can potentially identify you, if you wouldn't mind.

If someone at Paizo thinks this is in the wrong section, feel free to move it :)

Anyone bought one of these? I have a lot of counters from both Dungeon magazines and Fiery Dragon Productions (for Ptolus & Arcana Evolved). After I cut up the cardstock sheets to nab individual counters, I'm often at a loss as to what to do w/ them for storage purposes.

I'd like a way to organize them so I can easily get to something for an encounter. Would this product do the trick? A little hard to tell much from the picture. Thanks.

Anyone know when Jubilex--which I remember from 1st edition--became Juiblex, and why the spelling change? Just curious why the "b" and "i" got transposed.

Don't know if the product description is written by Paizo staff (doubtfully), but just to nitpick, there was never a Norse goddess called "Froya". There was "Freya" (in modern, anglicized spelling), but she was far from a "mother-goddess". Odin's wife was Frigga, who's closer to the "mother-goddess" archetype.

Sorry, I couldn't let it go :)

I can't seem to find this outside of people charging an arm and a leg for it. It is out-of-print or just out-of-stock (everywhere!)??

I know it's been stated to be, in real world terms, about the size of California. But oddly enough, I'm curious as to how it would "size up" in terms of something I know better. You know, like the Flanaess region of Oerik/Oerth :) (Never mind that I lived 10 years in CA)

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