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He glances at Bri before answering Sorrin. " said Capt. Donovan would be on board, right?"

"Belok needs to sleep now." He grins suggestively at Bri.

"You are up against a demon spawn. That spawn is intelligent and deadly. In appearance, Harthagoa looms straight out of a god’s nightmare. His body is more than 50 feet in length, and his tentacles are twice as long, ending in barbed talons – a mark of his demonic heritage. These razor-barbed tentacles are speckled with ugly sucker-rings capable of shredding a great blue whale to chum in a mere moment. Yet the greatest indication of his father’s vile blood lies in the enormous pair of leathery bat-like wings that extend from Harthagoa’s bulbous body, allowing the Demon Below to take to the air if need be. His large eyes glow with a malevolent fire, and his mouth is filled with jagged poisonous teeth. The Krakenfiend’s thick arms can reduce a frigate to driftwood as casually as a man might crush paper lantern." He tells you coolly. "You think you can do some fancy spell to control it or influence it? So did we."

He drinks form his tankard. "Is that clear enough?"

"Before the tragedy it hunted merchants for treasure and bounty, preying on innocence. We thought we could stop it, we underestimated it and over estimated our own abilities. What does it want - domination, to spread it's vile evilness across the seas and the land, to have it's minions revere him like the demi-demon it is."

He shrugs about the Ring. "Evil takes many names. Port Shaw is dangerous...poison is the tonic of choice...people live, people die every day. I suspect there is a Ring but if everyone knew who ran it or who is a member, it wouldn't be a secret society." He says barely above a whisper. "By the way check your food and beverages carry plenty of those spells or you'll be yet another victim, especially nosing around the way you are."

Belok leans over and slides torgue a beer, "Good fight. May Bowbe renew this man's strength or I'll be toad's wart."

CMW: 2d8 + 9 ⇒ (4, 4) + 9 = 17

After that he will enter the ring and repeat the prayer for the tutila warrior.

CMW: 2d8 + 9 ⇒ (7, 6) + 9 = 22

He then gives the man a hand leading him to seat near Torgue.

Belok, Korg, and Jonah sit there quiet during the intense conversation. Belok breaks the tension, "Do I owe you coin? If so, that was the best coin ever spent." He breaks out in a hearty laugh then leans in and barely above a whisper states, "Priestess our deities screw us in different ways, mine likes to torment the living shyte out of me, and do you know how I repay his favor of strength? I beat the living crud our of people, cause that's the direction he's shown me." He pauses then asks calmly, "What do you want from me? I've lead battles and I've lost battles, one thing is certain I've never run away from a fight. You want to know struggle...wake up everyday and remember what it's like watching 127 souls die, drown, and getting up eaten by a demon spawn kraken and it's pets. That will test your faith. Try being one of the five that survived that's a test of faith? But don't ever accuse a man of not caring unless you've walked in his shoes and have seen his demons."

He blinks a few times, "I've never backed away from a fight, I wouldn't disgrace that prick above. Your group is dysfunctional but brave, I like that. You've helped my friend which I appreciate. So I ask again what do you want from me?"

"Oh, and by the way you never know when you'll be one of the 127; so yes, I enjoy a healthy romp."

Chell Silves wrote:

Who was it again we turned in and they released?

Well this is going nowhere. Just like with Xander. Chell sighs. Was this what he called flirting? Did that really work? Does she play along or get down to business? That didn't work so well against Xander. Merely pushed him away. But using her body to get information? Would she do that? Could she? She shifts her attention to Torgue's fight. It appeared to be somewhat evenly matched. Torgue could hit hard but hitting was the hard part. He didn't have the finesse the first two fighters had.

Fighting? Maybe that would work. That way he would see her as a fighter rather than a woman. But did she have the magic to make up the difference? She wasn't exactly a warrior. And they were going to the marsh tomorrow so she couldn't do it then. Two days?

"I have a better idea. We can unite the faiths as fellow warriors. What if I enter the ring?" This was stupid.

Harok McFaarrows was falsely accused. The wereshark is Grymmer Reefstead although I don't believe he ever cooperated and gaveyou his name.

"Tonight?" He shrugs, "I'd prefer t'bed ya, but you pounding some slobs face isn't gonna do for me? I've my demons to get me in the ring what's your reason." He leans over and nuzzles on Bri's neck.

"Damn...good job. That gets my strength going in the right direction." He winks at Bri, then at Chell. "respect that help you've giv'n, plus you had my back with the scoundrel's cheatin' tonight, the cheering helps too, and well Bri is a delightful personality."

"You sobered Capt Donovan up? Well if Bowbe isn't pissing fortune on us all today." The half-orc leans closer.

"He takes punch well...I suppose the ale belly cushions it a bit."

" heart flutters. We can be professional in the sack...I'll even make a tithe to Quell, hell Bowbe could care less what his worthless servant does these days...he's just gonnna piss on me anyway. We could be the uniter of faiths." He rumbles to the amusement of the table.

Belok actually comes out after to washing up and collecting his purse. He makes a beeline towards Bri actually. With loud boisterous commentary, "That whoreson Bowbe sent me a sign of pleasure. Normally the bastard is a worthless deranged piece of toe-dung, but today he favored me in pleasure and contest." He sits at the table scrunching Bri between himself and Korg - much to the witch's delight. "Hope you all cleaned out the bookies today, I told Bri I was gonna clobber that cheating scum."

He gives everyone a toothy smile. His wandering eyes soon falls on the priestess, "whatcha say we go roll on bed of a straw, and infuriate the bastards above, we could combine some of my chaotic strength with your lawful wave...I betcha we can get both those whoreson's rolling with laughter."

Belok wrestles with Bri thoroughly examining the spell. Once his curiousity is satiated he comes up for air, "Yep...visual only." With a roar he chuckles. "I do need to be getting ready for the fight, a little dinner, and prayer to that bastard whoremongering cursed toe dung that has taken me under his wing."

Belok laughs hard at the invitation.

Capt. Donovan had gambling debts and he does like his whiskey, gin, wine, ale, beer, mead...basically anything fermented. so he lost it on a bad bet."

His eyes widen at the female half-orc standing before him, he walks around looking. "Hmphhhtttttt." But alas he can't avoid touching.

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"'eard Barrett was shady. You may want to look at a Dragoon Sarg named, Darenar. Don't think he'll talk willingly. Careful with him...he's snake and he wields Capt Donovan's old mighty war hammer, Maelstrom, don't get yourself whacked by that." he touches you, "don't need any of these parts squished." he laughs, "He's a dragoon so it's hard to just go about killing him, but deaths do occur in duels."

"So, what dwarf showed up with this ring marking? Hey, and don't go getting bit by no wereshark...leave the biting to me."

Belok to Bri:

The half orc stops cold. "Well if Bowbe ain't exposing his ugly head in mysterious ways...that bastard whore. Well, Xander's quirky purty opinionated on his magic. I've thrown 'im some coin, he's had a rough time of it too many sorcerers running around taking up the good gigs, or so he thinks. He took the Trident's loses hard blames himself, but we all failed. I'd be dead were it not for Chambers dragging me to some flotsam."

He spits on his floor and cracks his knuckles. "I'd like me a piece of that ugly tentacle sucking piece of ocean scum." He refers to the Kraken. "Most folks are wary of speaking in public about the creature Kraken. The creature Harthagoa is a krackenfiend birthed, its father was none other than Demogorgon. It burst from his mother’s body and grew to maturity over the course of a few scant hours. He then devoured his crippled mother in order to claim her territory. He spreads his dark tentacles farther and farther with each passing year. So no its not comply talked about."

He scrutinizes you closely, "Some say that tentacle sucker mark that you describe is the mark of the Ring of the Kraken a secret organized crime group. Whether it relates to Harthagoa or not is beyond me."


"Bet away."

Belok takes an interest in your recent adventures. "It's good to hear someone's cleaning up this place, it's been a long time coming. Eliminating drug peddlers is good thing." his has a throaty growl when you mention slaver. 'Blight upon this world. So, Father Zalen's the splitting image of his father, not as talented, but he seems a good guy. Damn Kraken did in a good man."

"So what have you been doing since my last fight that you've watched? Any good stories or souls saved?

"I've a fight tonight, you cleared my head. My f*$king miserably piece of shyte deity sent you to strengthen my spirit and fists. Come be my guest at Skull tonight and watch me pulverize Varion Drakemoor into sissydom bet heavy." He then buries his face in...well you get the idea.

Embrianna wrote:
Bri holds off any actual talk until after some fun time is over.

Three hours later the half-orc roars a curse to his deity, "Your sittin' there laughing at my hang me to dry after 3 measly hours with this goddess, what have I done to get your blasted wraith. She's needful and wanton cravin' more and I'm spent...WHY OH WHY you worthless codfish. Why zap my strength! Let me hate you as much as you hate me! His toothy grin is filled with lustful satisfaction.

"Was think'n you'd thrown that address away....been days and days since we met." He strokes your hair intermittently tugging at it.

"My blasted worthless whoremongerin' god finally sent me a message that I'm in favor." He opens his door and you see he only has breeches on, his thick chest is heaped in scars that cut and criss-cross his flesh. 'The sour arse crab face probably sittin' on his throne right now taking pleasure in this. Betcha he's gonna make me impotent, bastard's always gotta have the last laugh,." He snatches you up in his bulging arms. "Until he shrivels my stick, I'm happy to be your battering ram."

Embrianna wrote:

"Four? I think you're overselling yourself by quite a bit. Now, if you will excuse me, I'm making a house call."

If no one tries to physically stop her, Bri will enter and go on up to where she thinks his place is.

A couple of his companions chuckle a the quick-wit displayed, although the man himself seems a bit slow on the reception. Nobody bothers you as you enter the apartment and go to Belok's door. Bri thumps on the door and few moments later it cracks open, a chain protecting it from fully opening, the half-orc looks with a bit toothy grin on his face. "Well, well..if Bowbe has decided to ram one up my arse, this is a damn nice surprise."

Remember followers of Bowebe the god of Chaos, Strength, Vengeance, War praise their god by cursing at him, and about him.

Embrianna wrote:
I would stipulate any new characters must be male to maintain the balance!

Big burly half/orc got it!

Darius Rotarion wrote:

Belok left you speechless, I see.

Were y'thinkin' about me baby? Suddenly Bri shakes her head snapping out of her daydream. :-)

Astrianna Sparacello wrote:

The bard turns to Jonah as Belok leaves, leaning across the table.. "All right. I can't stand it any longer- My lust for a good tale has taken over. Do a lady a favor and to tell me who these Wave Riders were, and what they were all about?"

I don't think you saw my earlier post when I mentioned the folks from Quell's Whore said farewell.

Belok Perception: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (14) + 5 = 19

Belok glances back when he hears the question about the Wave Riders. He mistakes the question as being directed to him, "Maybe another time...another time." He continues to walk toward and payout agent, collecting his winnings he leaves. How does she know about the Wave Riders?

"I've a room 'round da corner and with you on my furs it's be a shrine." He writes down a building address.

Belok gets up and casts make whole on the table that he destroyed. Another one of his oddities. "Great song...'prreciate it, makes me friggin' immortal like that sumofbitych Bowbe." He growls a bit in his rough voice, "Now missus', you want a crunching good time that will keep you hollowing till the next full moon, then we can do sweaty sheet dance alllllllll night long. Now, mind you, ya may be a bit tender t'morrow, but you'll be remembering Belok." He yaps at Bri.

"No offense meant to your male companions, but I think I've more spirit for the filly."

He is obviously getting up to part ways.

"Either of you two ever duke it out in the ring? He eyes Darius - you at least - look like you could last a round or two. He eye's Adriel - you've the look that you don't fight for sport. No need to fight if you can't kill 'em...I'm guessing."

"My f&@$ing worthless piece of s*~+ god is an a%$@$*+ and demands that I do s~~# like that." He bellows and chuckles. "Piss on him."

I'm laughing my butt off, reading about his God he is suppose to be colorful and foulmouthed when referring to him.

Embrianna wrote:
So you didn't come up with half-orc guy just for me? :P

He smiles at the pretty bard but his eyes keeping wandering over to the more exotic witch. He doesn't seem to be too concerned about your necklace that is wiggling and moving around your chest. "Chelaxian wine - interesting company - maybe my luck is changing."

Sath Saltblood wrote:

"You showed get compassion to your foe, moreso for his attempts at cheating. Did you need restoration of your strength?"

"It's a trade...I always heal 'em after I whoop 'em."

The book actually incorporated that into his backstory.

"The fights go on most the night - it rarely stops, as long as there are sailors willing to fight."

He shrugs at Adriel, "He was not trained in divine magic...arcane power, his tattoos actually." He drinks form his tankard. "I have had some monastic training in my youth before I saw the f+$*ing light of Bowbe. "

"Poison is as common as water lost an early fight for failing to check my food and drink."

I have to search for write-up for this deity.

Back at the Broken Skull:

Belok smiles at the pretty bard. "Stories not worth telling." He waves his hand over the drinks concentrating on each before he drinks his own. "Been fighting for while now. Jin's tough - clean but tough - hard to beat." Another title fight? If only...

"I haven't seen you here before and well, was good to hear my name chanted like that again. It's been awhile." He is clearly grateful. "I'm glad you made some coin, careful displaying it in a den of thieves."

Belok gets out of the ring and head immediately to Astri, "Thanks for the song. The least I can do is buy your party a drink."