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Question regarding Pathfinder Agent archetype in PFS and this blogpost.

I’m fairly sure I know the answer but I want to ask anyway.

The Archetype has a regional requirement of being from Absolom. Does that mean that even though my Qadiran Cleric of Sarenrae who has had to RP being the facts of born in Qadira and “growing up” in that Golden Road area cannot take it even though he very very clearly is a Pathfinder Agent, Wayfinder and all?

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Wow I had a player tell me this post exsisted... I hadn't seen it.

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I mapped out the xp for my group, (we start tomorrow and I consider this as part of my prep as the GM. Also we have 6 players, so I have to expand the xp out a bit)

And I saw that the XP total in the book doesn't have enough XP for my group to be lv 6 by the end, even doing standard things to increase the xp amount (50% more players so 50% more monsters etc)

Have you guys run into this? What did you do to change it?

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I like the idea of the evergreen scenarios, my question though becomes this:

With the tier 1 (or 1-2 in the case of modules/AP) won't we end up getting a player or players who have the same chronicles to start the game with?

I've noticed a few locally that have this basic startup:

We Be Goblins!
First Steps 1 (Occasionally subbed with Master of the Fallen Fortress)
Tier 1-2 mod or AP (Usually Reign of Winter 1: Snows of Summer, but subbed potentially with Crypt of the Everflame, or Godsmouth Heresy)

They play one scenario at lv 2 then are level 3, in and of itself I see no problem, but will it not cause a suspension of disbelief if everybody does it?

Again I am in favor of the evergreen, but is this kind of thing something we get to look forward to being a common occurrence?

Heck is that considered abuse?

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Sadly, while I agree that if clerics get it inquisitors *SHOULD* since it is not directly stated by the "PFS House Rule" they do not get it.

I vote no.

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As first lv with weapon finesse, second lv combat trick for exotic weapon proficiency?

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So at a local con this past year, I sat down to play a GM credit baby that hadn't ever seen the light outside the Lodge. I'm smiling and this GM whom I respect asks what I'm playing, biggest cheesey grin on my face, I say Sorcerer with the Crossblooded Archetype.

I watched him visibly slump. Almost as if he was saying, "Nate you're a cool guy why cheese yourself and just do boom spells?"

Then I explained Etiel is Crossblooded with Celestial and Fey. He seemed interested again saying that he hadn't heard of that combination before, most of the Crossblooded he had seen were elemental dragon.

I only had the one damaging spell and Etiel is so much more fun to play with his only damaging spells being Magic Missile and Summon Monster 2 than if I had cheesed him out to be super elemental damage man.

So I agree, play a concept maybe have a little optimization in it, but the most important is have fun with what you're gonna play.

Besides it doesn't matter how optimized you are if you have a player along side you that rushes forward and agro's combats when the party Is still in the middle of another tough one.

(oooo look at my fancy new title)

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My girlfriend plays PFS alongside me, asks for help on building her character and usually does what i suggest.

However she came to me with a request, and i dont know how to fulfill it. You see my daughter as been watching Avatar: the Last Airbender, and my girlfirend has decided that she wants Momo as a pet in PFS.

How can i make this happen for her? I know the monkey familiar is legal, but how do i give it wings?

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Lastoth wrote:
Belarias wrote:
Fromper wrote:

Don't get an ioun stone for +2 dex. Get a belt for that. The +2 will cost half as much, and you'll be able to upgrade to +4 later.

In my opinion the War Kilt of Sarenrae is superior to the Belt of Dex and since they take up the same slot i was looking at the Ioun Stone as a potential alternative, but im not 100% sold on it.

I appreiciate your opinion.

I'm not seeing how that skirt is superior to the dex belt at all. Are you sure you're naming the right item?

The +2 Natural Armor as well as a bonus on Acrobatics, as well as effectivly having the feat Step Up once per day are why I'm debating it, and with the option of using an Ioun stone to get the same bonus as the other belt slot item I want is why I was, and still am to be honest, debating the kilt.

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mechaPoet wrote:

Dr. Deth: Advice on the stats doesn't really help when the Pally is already level 4. You also can't use a shield with Dervish Dance.

Anyway, I too am actually running a Dervish Dance Paladin (level 3), though she worships Shelyn.

A feat I'm considering is Greater Mercy, which essentially turns any status-healing effect that your mercy doesn't need to cure into more HP. This is great because it makes your conditional mercy ability more broadly useful, and it scales with the number of mercies you get (and how often do you see scaling feats???).
You've also got the charisma to maybe look into Ultimate Mercy, which lets you use 10 uses of lay on hands to cast Raise Dead for no gold cost!

Also, since you'll be using a scimitar, Improved Critical and Critical Focus could also come in handy. I'm just not sure whether it's better to buy a keen scimitar, to take the Improved Critical feat with it, or to rely on the bonded weapon. If anyone else has advice on that, I'd appreciate it as well!

Power Attack can lead to Cleave and the Cleave chains.

If you've got diplomacy, Antagonize looks like it's good for tanking (the last time I checked, I believe it's PFS legal--it's in UM if you want to check?).

And since your charisma is high enough to get you a good amount of lay on hands, here are some neat use-lay-on-hands-for-more-things feats:
Radiant Charge: Turn all your remaining LoH uses into damage (1d6/LoH + Cha) on a charge....

I enjoy the greater mercy and ultimate mercy feats, I'll probably do those, with Radiant Charge between them so I can bump my CHA by then.

Thank you for the great advice.

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Fromper wrote:

Don't get an ioun stone for +2 dex. Get a belt for that. The +2 will cost half as much, and you'll be able to upgrade to +4 later.

In my opinion the War Kilt of Sarenrae is superior to the Belt of Dex and since they take up the same slot i was looking at the Ioun Stone as a potential alternative, but im not 100% sold on it.

I appreiciate your opinion.

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Chris Mortika wrote:

I expect that playing individual parts of "Shattered Star" will give a PC two levels' worth of credit.

I also speculate that the new rules will allow the PCs to use Magic Item crafting rules, and the Leadership feat, and the Critical Hits and Fumble decks. And Allow us to play Todd Morgan as a legal PC race.

I speculate that I may be mistaken.

Oh, man that PC race may be a bit much, Chris, it's a bit over powered for society play don't you think?

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This character is a PFS character as such all advice needs be PFS legal.

Nasir is a lv 4 Human (Keleshite) Paladin of Sarenrae, he was rescued from the clutches of slavery by Andoran Freedom Fighters, who literally fought for his freedom, and Nasir feels he owes thier group a life-debt and is therefore Andoran Factioon.

I used my racial +2 in Cha, and have also used my leveling point there

HP 40
AC 19 (touch 13, flat footed 16)

Str 13
Dex 16
Con 14
Int 9
Wis 7
Cha 18

Traits :
Captain's Blade

Feats :
Power Attack
Weapon Finesse
Dervish Dance

What other feats would be suggested?

I currently have him with a Mithril Breastplate, and a +1 scimitar and a few other odds and ends... I am looking at getting the War Kilt of Sarenrae from Qadira, Gateway to the East as well as the +2 Dex Ioun Stone, as it's resonant power is Improved Unarmed Strike while in a Wayfinder.

I was thinking maybe taking Snapping Turtle Style for a shield bump to AC, or Dodge, but any suggestions would be welcome.

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Questions for speculation: (also possible questions for the PFS Campaign Staff to address before rolling this program out)

Obviously the APs have multiple levels in each module (?), do we think the Chronicles for the Sanctioned APs are by Act? there by granting the PC's a possible appropriate leveling?

How would they interect with a player moving in and of the AP to the normal PFS campaign? Specifically, am i able to play through the AP get to lv 12, go through the Eyes of the Ten, then go back to the AP?

... also how freaking cool would it be to have one character go through Rise then Eyes of the Ten and finish Rise, then have thier protoge go though Shattered Star?

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... Cool. I really hope this works

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Please someone tell me what this means?!

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My party has not one a lot wit the Order of the Palantine Eye, yes they know the judge was part of it,but they kinda brushed off the secret society bit.

Advice for what to do to get them where i need at this point?

Also this party has 2 members that are devote worshipers of Sarenrae, a paladin and an inquisitor respectively. both are going into this mod comping at the bit to waste some vampires with Sarenrae's holy fire.

How do you suggest i get the the required information.

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Seraphimpunk wrote:
undead lord isn't pfs legal anymore ?

*checks additional resources* that sucks :( wonder what te reasoning behind that was

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Seraphimpunk wrote:
was it on the internet? because everything on the internet is true.

i think i read that somewhere

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Talk to the person who reported the game, and have them edit it to be correct.

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250 gp a scenario kinda hurts... though you could go with the Undead Lord Cleric archetype and do something similar for free... permanently.

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Congrats man, milestone number 1 is reached!

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Lesser Restoration 3 rd casting time... i like not using up the duration on buffs which might have been what was intended.

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Mike Lindner wrote:

When playing up goes badly:
** spoiler omitted **

you kill with that combo a lot dont you? ... i seem to remember a half-orc monk, that fell to that combination.

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Artanthos wrote:
vuron wrote:

What sort of success ratio are you looking at?

Because if you are missing with your highest BAB attack at 15th level your iteratives are going to be pointless.

That's really the issue. Unless you change the way iteratives work you have to have primary attacks become very accurate.

The build I have on hand has a 68 AC and +38 to-hit. He has an option between 6 primary natural attacks or 38/33/28 iterative with a bardiche. (Only a 15 BAB, no 4th iterative.)

He also has +38 reflex as his lowest unbuffed save and evasion. With self buffs he can break 80ac and +50 on all saves.

Please what build is this, what level, and is it PFS legal/

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Are any of your players willing to GM?

ive found this frees up a few Scenarios usually, especially if they are gming a scenario they've played but the other players have not.

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That makes it a lot more sense that way.

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I have recently started playing in a local and weekly PFS game, the character i am building is lv 4 with GM credit from games i GMed last year. I have the following question, must be able to be played in the aforementioned game:

Am i able to stack the Oathbound - Oath of Vengeance (from Ultimate Combat) and the Warrior of Holy Light (from Advanced Player's Guide) Paladin Archetypes?

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I've been playing/running PFS for about a year now. I have 2 favoite GMs on was already mentioned, Chris Mortika. Every game I have been in of his has been a blast, if I see he is running a game at a con I am at, I will do my damnedest to have a seat at that table.

The second is my local VC, Mike Lindner, whom I just recently started playing under frequently. He has taught me a few rules I didn't know about and has been lenient in a few areas, like flying in a chase sequence why would I need to make x check when I'm flying over it?

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Alexander_Damocles wrote:
A circumstance that won't ever been seen again, as most of them only work in that region. Perhaps one day we will see more scenarios returning to these lands, but for now, I don't see the point of most of these boons.

I have seen boons used, though it is a rarity.

examples of use:

We Be Goblins! Boon was used in Frostfur Captives

Frostfur Captives flower was used to seduce a Barbarian Woman in Immortal Conundrum

Kobold Quarterly #17's adventure had a boon that was used in Sewer Dragons of Absolom

And I do believe that was every time I've seen a boon used...

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As a GM I got really excited looking at the "if you played all 3 of the quest for perfection.." boon I really liked it, it didn't require them to be one after another and gave a really cool ability.

Having looked at the Wonders in the Weave, I'm going to be hard pressed to find a time when I can get the same group to run that so they can receive that boon.

I di receive a few "what the hell" and "this chronicle is useless" from Quest fo perfection, as they couldn't use the boon (either from lack of a class ability or lack of parts 1 and/or 2 on that character) and figuring they couldn't use the item on the sheet either, I pointed out the "loot money" anf that seemed to satisfy them... however I don't wish to have that happen when I run Wonders.

Also, what is the basis for the boons? I understand that QfP is 3 parts an probably got a stronger boon that way, but WitW seems to have a fairly low powered boon and VERY situational use.

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I'm curious, one of my players has a synthesist, and I don't think I've gone 2 scenarios in a row without it becoming nulled.

The player doesn't mind, he's usually attempting something heroic ...

What are specific issues you're having?

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Before the capability of continuing to play modules for PFS play, a few of my players had actually approached me asking "After <character name> retires, can you run a home game that we can continue playing them?"

I was debating this as those characters work well together... I'm glad you solved this puzzle for me.

I was also noticing that the Module Chronicles now have spaces for day jobs, did that get added to modules recently?

And another question, some of these people played through Tomb of the Iron Medusa under the old rules, what would you suggest so I dont have a problem when they hit that level range?

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He did ask about the staknife next, I don't see how its game breaking to have a light weapon be a blackblade...

And to quote him, "this should work, if Desna smiles."

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That's quite unfortunate he was looking forward to playing that character both mechanically and as a persona... back to the rawing board for mechanics then or a smal change for them anyway.

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A player in one of my games came to me with an idea for a charcter he wants to begin playing, but he had some questions and I couldn't answer all of them:

1.) Can you stack Archetypes? (I answered this one as an affirmative, with the exception of if they replace the same feature sited the APG as my source)

1a.) So the Bladebound and Myrmidarch Magus archetypes are stackable? (Affirmative with a mental groan as I saw what he might be trying to do)

2.) I want to use the chakram from Adventurer's Armory, since it is listed under "ranged" can it be used for the blackblade ability for the Bladebound Magus? (I wasn't sure about this one which is why I'm asking)

Any assistance would be apprieciated, thanks.

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Hey Guys,

Recetly I have had a group of players requesting some really tough scenarios this group consists of a lv 7 Half-Orc Barbarian (Titan Mauler), a lv 7 Elf Gunslinger, a lv 6 Gnome Paladin (Shining Knight), a lv 4 Haf-Orc Cleric, and recently aquired Lv 3 Human Diviner, and lv 3 Halfling Bard (Archeologist).

Any suggestions?

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Whiskey Jack wrote:

I will be re-running "We Be Goblins" tomorrow evening for no credit- I simply love running that adventure. As much as an "extra" chronicle would be nice- it's not all that important to me. For me, the players' enjoyment is usually reward enough.

I was under the impression that since "We Be Goblins" was Tier 1, like the First Steps series, tha you could run it an unlimited number of times with new characters each time, and still gain a chronicle for it each time so long as it applied to a different character.

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Hey Harles,

I recently had a similar experiance. I run quite a few games per week, I really enjoy the system and the way people solve problems within it.

That being said, a couple of the games I run are being run out of my own home.

One of my players asked if he could invite a coworker and the coworker's boyfriend to a game that was taking place at my home.

I agreed, but remained a bit nervous, like most people I don't like having people I haven't met in my home, when hey arrived I played the part of gracious host asked them if they had registered to play. They both said no, to which I pulled up the paizo page and said I would walk them through it, yes this may have been a mistake on my part.

The boyfriend immediately balked and said that he would only watch the game if this was required, the girlfriend however agreed and registered for the game.

I then asked if she had made a character and she produced the character sheet for me, and I asked how se had generated stats, the answer was she rolled them. I let her know that PFS had a point buy system and that rolling for stats is more than likely a thing of the past. Again the boyfriend scoffed saying that I just wanted to control everything.

I apologized that he felt this way, and since we were waiting on them to start, I let her have her choice of pregens.

She chose the rogue as that's what she had built, her boyfriend then encouaged her to attempt to pick pocket the party, and to see if she could take their magic items while they were sleeping. To this I responded that this would be interpreted as a form of Player-versus-Player combat, and would not be allowed, he railed at me that he had te skill and could be used thusly, I responded that my job was to ensure; 1 fair play, and 2 everyone' enjoyment. And that her performing that method would ruin 1 if not both of those for people at the table.

Throughout the game, the boyfriend continued to attack my GMing style, and at one point went on a rant about how "the open gaming license was open to be played in the gray areas of the rules" when I said I double check one of my rulings after the game but we would go with how I ruled it right now.

It got to the point that I asked him to leave my home, unfortuneatly that meant his girlfriend had to leave as well, annoyed as I was at this point I made a large show of filling out a chronicle sheet for her, and when givng it to her I very much encouraged her to come back, sans her boyrfriend.

I'm not sure if what I did was appropriate or not, however I stand by my decisions.

I hope your group was better than this boyfriend of a player who never returned, though ifthey were like him in anyway you are better off without them.

My advice is to find a different group and enjoy the game.

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My gamin group is getting a new player tonight, (Huzzah!) And as such my group I strting new characters.

We decided to play through Master of the Fallen Fortress, I know this is Tier 1, and it technically a module but only playabl by new characters, but I don't see one way or another on whether the characters should be allowed a day job roll.

Can you help me out on this?


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Hey there,

I am running multiple game sessions per week, for several groups. There are crossove between the groups.

Tonight I am starting to run "Feast of Ravenmoor" and am anticipating that it will tke 2 sessions for this group to complete.

My questions becomes this; I have 2 players 1 XP away from leveling and they are in other groups of mine during, so if they complete a scenario they will level. If they play the characters they'll have in "Feast of Ravenmoor" should those characters be allowed to level? Or will the gain 2 levels after "Feast of Ravenmoor" completes?

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GM'd this last night, the entire party had a great time.

I agree that the statue was the true boss, if the party didn't have 2 healers in it (Cleric and a Hedge Witch) I would have killed the barbarian and rogue...

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This came up in my game this past week:

They found a Spell Storing Scimitar, snce the Magus in my party focuses in them he used it. At the time it was empty and he cast a Vampiric Touch into it.

Later they were fighting the "Boss" of the dungeon they were in and he used an Intesified Shocking Grasp and Spellstrike. He also managed to crit with it. He then asked if he could use the Vampiric Touch at the same time.

At the time I said yes, but it raised more questions.

Is this actually possible?

Does the stored spell crit too?

If he were to have used his Empower or Maximize Arcana would it have affected the stored spell too?

Any answers please site sources, id like to be able to show my players the exact wording so as not to seem like I'm just saying whatever with no back-up beyond "I'm the GM."

Thanks in advance

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While reading a combinaton jumped out at me that I was curious how it was intended to work mechanically.

Strike True states that when you attack it is a critical threat, and if he succeeds he does his maximum critical damage on the hit.

Destructive Aura (Cleric ability) states that any critical threats within the aura are automatically confirmed.

My question is: With the combination of these two abilities does this mean when the Samurai attacks (and hits) he then deals maximum damage for critical hit?

I am thinking yes, but I would like input.

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I retract the attitude I had, I apologize.

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Here's the awesome part, instead of checking th FAQ to see if im right, which i am, you just tell me im wrong...

Sean K Reynolds wrote:

For the "nimbus of light" ability of the Warrior of the Holy Light paladin archetype (page 118), what kind of light does it count as for the purpose of overcoming darkness effects? Is there a limit to how often a paladin can activate this ability? Does the 12th-level ability affect the paladin, or just her allies?

The ability counts as light up until 8th-level, at which point it counts as daylight. Activating the "nimbus of light" expends one use of her lay on hands ability. All effects of the nimbus affect the paladin as well as her allies (the game considers you an ally of yourself).
The APG update will include these clarifications. (SKR 10/20/10)

–Sean K Reynolds (10/20/10)

I bolded the part that is pertinent and the context it was used in is also there... and just so you dont think i made this up... LINK

Now since YOU didnt come up with it or find it, im more than half expecting you to say its a condition under which it doesnt work, even though the wording is the same, but i have said my piece.

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For your second question, In the APG faq it is pointed out that you are considered an ally to yourself.