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"I'll have one.'

Another yells.
"Me too."

"Moth'r pleaz." As more beggars emerge like rats in a ships hold. How could it become a flock already. He multipled from a single soul to now 10...oh dear more are coming form the other side of the street. A horde of beggars all wanting a taste of the silver that astri gave to one man. Suddenly a fist flies at the originally beggar. "Coin buys fuud...and a cot...let 'er give." One screams.

"Quell's bless'n...keep you safe." The silver quickly disappears from sight. Then like vultures on a carcass, three others beggars emerge from nearby. "Pleaz...'elp feed us, spare few coins fer th'hungry." They begin to paw at the ground near your boots.

"C..c...cop...'ers fer d'poor." The old man's face is lined from years of hard living. "Bread...coin fer soup...migrace." He tongue slips through the gap in his teeth, "I c..c..can sp...spit shine yer boots Milady." He reaches towards Astri and Chell.