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I can't even go around town in Marchmont any more without being attacked. The game isn't much fun when you are trying to craft and at the bank and you are getting attacked while the guards just stand there.

i get being attacked out in the wild thats a given and in a city if its a time of war or something but its hard to do any crafting while running from people who just want to kill for no reason. not like i have anything in my inventory

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Tyncale wrote:
Ryan Dancey wrote:
If you logged in for the first time on the last day of the first month, you'd get backdated XP to the start of Early Enrollment, and your first month of game time would expire 30 days after your first login. So yes, if you time it right, you could get effectively 2 months -1 day of XP for 1 month's game time.

So forgive me but i'm still not understanding this. if you have 4 months subscription and log in on say jan 29 (day before the backdated expires) i thought it would take up one of those months of your sub even though tho you only played one day. is that correct?


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I logged in again today at goblinworks and nothing shows up for me being able to send a link to my buddy. In fact it doesn't list anything that i am even a backer.

not sure if i should try to send the information again using a different user name and password or leave it alone.

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unfortunately it still doesn't work for me.

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I think i am in the same boat as GrumpyMel. I had a goblinworks account before hand and when I went to transfer over it said an account already existed so when i log in to goblinworks nothing is showing up now.

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Hello, Bealze here. Been playing MMOs ever since EQ came out along with D&D forever.

I've lurked on this board ever since the kickstarter and am in EE but not affiliated with a guild. A bunch of my friends also got in on the game (like around 10) that are all gamers so not sure if we are goign to form our own guild or join up with one.

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Its up right now...

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Sounds like it is a bit like Guild Wars 2 events and a bit of Warhammer onlines 'event's (forget what they were called). Though the ECs seem to be more prolonged and threatening as they will persist and potentially cause much more of a problem to the surrounding areas.

The best part is that the rewards are meaningful that there should be a substantial amount of players wanting to quash the ECs to further build their own character and the settlement.

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Very interesting blog to say the least. I think it becomes imperative that if you are wanting to properly defend your wilderness outpost to have a watchtower (if possible with funds) so that you can 'see' into other hexes. At least that's what the blog made it sound like watchtowers give the benefit of.

I wonder (and sorry if it has been stated there have been a lot of blogs) if the monster hexes always stay monster hexes no matter what the PCs do to it. For example lets say there are valuable resources in there and a group of adventurers goes in and defends (which if you always have to defend it then I would think it would get stale after awhile) and clears out the monsters completely will it revert to another hex?

It would be cool to be able to ally/trade with the monsters (if they are intelligent enough). Also could see settlements piggybacking off of the monsters attacking another settlement to take advantage of their weakened state.

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A similar occurence is happening on my end. It downloads the program then just says installation failed. Tried on a different computer and it got halfway and just failed.

Kept saying Bad file length.

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I could see the basic arrows/bolts having unlimited ammunition but anything that is of masterwork quality and above would be limited. granted finding a +1 bow/crossbow solves that b/c your arrows are +1 when shot.

It all depends on how much they want to throw strategy into the game. It would make wanting to find a magical quiver (and if there is a slot built into the character for that) quite important for those that are ranged.

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Nihimon wrote:
ryric wrote:
Can PCs be major villains without being griefers, but by simply hatching evil plots that need stopping?

Explore this.

The way I see this happening is PCs setting themselves up as, in effect, quest-givers who are giving quests to other PCs to do things like poison town wells, or burn crops, or even just attack a town. PFOs Contract system might very well support all of that.

Would that be griefing? (( I don't think so... ))

I would not see this as griefing as long as the evil person is willing to compensate the person (or persons) that follow through on the crop burning and so forth. Its another layer added to the game IMO.

just like that good aligned players will steer clear of the 'evil bad guys lands' so they won't be attacked or they themselves will try to invade it to take back the old widows farmland from him.

Pretty much its a more overt way of being evil instead of a thieves guild asking the innkeep for 'protection' money.

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Well you can always have mines that people find on the maps and say its loaded with diamonds, rubies, or just gold/copper. This would fit in with even some players lying to set up an ambush (possibly a one time thing but would work) or maybe the person wants them to clear out monsters so they can move in on it.

Obviously once mined out it becomes null or at least gives very little resources left and if a settlement abandons it then it could become a haven for monsters or another settlement of like dwarves to start digging deeper. if that would be possible in the game.

Mcduff wrote:
Nihimon wrote:
Of course, I'd also be happy to see them be virtually permanent.
Small, randomly occurring nodes would be fine for individual adventurers to come across, but it would be awesome if there were full size veins that factions could mine for months at a time and fight over. As soon as one is discovered there's a mad rush to build a quarry and reinforce it before anyone else catches on and tries to steal it.

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Good informative article, good to hear that the tech demo is almost here.

For the naming of the release i'd say something like:

The Sun Rises Over Thornkeep
The Dawning

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A group of mages or archers sounds fine but i guess it would depend on what benefits such a group would get. I'd rather see a mix of different classes in a group be the 'balanced' group (like having mages reduces magic as maybe they counterspell, while the clerics heal them) then having one class in one cluster and all they do is attack.

Not to mention depending on what the benefits are I could see when the time comes to fight that players just immediately attack the most powerful group that gives the most benefit.

It's a great idea that will definitely take some time to test and see how it develops.