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Mergy wrote:
Interzone wrote:

There are some character concepts that can only really be done as a synthesists (like a power ranger!)

Just the whole idea of summoning an extraplanar being inside of you to become super-powered is really neat!

So long as you ignore the stupid part about appearing inside of the transparent frame of your Eidolon. Does anyone else think that's stupid? Can I get a hell yeah?

That drives me batty! I want to be inside a robot!

Half Orc Barbarian / Cavalier

Order of the sword cavalier
Take the rage power "Ferocious Mount"

Now I convey the "Amplified rage" to my mount using the "tactician" ability. My mount can rage using the "ferocious mount" ability.

At level 8 cavalier/ 2 barbarian, when I charge my mount has 26 strength with amplified rage and I add his new and improved strength onto my charge attack damage because of the order of the sword's 8th level ability.

He's the highest single-attack damage character I ever came up with...Enjoy

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Mergy wrote:
Algodor, as the archetype currently stands the only thing Sohei loses while wearing armour is his wisdom to AC bonus and extra AC bonus. He can flurry because flurry has no text saying "cannot flurry in light armour."

I'd love to hear an errata on the subject. But under the monks armor and shield proficiency it does say:

Armor and Shield Proficiency: Monks are not proficient with any armor or shields. When wearing armor, using a shield, or carrying a medium or heavy load, a monk loses his AC bonus, as well as his fast movement and flurry of blows abilities.

Algodor wrote:
Also @Barber, monk couldn't get manyshot till ninth level, since you don't get a feat at eight.

"Ed McMahon Voice" You are correct sir!

TarkXT wrote:
Except the part where its level twelve.

6 attacks at level 8 before haste or ki points are spent isn't bad either...

Bow Monk Sohei

Rapid shot + Multishot + Flurry of bows = 7 attacks at level 12 before ki points are even spent or haste is used.

PFS legal too...

I'm working on a tribal-style orc. I love having a wolf animal companion. I also enjoy raging using the "rage" subdomain of destruction. Access to two domains allows me to avoid Multi-classing.

In the past I have toyed with travel and luck domains though, great dungeon searching combination.


The title says it all. I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to gain access to two domains for non-clerics. I know theres a paladin that gains access to one and Inquisitors gain one as well. I just have two that I can't live without!

Just Wondering,

Excellent, thank you for the feedback.

I have a player who wants to run small orc melee-type in a game. I had never considered this before as an option. He's not a power gamer but usually suprises me with some of the creative concepts he comes up with. Is this permissable in the PFS system?


This is where the grey area really starts to appear. Theres really no answer yet on this one. As a DM I wouldn't allow the the vast majority spells to be used simply because when you get to higher levels its hard to justify everyone getting a 12d6 dragon's breath by the monk spending a swift action.

Also, If you spend ki to use an ability then everyone should get it, yes. However, many of the Qinggong abilities specifically say "Self Only" which doesn't allow a transfer to surrounding players.

First, yes the extra attack will only work on characters who use flurry of blows while they themselses are flurrying.

Secondly, will multiple uses of the same ki abilities work on the same character? There is no definitive answer on this question I've seen yet. As a DM I would rule "no" simply because its a ki ability and I wouldn't allow multiple stackings of the same ki ability in the same round. To each DM their own though.

Mystic wisdom would work on the dodge ability though for giving non-monks the bonus. there are no pre-requisites for having a dodge bonus.

As far as stacking with haste, definitely.

One of the recommended Eidolon appearances for gnomes in the APG is a clockwork creation. Most of the Eidolon appearances I choose are clockwork animals.

I was just wondering if there is perhaps a feat or trait that added 1d6 to sneak attack? I've seen the reroll 1's and 2's feats, but have been unable to locate an extra damage dice one.


Personally I like to stack the paladin with levels in the "stalwart defender" prestige class from the APG. When you want to move just drop the defensive stance, hands yourself to apply the mercy that removes fatigue and move.

Also I really like the feat "Osyluth Guile" if you have a reasonably high charisma. When used with a stalwart defenders defensive power "halting blow" Melee combatants are forced to focus on things they can reach. All you have to do is fight defensively.

With an 18 charisma and 3 ranks in acrobatics, when you fight defensively with "Osyluth Guile" you get a combined +7 dodge bonus to your AC against one target, +3 against all others, and since its a dodge bonus it will also apply to your CMD.

For my PFS characters I like to have all my possible rules problems pre-clarified and my sources on hand. I hate springing things on DM's. I was planning on using a number of teamwork feats that allow adjacent positioning to gain bonuses for my mount and me.

Thanks for the help by the way.

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I've been working on a halfling outrider build for a PFS game and was wondering. While I am mounted, is my mount considered adjacent to me? I've read conflicting posts others have posted previously on the topic but nothing thats definitive. Does anyone know?


I've always wanted to see a sort of "Iron Man" class or prestige class thats basically a weapon master but for armor. He could maybe have abilities similar to a barbarian's rage powers or a fighter's feats that enhance his armor every two levels.

Have they made an errata or any official clarification on this? The wording on fighting defensively specifically refers to it not really using up the action type just basically hijacking the action when the action is to attack.

It is as if the wording is saying, when you attack with a standard action you can choose to fight defensively. Or if you attack with a full attack action you can choose to fight defensively. You still get the attack and the fighting defensively with a standard action.

Its not saying that fighting defensively costs a standard or a full round action. Which definitely would not allow you to use it with spring attack. Its saying that in combination with an attack or attacks for the round you can fight defensively, but in order to fight defensively, you must attack.

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I have read countless posts about spring attack's stacking and not stacking with various feats. I've only been able to locate a few that mention fighting defensively.

Can I fight defensively and spring attack in the same round? Just wondering


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I was reading the description for Quickdraw Shield on page 179 of the APG and the wording caught my eye. It says:

"This light shield is specially crafted with a series of straps to allow a character proficient in shields to ready or stow it on his or her back quickly and easily." It continues at the bottom by saying: "If you have the Quick Draw feat, you may don or put away a quickdraw shield as a free action"

I take that to mean I can don (ready) my light quickdraw shield as a free action with the Quick Draw feat. Am I reading that right? If so, whats stopping me from wielding my one-handed weapon in both hands for my attacks and when I'm done attacking, pulling out my shield and readying it as a free action?

Just a thought,

I like other peoples' loot a lot. Also, The court battles after my numerous sword killings got very costly. So my lawyer introduced me to Pathfinder, or as I like to call it, "pretend evisceration"...

No but seriously, I have been playing since 2nd edition and loved the customization of 3.5. I hated how they came out with too many prestige classes, feats, and magic items. After trying 4th and becoming angered when in numerous combats I was unable to even hit one time as a melee combatant, I decided to try Pathfinder. Love it thus far!


I see they don't allow barbarians to retain rage after going lawful, but where does it say I lose my monk abilities from going neutral? I can still play my monk levels first and then take my barbarian levels second after my alignment change to neutral right?

it does say under monk:

A monk who becomes nonlawful cannot gain new levels as a monk but retains all monk abilities.

So why not just take the levels you want in monk first then start a crime spree until you're neutral?


With "Swift Aid" I figured the bonuses from that replace the ones from the core when used. With a class ability increasing a bonus I always assume it replaces the core ability since its designed to improve it.

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I am building a party-aiding character and I was looking at the "Order of the dragon" cavalier's abilities. His second level ability "Aid Allies" says the following:

At 2nd level, whenever an order of the dragon cavalier uses the aid another action to assist one of his allies, the ally receives a +3 bonus to his armor class, attack roll, saving throw, or skill check. At 8th level, and every six levels thereafter, this bonus increases by an additional +1.

Does this mean the +3 bonus is on top of the +2 aid bonus already given? Usally with replacement abilities it specifically states "rather than the normal" when referring to replacing a bonus.


Barber wrote:

Maybe I'm reading this wrong, but doesn't the alternative favored class option for a halfling monk only give a +1 to CMD? Just wondering


Scratch that I misread it, you're right. Wow that is awesome!

Maybe I'm reading this wrong, but doesn't the alternative favored class option for a halfling monk only give a +1 to CMD? Just wondering


Apologize for high-jacking your thread Waltero, but Rhah Kel-Kalaar theres a player named Drago looking for a Baton Rouge game that just posted a new thread around the same time as you posted your response and he's located near Baton Rouge.

Just noticed and am trying to hook players up with games.

Miss you at our games since the move Drago. If anyone needs a player, I HIGHLY recommend Drago. Played with him for almost 15 years.

Wish you the best of luck locating an experienced group!

Of course all this assumes you are the General Drago I knew that spent years hunting Elminster?


You are right, didn't notice that. Thanks for the clarification.


I was just thinking, if I am wielding my one-handed weapon in my glove hand and my opponent attempts a disarm or sunder against said weapon. What is wrong with making it disappear with the glove of storing.

I mean it is a Free action to store or retrieve a weapon. Is this one of those moments that it refers to under the free action description when it says: "However, there are reasonable limits on what you can really do for free, as decided by the GM."?

Just want to hear some other players' thoughts on the matter,

Yeah rules wise I couldn't find anything wrong with it, but for me to try and spring it on my DM would cause me some regret. It just makes me feel all dirty like I'm cheating...


hehehe you beat me to it StabbittyDoom

No flurry of blows included, just basic attacks. I'm talking just take the feats as ranger feats and not flurrying. Just basic good old Two-weapon fighting.

I've been working on levelling my monk character a bit and here's a twisted combo I read about and tell me if anything here is against the rules.

A monk attacks with his entire body when making unarmed strikes. So why not wield a Two-Handed weapon, take "two weapon fighting" and "improved Two Weapon Fighting" maybe even "Greater Two Weapon Fighting" as the actual feats, and use your kick as your offhand weapon? Thus a 10th level Ranger / 2nd monk could get 6 attacks: 3 greatsword, 3 kicks. To make matters even worse, if he wore monk's robes and cast the 3rd level ranger spell "Strong Jaw" on himself his kick attcks would do 3d8 damage.

Am I missing something here or is this combo just painfully wrong?


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Was working on my monk and a strange thought came to me. If I wield my temple sword with two hands, I know I will only receive my strength bonus to damage, but with "power attack" will I still get the additional +50%? I know I can flurry with the sucker, but what about two-handing it and flurrying? +50% or not?

Thanks for your time

Theres a 3rd level ranger spell, 4th for druids that increases the size of a chosen natural attack by 2 spaces. If i had my books nearby I would reference the name for you from the APG. A tenth level barbarian's 1d8 from Greater Beast Totem would become 3d6.

The problem with natural attacks though is eventually you run out of limbs to gain them from. Unless you can shapechange or grow more arms from an evolution, other classes start to pick up more and more extra attacks.

For powerful natural attacks I would go shapechange ranger 3, then maybe druid. I personally love the barbarian class, but 10 levels to get 1d8 claws is time consuming. Then again elemental rage would help bump damage output a bit.

Hope this helps you a bit.


That is what I thought, just wanted a second opinion. Thanks for the quick response.


I've been searching the past posts and have found tons of posts about vital strike and spring attack and Vital strike and cleave.

My question though is: can vital strike be used as part of the special initiative action of readying? In other words, can I ready an action to vital strike if the condition I chose to trigger said vital strike is met?

Just Wondering,

I look forward to doing it again soon!

Losing a character I can completely understand, but after a while, errors in rules calls and forgetful players start to weigh on a party. The barbarian that forgets to rage before he grapples a BBG, The forgotten bonuses to pin from a grapple, the allowed multiple attempts to escape per round allowing the Big Bad Guy an opportunity to Blast the party down with AoE. Forgetting that the bad guy can only cast a spell so many times. These things matter and in one of the games I recently played in, all of these things lead to our total party demise.

I feel your pain Zape. Next time I have the opportunity to get a higher level PFS character, I will kill first and ask questions later..


I had an interesting issue come up in a game recently. One of the players was granted claw attacks from two different sources. What they did was to claim one of the sets of claws on their feet in order to get two more natural attacks of course. The player was a standard human type. I was wondering about the rules legality of it more than anything.

P.S. I let them run with it, but made them wear custom boots that cost a bit more whenever they had them made or if they bought a pair of magic boots, had them pay to be modified slightly.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Matt M

A medium light shield of bashing does 1d6, a medium heavy shield of bashing does 1d8

the average damage difference on an attack with a 1d10 damage one hander and a 1d8 shield bash is 1 point. With the shield slam feat available, I would rather have the free bull rush attempt then the 1 point of damage per attack.

With a main-handed shield and an off-handed light weapon you could up your shield bash damage by one small step (d6 to d8) and your shield bonus by one (from 1 to 2).

A light shield counts as a light weapon, a heavy shield counts as a one-handed weapon. So as it stands now, if you have a heavy shield on your offhand for bashing and any other mainhand weapon, you will take -4 on all attack rolls while two-weapon fighting.

With the feat I am proposing you could mainhand a shield and offhand a light weapon. This would allow use of a larger shield for increased shield bash damage and more shield slam attempts with a substantially higher to hit on your attempts due to the attacks being mainhand BAB based.

Besides, If i choose the "sun blade" as my light weapon it will still do d10 anyway.

Technically if the summoner stays similar to the playtest and you take the extra limbs evolution for yourself at 10th. it will be very possible to wield 2 weapons a shield and still have a free hand.

What I was referring to is that as it stands now, you have to offhand a shield if you want to shield bash with it. Thus, if you want to two-weapon fight with it and only suffer the -2 penalty you have to use the light shield.

With a feat that allows for mainhand use of a shield for bashing, you would be able to use a larger shield for slightly more damage and increased AC and not take the -4 only the -2 if you're using a light offhand weapon.

It would definitely need a prerequisite of "Improved Shield Bash"

A feat that allowed for a character fighting with a weapon and shield to mainhand the shield and offhand the weapon. The way it standx now you have to offhand the shield and in doing so, if you want to use a large shield and fight with two weapons you take a -2 penalty on all attacks due to its size.
This would allow a character to use a large shield for bashing in their main hand and as long as they offhand a light weapon, not take the extra -2 to all attacks while two-weapon fighting with both large shield and light weapon.

The extra set of limbs is the way to go...

It does seem like a bit much though having the capability to dual-wield two-handed weapons. Also with ten levels of arcane archer and 10 levels of summoner and you can shoot 2 bows at the same time with heavily boosted arrows. Now granted it would take a lot of feats and you would have the standard penalties for Two-Weapon fighting.

Personally I like the idea of wielding one Two-hander, a shield, and still having the extra limb to cast spells and drink potions with.