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I've read through the various threads and the module itself and have to admit this is one of those modules that needs needs a lot of GM tweaking to get it right. So after finishing book 3 I thought I'd share what tweaks I made, where I've gone off script and what worked and didn't with thoughts on why. I should also mention that some of my ideas came to me halfway through or towards the end of book 3. So they missed some foreshadowing, would have been better used earlier and were implemented a bit hastily. I know many have criticized this module heavily and agree there are some holes and missing content, but overall we've enjoyed it. I do however have no doubt if I was to run this one again it would be significantly better experience for all.

Alright so here's some background on our group and our playing style.

I like to put roleplay choices on my players that have both gains and consequences. I would say that of my group I’ve a got a method actor disguised as a heavy role player and a world builder that likes to connect his character to the game world and build organisations, buildings, kingdoms, etc. So for this part of the AP the history of the city is a key motivator and reward for my group. I’ve found the boards really helpful here and recommend Gms interested in this to check out: Jemmer2057’s Chart and Mysteries to discover in the General Thoughts on this AP thread and Collated Notes on Azlant and the Azlanti. Near the end of the book I started using bits of roman history to give the feeling of an ancient people that rose and fell to rise again, before being destroyed by Earthfall.

My group is primarily just 4 characters with odd cameo from a mate we’ve gamed with in the past. For most of it we had an Alchemist, Inquisitor of Desna (with 1 level of fighter), Sorcerer (Fey bloodline), and a Bard/Dragon Disciple. We've just lost the Inquisitor for a few months, but have the cameo (two weapon fighter) looking like a potential regular.

My group has formed a coalition expedition with the Pathfinder Society (PFS) and Sargavan Government (SG) and this will be an ongoing working point requiring the group to step in to resolve conflicts and hold the expedition together at times. I’m playing the PFS as single minded, impatient and ambitious in their desire to get into the city ruins as soon as possible and uncover the long lost history. The SG are the opposite and are much slower and more cautious with a long term view of ensuring that the expedition has a strong secure base camp. More of a slowly, but surely approach.

I should also mention I don't really believe in random encounter tables. I normally have some prepared encounters and put them in where I think we need a bit of action/tension and as a way of sharing information (leads & foreshadowing). My philosophy is that as the GM I control the pace and tension so I don't really use random encounter tables instead having a few opponent combinations ready to throw at the PCs. I have also gone off script and changed encounters in the book by shifting some to other areas and boosting others for a greater challenge.

Also we haven't completely covered all of book 3 so some areas my group hasn't ventured into yet.

Feel free to post questions and comments as I go along as this will take a long time to get it all up.

The group I run has had its gnome sorcerer be reincarnated into a human. He doesn't like this and wants to go back to being a gnome and is considering what magic can help him. The group is only level 9-10 and have limited access to wealth and spellcasters, so I'm trying to think of what are his options.

Also what are the ramifications and possible consequences? If he has Polymorph followed up with Permanency cast on him can Dispel Magic effects end it and return him to human form.

Any help or thoughts would be much appreciated. Cheers.

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If a creature under Dominate animal/monster/person fails a save vs fear can the spellcaster compel them to remain instead of running away?

So what sort of challenges and encounters do we want to see in future APs?

I'd like to see more "talky" challenges where the PCs need to roleplay/talk their way through the obstacle. Yes I know not every group is going to have a diplomacy/bluff/high charisma PC, but you could provide the opportunity for PCs to acquire information for bonuses in the lead up to help with the challenge.

Must admit that I really enjoyed the riot in Shackled City challenge even though I had no skills to really influence the group's success. Something like that would be good too.

Defend an area, say a fort/stronghold/walled village, from a raiding party. I'd like to see one where the PCs have some time to build up defenses and prepare the area to hold back waves of enemies. I know its hard to do as it could be an XP mega boost or a wash as why would PCs hold up when they can just cut the enemy down with ease. But yeah I'd like to see some sort of defend and hold encounter/challenge.

I would have said chase scene, but with the Chase cards I think thats one any GM can slot in now.

But what about the rest of you? What do you wanna see?

I'm looking for ideas to spice up the rival factions and the challenge they present to the PCs. Currently my group is up to book 2 and are 4 days out from Eleder on their way to Tarzion.

I really like the idea of the rival factions trying to sabotage and hinder the PCs and their expedition. So I'm thinking of what the rival factions can do. My guys have a formed a coalition expedition with the Sargavan Government and Pathfinder Society so I've got three good rival factions capable of just about anything.

So far I've had the rival factions:
* Red Mantis singled out one PC and made him an offer to secretly carry a tracking device. They were willing to offer him membership, training, wealth and magical items if he completed the task. For the record he declined the offer, but here was the pitch I used:

"All we want is the temple to ourselves. We don't care about the rest. We'll pay you to carry this tracking coin with you so we can locate the city and we'll do the rest. We'll get our warriors in and hold it, all you have to do is carry this simple little coin so we can locate the city. Tuck it in the bottom of your backpack and forget about it. For this simple little task you'll be richly rewarded. Gold, power, prestige...whatever you wish, we'll make it so. No one needs to know of your involvement if you want. You'll be well rewarded, rich beyond your dreams and all it takes is a simple task of which no one will ever know."

* Pirates made a similar play at a different PC, which was also declined (but only just). They didn't care about the historical stuff and just want the treasury and any nautical technology/magic. They also offered wealth, magical items and a ship for the PC. Was so close on this one.

* About halfway between Eleder and Kalabuto as the group sets up camp for the night they will encounter a small group of travelling merchants. The merchants ask to share camp for "extra protection" and claim to be horse traders on their way to Eleder to buy a prize stallion and mares. They're really members of the Aspis Consortium and have been ordered (via magical communication) to delay the PCs. The plan is to poison some of the PCs horses. I'll disguise them a bit by making them seem like a good random encounter and have them give a bit of info on potential threats up ahead (Mwali raiders, lions in the area, etc). I'll try to get them talking of horses and have the main merchant walk up and pat the PCs horses, "decent breed you've got there". As he's patting and stroking the horses he's pricking them with his ring to deliver a poison. So there will be perception checks vs sleight of hand here (good notice its a ring that signifies Aspis, real good notice the pin prick). If discovered he'll attempt to talk his way out ("I just love horses") and if that fails he'll get his band up and defend themselves. If he's successful the horses show no immediate signs, but near the end of the next day appear to be struggling and tiring. I haven't picked a poison yet so I've got no specifics on that, but the intention is to have something that drops their STR/CON each day.

* In Kalabuto the Pirates have paid someone to attempt to slip a tracking device into the gear of one of the PCs.

* For the attack on the PCs in Kalabuto it will be the Red Mantis behind it and I'll throw in an assassin with the faction thugs.

* Some time after Kalabuto an adventuring group hired by the Aspis to track the PCs. If spotted they'll attack the PCs. I'm thinking of using the NPC guide and game mastery guide to build the group.

Any other good ideas out there?

Thought I'd create a thread where we could throw up some ideas for future APs.

What I'd like to see is an infiltration style campaign where the PCs are a different race. Maybe Drow or Serpentfolk or I guess you could flip it have standard PCs infilitrating a Drow or Serpentfolk community/city.

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My group has taken to targeting the shipwrecks to build up their resources and I'm a bit sick of undead and aquatic animals. Are there some other more creative and interesting options that I could be using? What have other people done to mix it up?

Also what sort of stuff (loot wise) have people put in the random ships? I've taken to grabbing bits out of the equipment section (rope, block and tackle, blankets, etc) that the guys have picked up for survival options. They seem to really like this and I was toying with the idea of throwing in a relic or important item of some sort. I'm new to the pathfinder setting so I don't really know it that well. So what would be a good one to throw out that could tie into the adventure path later on?

Has anyone got this and how good are the maps? We just had our first session and I was wondering if its worth getting? I don't see a preview picture other than the cover when I look up the store so I was wondering what are the maps in the pack?

Looking at running a game set in Rivermoot and was wondering it there was a bit of information out there. I've read through the book, but it barely gets a mention.

Also I'd like to know about the Castle of Illusions. Thats one place I don't see any info about.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Hey does anyone know of a good (and ideally free) map making software to download. Looking primarily at buildings and dungeons, but if it can do terrain then that would be awesome

Just wondering if anyone has tinkered with conversions for the following feats:

MELODIC CASTING Complete Mage 44
CHORD OF DISTRACTION Complete Scoundrel p75

Are there any other Bardic Music feats out there worth taking other than Captivating Melody?