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I have been running a bunch of these ideas and wanted to throw out a new idea.

521. Cazmit's Traveling Circus: Every 5 years Cazmit's interdimensional Circus appears outside the city of Traynor. The "tower of mysteries", filled with extra-planer creatures and fun house style amusement, and various "tents of wonder" materialize on the hill and entertain the masses. Over the decades more and more people have come to the city to take part of the circus and the related festivities. This year when the circus materialized all hell broke lose literally. Demonic clowns, crazed monsters, and a demented ringmaster put on a show for the ages.

522. Will-O-Wisp Mating Season: It's will-o-wisp mating season and thousands of the little beasts have settled over the town of Bog Gulch.

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I haven't been around much but I came on here just to find this thread... Thought I'd try to bring it back to life.

463. Sweet sweet revenge
You and your companions are the only survivors of a raid on your village when you were children. Sold into slavery by the raiders you have now gained your freedom, reunited with the other survivors, and plan on hunting down and killing the men who burnt your village to the ground. All you know if that they flew a banner with two snakes facing each other.

mistamichal wrote:
Azaryth wrote:

Hi Kyle,

That said, I've noticed that when I call up a NPC (for instance drow matron) from the monster tab the app crashes. I'm running windows 8 app version 1.5.5. Not sure if this is a real issue or just my computer but I thought I'd make you aware.

I just tried that using the Drow Matron and there were no problems. Try uninstalling, making sure to manually delete any files left over, then re-install and see what happens. Of course, I'm using Windows 8.1. So, it might just be a Windows 8 thing. In which case, upgrade to 8.1. It's free to do it, anyway.

Hope that helps.

This did help. I upgraded to 8.1 and the issues seem to have vanished.


My math gave me a slightly different number but we are both in the same ball park... Thanks for the help.

I gave my players a very long period of down time in game. One of them came up with the idea that they would use this time to craft an intelligent weapon. His character is totally equipped to do so and I foolishly said sure. We did all the rolls, he failed none, and rolled 20s on a couple. So the question is how much does the following weapon cost?

A +1 cold iron keen long sword, with an intelligence of 11, wisdom of 10, and charisma of 10, that has empathy, dark vision, and can cast not one but 2 different 1st level spells 3x/day.

Sigh. I did the math several times and the price just seems waaaay to low. Can someone who has experience in these matters offer a hand?

Hi Kyle,
I want to say thank you for creating and maintaining such an amazing application and for being open to all the ideas/suggestions/critiques that have been offered. I've been making use of combat manager for the past 4 years and I think it's made all the difference in my campaigns.
That said, I've noticed that when I call up a NPC (for instance drow matron) from the monster tab the app crashes. I'm running windows 8 app version 1.5.5. Not sure if this is a real issue or just my computer but I thought I'd make you aware.

You may want to try online gaming. I know Paizo has been putting together an online platform called Gamespace but I'm not sure when that is slated to launch. However as other has noted there are some really cool options out there. I love roll20.net but there are others.

Can I ask how you think an optimized group might accomplish the task?

If it were up to me I'd have all my casters try hitting the Inkanyamba with a hold monster spell using prepared scrolls. Then I would summon some earth or water elemental to drag the beast to shore. Then tie it up using mule cord, heavy chain, etc. Then cast aqua orb over its head to allow it to breath. Then try to figure out a spell that would allow you to teleport it or fly it over land.

I am sure there is a much easier way to do this but I am drawing a blank.

RumpinRufus wrote:
Azaryth wrote:

This might seem a bit topic but how does a player stop another from acting in what I assume to be a surprise round?

Well if he was using a weapon, the surprise round is his drawing a weapon. Then they'd get to roll initiative to try and stop him.

And if he had the weapon drawn, had quick draw, or used a natural attack? I'm not trying to argue just trying to understand how this might work.

Russell Ciochon was responding to Jeffrey Meldrum who is a fellow anthropologist and a believer. He is working under the assumption that if gigantopithicus existed in Asia at one point it made sense that it could also exist in the US.

But more to the point LOL

This might seem a bit topic but how does a player stop another from acting in what I assume to be a surprise round?

On the up side as a 4th level wizard I can only learn a hand full of spells. On the down side there seem to only be a handful of must have utilitarian spells for a traveling spellmen like myself.

The nice part is that the Dm said I could start with a buttload of scrolls. Since it makes sense that I would carry them around to sell.

Mage Evolving wrote:

This is an idea I've been toying with. I think there are some third party books that might be more helpful.

Are you allowed to use stuff from 3.5?
What level are you starting at?
Are you playing an universalist, a conjuror, etc?

We are sticking to pathfinder. I think we are starting at level 4. And I have no idea. I think I might play a universalist but A transmuter might also make sense with the back story.

Open to suggestions.

Also yes to shrink Item.

A highly regarded expert wrote:

You'd do better working for nobles and such. You can clean chandeliers, translate letters, tutor, repair castle roofs, and that sort of thing.

That's a really good point. Perhaps I could change the idea around a bit. Maybe I run something like a spell exchange program. Buying utilitarian spells in one area and selling them to nobles and what not in another. I'll have to discuss this with the DM. From what I understand aggressive spells are illegal in the region of the world I live in and there will be a lot of roleplaying in the beginning and time for crafting.

I am creating a Wizard who spent the majority of his life casting utilitarian spells. Perhaps traveling from town to town selling low level spells. What spells level 1-3 should I have in my spell book and why?

I thought I could ask the boards and get some outside ideas.

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I'd forgotten about this thread. Did we skip 130-139?

145. You have been summoned to appear in front of the local constable. Maybe they finally found the thief who stole your wallet. Sitting in the waiting room you begin talking to the 4 others who have been summoned. None of you seem to know what this is about. When the constable emerges from his office into the waiting room he looks at you and says: "I am very happy that you all decided to turn yourselves in. These are some very serious charges you all face."

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70. A comet streaks across the sky and makes landfall. The players who are from all walks of life are sent in various groups from their assorted town to find this comet. When they arrive at the impact zone (with all the other groups) the area looks to be infected with some dark cosmic matter. The groups began to ward off and fight whatever menace the comet is causing to the area. One by one people fall until all that remain are the players who obviously survive. When they get back to the nearest town they find that the effects of the comet are more widespread than they thought…

71. An event such as an earthquake shakes a town sending buildings toppling and creating a deem chasm. The players could be from all walks of life and awaken as the only survivors that are currently at the bottom of the aforementioned chasm. They must find a way back to the surface and encounter some creatures on the way and maybe find out that the earthquake was not as natural as they thought.

72. Players could be from any and all walks of life. They could be from any region and pretty much any race. When a young wizard uses an ancient scroll to summon monsters to aid in his battle the group members find themselves “summoned” and for a brief moment are under the effects of a summon spell. (The monsters have to come from someplace right?) However for some reason the players remained even after the duration. Why? Maybe the gods have plans…

73. A traveler comes into town and does a “show and tell” of some artifacts he found in ancient dungeon. One of the artifacts drop and there is a flash of light everyone is dazed for a moment. Not much is thought at the time bit everyone in the bar begins seeing odd things. Soon it’s reported that a person died, then another. Players discover that the people who were in the bar and saw that flash of light are the ones mysteriously dying. The players characters are the last remaining survivors from that ill fated night. Can they solve the mystery before they are next?

74. All the players have an odd tattoo that they have little recollection of how they got it. They don’t even know when they got it. This is not kind of tattoo you get after a night of drinking. It’s odd and incomplete and on their shoulder. For years it’s been a mystery. Then one summer at a festival that bring in people from all over the realm the players make spot checks and find other people with this same tattoo (the other players). Together the tattoo creates a rune or a map or something that gives the players a quest or mystery.

75. The burial grounds of a cemetery have been dug up and various bodies are missing and they happen to the deceased friends or family of the PC’s. When the city is too busy and tells the concerned citizens that they have no leads and will not be able to help the players band together to avenge their dead anncestors. This leads them to a Necromancer with his possie of walking dead who happen be the PC's recently dead loved ones.

These are not my ideas but taken from a similar thread... credit goes to MuadDib

It's a neat little app. Thanks!

northbrb wrote:
Im playing a rogue but i almost always play a warrior (barbarian, fighter, ranger) they like the fact i have the skills for the party but i am not enjoying not being the big meatshield. i love being the one in front in the middle of a fight.

Easy enough fix. Act like you are the meat shield. That should get you killed right quick.Or fudge a disarm trap roll "Oh no I rolled a one".

It honestly sounds like your party is being selfish. If they want a skill monkey in the party that bad let them play it.

I stumbled on this thread and thought I would ask if anyone has made any progress on their projects?

I am planning on creating a interactive rear projected map using frosted glass, an old coffee table, a mirror, a projector, and a wii remote.

The wii remote allows the players and DM to manipulate the map like you would a giant Ipad. I got the idea after seeing the wiimote whiteboard video on youtube. It seems that a bunch of folks here are way ahead of me. Right now I am just waiting on the replacement bulb for my projector.

Is anyone using a similar set up? Is it as amazing in actual game play as I imagine it would be?

Mage Evolving wrote:

Silly question, but with all the new books coming out and the various archetypes available what classes qualify for Dragon Disciples?

Qinggong monk?

The requirements to be a DD are as follows:

Race: Any non-dragon.
Skills: Knowledge (arcana) 5 ranks.
Languages: Draconic.
Spellcasting: Ability to cast 1st-level arcane spells without preparation. If the character has sorcerer levels, he must have the draconic bloodline. If the character gains levels of sorcerer after taking this class, he must take the draconic bloodline.

Sorcerer: Yes
Bard: Yes
Witch: No, they must prepare their spells
Summoner: Yes
Qinggong Monk: Maybe, If I were DM I might allow it. He can cast a 1st level arcane spell without prep but I don't think its RAI.

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35. You and your party of adventurers have just returned to the city of Glimmermoat after completing a small quest for the mayor. Upon arriving at the city gates you are told by the captain of the guards that the mayor does not have your promised reward but instead wishes to discuss an alternate form of payment. Arriving at the mayor's home you find him and his family dead savagely mutilated. Moments later the city guard arrives and you must flee the city as they blame your party for the mayors murder. Now the city has hired teams of adventurers to to bring you back to the city "dead or alive". Can you stay alive long enough to prove your innocence?

36. An ancient evil threatens to return to the realms and only the descendents of the heroes that banished it eons ago can stop it. Can you find the 5 artifacts needed to defeat this foe before he returns to bring about the apocalypse.

37. The PCs enter a town populated only by children. After investigation they learn the adults will return shortly; they always leave the valley at times of the full moon... The children claim that it is because in the light of the full moon the demons come and slay the adults. Wouldn't you know it the Full moon is tonight.

38. The local thieves guild hears that an experienced thief has come to town who has not checked in with them. They send a few associates to visit the party rogue to remind him of the guild’s fees and rules, and, of course, penalties for failing to abide by them.

Maybe I'm being obtuse but I am having trouble understanding how to effectively play a Monk.

I've read that one of the monks best attributes is his ability to move around the battle field yet it seems to me that they are most effective when they stay still. That is when the move they can't flurry and a monk who is not flurrying just seems wrong. Additionally archetypes (is that the right word?) like sacred mountain monk only give you benefits when you stay stay...

How do you get around this? Is there a build or strategy that best uses the monks movement?

Please don't take this as a I hate monks rant or thread because I am having so much fun with my current monk but I just don't know how to best utilize him in combat.

I have a question about the Deck of Illusions.
What are the saving throws for the illusions?
Can the illusions be disbelieved before they are physically interacted with?