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*grabs the win then swaps it with a teddy bear*

the prize is a bear?

who would of thought that?

i must be off :D

lucky7 is banned for have lightning out of his eyes with out a permit

I signed for the check
he ordered so much food
what an ungrateful brute

Celestial Healer wrote:

I am disgusted:

Why would they think that I want
Dick Cheney's sex tape?


* creates a hiden trap door in front of the line covers it with a rug and places 20 gold coins * oh my someone should pick that up it would be a shame to let that go to waste >:)

* takes a marker and draws a line saying no more people behind this point*
hum strange theres a line here oh whats is? no one behind this point well well shirley i must have won, since there is no one else who can pass this point haha!

* throws smoke bomb to throw everyone off * Haha i win where is my prize!

Scott Betts wrote:
Kthulhu wrote:
Scott Betts wrote:
Given how many people have been clamoring for a return to the Xbox One shown off at E3... and ???

Me, and more than 27,000 other gamers. It had an original goal of 15,000 signatures. Then its goal was increased to 25,000 signatures. Now they've upped it to 35,000 signatures, because people keep signing.

I realize that it's nice to imagine that your viewpoint is part of some universal consensus, but it's not. A lot of people understood what Microsoft was trying to create, and were actually pretty excited about the idea. It just wasn't enough to drown out the angry internet horde.

Thats so true people were outraged

I think that mircosoft was so into getting money that they forgot what xbox was i mean they add so many things but all we wanted was to play games with friends and family. Not that every button and thing we do sucks money out of ower bank accounts. I mean if i wanted trade games i have to play for a fee thats pretty much the cost of that game when i can just buy
a new copy. That system compelety blows. I mean its easy get the disk put it in and play it thats it. Did you see how many people hardcore games where going to switch to sony? Thats when they said to them self that we missed up.

cool clothing very demonic wizard type

I injoy the idea of a trapsmith i bet this well make all the monsters run.

Awesome cover lovin it!

theres a card game to wow i got to try this!

wow again an picture that amazines me where do people get this stuff :D

Liz Courts wrote:
AwesomeComicsProductions wrote:
Wow no theres a thing to rememeber it fits it perfectly but i dont understand that thing on the girls head what is that?
It's a halo.

thanks for responding to my question im sorry i missed that.

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looks great im going to be looking out for this.

love the picture!

um thats a nice setting you got there really dramatic on my part looks nice.

I find it funny how the king of chaos i riding a sweet magical unicorn "oh what will the king of chaos do next?" maybe he will fly on rainbows next. oh what joy. just kidding i love it!

auyl wrote:
You'll also have access to the special abilities in the second section. You'll get them as you gain HD. Plus any rules for being undead that you can find in the back of the Advanced Race Guide.

thanks for the info its a very intriguing class/race i hope you get alot of success from this and also how will the towns people react to my beautiful face. Too boney perhaps?

that setting is awesome and batting a four armed snake beast is awesome!
but its still nightmarish and i love it.

Wow now theres a thing to rememeber it fits it perfectly but i dont understand that thing on the girls head what is that?

interesting picture you got there a rouge vs. a green dragon theres somthing to watch. i like it keep it up!

Wow those effects in the back ground are amazin i mean this is really a way to get people to buy this

Love the art on the hardcover but what adventures does it hold.

I love the descriptions but the cover doesnt really give that " umff " to it i like though. Im an artist as well i dont hate any picture because of the work that has to go with it. But if you do keep it im down with it 100% :D

Wow the descreption really gets you in there.

The statue added in there are so cool.

Say..These are awesome bulidings you made here i like it great work.

I dont think a long sword alone will be able to handle this. Oh will GM's are going to have fun with this one hahaha.

Plus this is very intresting to me. So well we be able to play as undead now? plus if this is true the what are the ups and downs of being undead besides from being dead (/'o')/


Look great hoping to see more in the future.

I guess people belive that because you do evil things for evil gods that they well be rewarded, but in that case why doesent everyone be evil. Fact
is its not true its even worse. Plus they can never be trusted there allways in for whats good for them.

Try a fighter there really easy to use unlike wizards which take some time
time to make.

The Art in it is great keep it up.


Great Product i like the work that you have put into it thank you!