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Winter is Coming

Start of The Reign of Winter AP

Daedalus' First Labrynth- Crypt of the Everflame (inactive)

The Emerald Spire (inactive)

Paizo's 'The Emerald Spire'. which our adventurers explore the 'Magma Vault'.

Party Health
Drusellia Malacore 30/30 HP, 3 Hero Points
Luther Lightblade 51/51 HP, 3 Hero Points
Symon 55/55 HP, 3 Hero Points
Eldar of the Lost 68/76 HP, 1 Hero Point

The Emerald Spire - Level 10
Cross Section of the Emerald Spire
Map of Fort Inevitable

Party Treasure

Fun with snow! A Reign of Winter Campaign (inactive)

The Reign of Winter adventure path