Winter is Coming

Game Master Patrick Curtin

Start of The Reign of Winter AP

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A Reign of Winter AP is looking for a member to replace a missing PC. we're at the beginning, first level. We could use a skill-based character of a healer. Take a look at the gameplay so far and see if you might like to join us!

I submit Athromar Karthis. He was originally designed as a Paladin for the Reign of Winter Campaign. As that Campaign ended far too soon, I have re-submitted him here as a Cleric. Reading the Gameplay thread, it looks like a Cleric is what is needed in the group.

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Ok. You got it. A cleric is just what the party could use. I'll figure out a way to segue you into the scenario

Great! Thank you., looking forward to getting a second chance at the campaign.

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