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Too Many Devs Failed Their Linguistics Checks


Chalk me up as another person who looked through this book and saw many good ideas, but horrid editing and a mess of problems that stank of "The left hand and right hand are writing, but the brain isn't directing them." So many things look like they were given a cursory glance as "proofreading" before the person in charge gave them a seal of approval to rush the book off to the printer so they would have their "big book" for GenCon. In doing so, they've consigned themselves to a backlog of errata that should be looked at immediately now that GenCon is over, but as the head of the Paizo Dev Team account (AKA the guy who mainly did errata) has left the company, the account has been silent for months.

I truly feel sorry for all those who bought a first edition, dead tree version of this book, as they will have to buy the book over again if Paizo decides to man up to the challenge of getting this mess in working order.