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Alright. That makes it... Significantly less useful for the burn cost or the half damage.

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Language-dependent spells usually have a line in their text that says so.

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One mooooooore thing! Spoilery things from Psychic Anthology.

The Focused Blast infusion says it grants your kinetic blast an enhancement bonus. Does this enhancement bonus count as allowing your blast to bypass DR as a weapon enhancement bonus would?

Dragon78 wrote:
What non-occult classes(if any) get some love in this book?

Some of the spells can be cast by non-psychics, but other than that, the book is 99% stuff for psychic classes. As one would expect from a book of this title.

Verzen wrote:

Question to anyone who knows.

Kinetic knight - Can they still use energy blasts? (Unlike the annihilator)

Do they get 3/4 BAB or full BAB?

1. Yep. No restrictions on type of blast.

2. Regular 3/4.

Limas Venomscale wrote:
Any good traits worth mentioning?

There are no traits in this book.

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Verzen wrote:


I hate delayed and special requirements..

You still get all the goodies of your elemental defense, you just get it a couple of levels later. The requirements are a little silly, but make sense within the boundaries of the archetype.

Plus if you're a hydrokineticist you get a brand new effect for your shroud of water thanks to this archetype. I'll let you guess on that. :)

Verzen wrote:
Isabelle Lee wrote:
Verzen wrote:
So we are still going to get kinetic defense, then? Since you said it won't remove options that we will miss... ;)
The kinetic knight does still have access to elemental defense, in its own way. It's... interesting. ^_^
I'm guessing that it won't be a boring inhibited defense where it increases twice as slowly ?

It's not inhibited, more like delayed, and there is a special requirement for it to function.

One big mistake I see is that

Positive Admixture has the Void tag, when it's supposed to be Wood.

DM Beckett wrote:
Apsu doesn't <normally> grant spells to non-Dragon worshipers.

As of one of the more recent divine books, they retconned that; likely after realizing that their Bahamut stand-in actually appealed to people but was unchoosable because he didn't grant humanoids magic.

I take it "less mobile" means no Acrobatics? :(

Okay, so I'm assuming that your GM is allowing you to have an intelligent item in the first place, as they are not normally craftable or buyable. Although the GM is supposed to work with you to make a coherent theme for your weapon, it's ultimately up to the GM to work out the specifics. It would make the most sense for your evil outsider-killing weapon to be good. An evil weapon killing evil outsiders for no reason in the Pathfinder world does not make sense.

If your weapon was Neutral, you should take the "Slay diametrically-opposed alignments" and then the purpose of the weapon would be keeping balance in the universe.

Also, flagged for wrong board. This should be in the Advice section.

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Hey Mark, had another item you might want to look into adding to the Horror Adventures FAQ list. There's a bit of a problem with the Death Druid archetype: Death Druid shared consciousness

That's actually a super good question. I'll FAQ it and link it over in Mark Seifter's thread, since he might know. If anything, it'll likely be added to the Horror Adventure FAQ list.

Yeah, it's from the the Skulls and Shackles Adventure Path. It's probably not on d20PFSRD because it's from setting content related to a deity that's not OGL.

Both of those feats are a yes, although if you were a cleric giving up a domain you wouldn't need it because you're treated as full wizard for the familiar.

Here's the text in full at the bottom of the page, in case you wanted to refresh your memory: Besmara on AoN

I believe you've misinterpreted rule 2.

The bleed rules from the CRB state thus:

Core Rulebook, pg. 565 wrote:
A creature that is taking bleed damage takes the listed amount of damage at the beginning of its turn. Bleeding can be stopped by a DC 15 Heal check or through the application of any spell that cures hit point damage (even if the bleed is ability damage). Some bleed effects cause ability damage or even ability drain. Bleed effects do not stack with each other unless they deal different kinds of damage. When two or more bleed effects deal the same kind of damage, take the worse effect. In this case, ability drain is worse than ability damage.

In the case of your second example, they would not stack because the bleed effect is not transferring a poison, that's a secondary effect to the creature's attack. It still reverts back to 1d4 bleed or 1d6 bleed, in which case you take the worse effect which is 1d6. The only way they would stack is if the bleed effect did HP damage AND stat damage or drain.

Bleeding Attack literally says it does not stack with any attack, effect, or whatever that lets you deal bleed damage. The language of "extra" in this case is "On top of your normal unarmed strike damage". Remember that the book that that feat is from is from Paizo's early days, and so lots of language was clarified to the point that it is today.

The general rule is that bleed sources don't stack with others. Literally unless it says "THIS STACKS WITH OTHER BLEED SOURCES", assume it doesn't stack.

torrquan wrote:

The Kinetic Chirurgeon (Archetype) which oddly gets more Mercies than a paladin, because one every 2 levels starting at level 3.

This is because the kinetic chirurgeon can only add one mercy to their kinetic healer ability per cast, whereas paladin gets to add all taken mercies to their lay on hands ability.

Man, that's... Pretty filthy. Getting a racial trait for a feat.

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Honestly, the best option in here is druidic herbalism, the third nature bond option for druid... It's so good that I expect PFS and the devs to nuke that s#!t from orbit in short order quite soon.

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I actually hope we do get a medium/heavy armor melee build that actually lets you friggin' use weapons while doing your blasting, because as it stands you have to constantly keep your hands free if you want to use Gather Power/Supercharge. Maybe even possibly key your form infusions off of Strength or something so you're not ridiculously MAD.

...Yes, I also like the mental image from Golden Sun of the high level warrior adepts wearing full plate, swinging greatswords around, and blasting stuff with elemental psychic magic. :v

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Mark Seifter wrote:
KingOfAnything wrote:
Mark Seifter wrote:
Kalindlara wrote:
Mark Seifter wrote:
Diadems should be fine for every element; the text just wasn't future-proofed enough for that.

At some point, it would be nice if we could get them in print; Hero Lab doesn't recognize the existence of wood or void diadems. And there might be pushback in PFS too.

If you can just tell Lone Wolf to fix it up, that might solve the first problem. And Campaign Clarifications would take care of the second easily. ^_^

This is why I say "Always futureproof" whenever anyone says you don't need a precaution in case of future releases because it works with everything currently published (aside from the fact that enough is currently published that I don't think anyone can be truly confident that they covered literally everything currently published). Of course, we can't always follow through with that sentiment, even if we try, and in this case, a bit of flavor text about color coordination led to the issue.
If it didn't specify five, it could have been an open-ended list. Alas. What colors correspond to Wood and Void?
I'm conflicted between a few choices for wood, but void is definitely black, like black onyx.

Maybe tiger's eye for wood?

brightshadow360 wrote:

There are a few things I'm hoping for. first, a feat for kineticictes to quick charge as a swift. another is some way to get access to your main elements second blast. Also tele and void need a better composite option. I don't know what they could do for the problem with the level 7 talent (that you don't get if you expand and staying pure is hardly worth it) that you don't get or the fact that the class is a bit feat starved, but a fix for that would be nice.

I also have a cool idea for an archetype for the wood element: Paper user A La the anime Read or Die. make paper hard as steal, sharp as a blade (vorpal even) gain an armor bonus for defense (natural armor?), use colored paper to Disguise Self, lock pick, and sleight of hand. plant a paper doll on someone to track them A LA touchsight. create paper constructs. feather fall with paper and glide with paper airplanes.

here be a fight from said anime to give you an idea:

Keep hoping on the Supercharge feat. Considering even getting to get rid of 2 burn as a move action is an 11TH LEVEL class feature, you're never going to get a swift action Supercharge.

1. Technically, the windstorm is called out as applying to "ranged weapon rolls"; kinetic blast is not a "ranged weapon", it's a spell-like ability that requires a ranged attack. Your GM's mileage may vary on the physical blasts' interactions with the high wind.

2. Yep.

3. Kinetic Blast specifically states that even the weakest of regular blasts are sizable enough to deal full damage to swarms, but since you're narrowing down your blast to a weapon, it's less clear. There are no rules for this, so ask your GM.

Alexandros Satorum wrote:
Tower shield are made from wood, so you can't make them mithral. Darkwood is basically the same though.

Except not, because it doesn't give you all that all-important max Dex increase. :v

Gisher wrote:
Ashram wrote:
(As a side note, there are always mithral tower shields. ;))
Aside from specific magic items, are there mithral tower shields now?

I would extrapolate from the fact that there are specific mithral tower shields with costs that they are just tower shield costs plus 1,500gp for being mithral.

(But no, RAW there are no steel tower shields except in 3.5, so no mithral tower shields besides the special ones. Which is dumb.)

HogarthUndead wrote:
Does tower shield specialist's Tower Shield Training really do nothing to the dex bonus of the tower shield, only changing the max dex bonus of worn armor. If so it seems useless. Is this a typo or as intended? Or are all shields armor, and if so can we get a clarification says as much?

If the TSS's Tower Shield Training works as the feat from the Armor Master's Handbook (Which it basically is, they decided to let everyone else have some tower shield fun), the class feature allows you to lump tower shields and armor together to combine their ACPs so that armor training reduces the total, and it allows armor training to affect the tower shield's max Dex (Since it would be the lowest), which would be increased by 2. If you aren't wearing a tower shield, like the archetype says, your armor training bonuses revert to their standard numbers.

I agree, it's a horribly worded ability and really should be clarified.

(As a side note, there are always mithral tower shields. ;))

Lanitril wrote:
Ashram wrote:
I won't lie, I'd probably give every element kinetic healer, but that's because I love Golden Sun and every element but air can heal in that game.
Don't forget. In the DS game, the starting Wind Adept has a group heal.

I like to pretend GS:DD doesn't exist. :P

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I won't lie, I'd probably give every element kinetic healer, but that's because I love Golden Sun and every element but air can heal in that game.

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I suppose I'll ask this here, since I honestly don't know who wrote the archetype. :P This question was actually asked in a Familiar Folio thread back in the day and was never answered.

The Chosen One archetype for paladin from the Familiar Folio states that:

Religious Mentor (Ex): The familiar’s sworn duty is to help train the chosen one for her future glory. The familiar is treated as having a number of ranks in Knowledge (religion) equal to the chosen one’s paladin level. The chosen one doesn’t gain Knowledge (religion) as a class skill.

So the familiar has all of the ranks in Kn.: religion because they're supposed to be teaching their young paladin. Okay, cool. Only one problem: Familiars can't talk to their masters until 5th level. Until that point, it's a lot of vague, empathic communication and glaring at one another.

My question is thus: Based on the fluff of the archetype, would it be reasonable to move the Speak With Master special ability for the familiar from 5th to 1st level?

MannyGoblin wrote:
We need a write-up for the FSM in Pathfinder terms. Domains,Portfolio,servitors,etc.

Clearly he's a variant Flumph.

1. Yes.

2. As stupid as that sounds, yes.

3. Yes. Just remember that there has been errata making Paragon Surge much less OP than its original incarnation.

Bonus: Playing an ifrit might not be PFS-legal, if you don't have the clearance.

Derp, yeah, I missed it. It wasn't capitalized. :P

I'm sure that doesn't matter to the PFS mods.

Kaouse wrote:
Myrmidarch also stacks with Eldritch Archer, so you can be both simultaneously and not give up much.

Huh, I'll be damned. I didn't know that until you mentioned it and I went to go look to make sure.

avr wrote:
Yeah, but EA isn't PFS legal for some reason.

To be fair, he didn't say anything about PFS. Also as I recall PFS banned EA basically because they took one look at a ranged archer-style magus that didn't give up any of its important bits (Like saddling it with Diminished Casting or taking away Spell Recall like Myrmidarch) and said, "NOPE. Too OP"

Are you just using myrmidarch to get weapon and armor training? Because otherwise you can just go Eldritch Archer.

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Tacticslion wrote:

Ooooooooooriginal post.

Mark Seifter wrote:
Kairos Dawnfury wrote:
Would you mind sharing your new tactics for the BBEG of Runelords? I'm running RotRL now and prefer the idea of making him harder rather than adding in minions.


** spoiler omitted **...

Mark! My search-fu has failed me again.

Do you know...

** spoiler omitted **

Is it sign of wrath?

I wouldn't be surprised if the "Sacred and profane bonuses don't stack" line mentioned upthread was a ye olde post by SKR that isn't around anymore.

No. The wording of "standard action" simply means that with Mighty Strikes you can apply Vital Strike and its feat tree to things other than just your "attack action", such as on a Cleave, or from the same prestige class, Skyreaver.

And no. You get one attack that has an additional effect.

So, should Paizo just start including NDAs with their subscriber details, since apparently we're not allowed to talk about the details of the book until it comes out?

Balancer wrote:

voideternal is wrong, clerics and paladins have their own separate line in the detect evil chart matching an aligned outsider. In this case an assimar paladin would have the same aura strength from both class levels and HD however if they multiclassed out of paladin they would then use their HD for aura strength.

Erm, what? Aasimar do not have the [Good] subtype, so if said aasimar was in fact a good-aligned cleric or paladin, their class levels and HD would NOT be the same as far as aura strength. An aasimar paladin 2 would not radiate any aura of Law or Good, due to only having 2 HD, but because they are a paladin, they would radiate moderate Good.

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My only problem with regeneration as the spell is that apparently reattaching a limb requires the same magical power as bringing someone who was previously a smear on the ground or a pile of ashes back to life via resurrection.

Erm, straight paladin is pretty optimal.

Not necessarily, there are feats in the Paths of the Righteous he could take to up his caster level while taking AA.

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The funny thing with the whole "It's impossible for the devs to know every single option!" is that Archives of Nethys and Ctrl+F exists. :v

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Arachnofiend wrote:
Ashram wrote:
Arachnofiend wrote:
In my view, this book's success or failure rides entirely on giving non-magical classes a way to replace the cleric as the group's healer. Restoring HP is not enough. If you still need a divine caster to remove the maladies that actually kill an adventuring party then this book has no purpose.
I can already give you the devs' answers: Either A. "Alchemist/investigator, because they're not divine" or B. "Scrolls and potions exist".

The Alchemist list doesn't cut it because they get the spells late. It's pointless to rely on an Alchemist for your party's healing because you'll inevitably run into a malady that the Alchemist can't cure until a few levels later.

Scrolls don't cut it because "just UMD it" isn't an acceptable answer. Now, if there was a feat that made it so that, for the purposes of using scrolls and wands of spells in the conjuration (healing) school, you counted as a Cleric of equal level to your ranks in Heal, then THAT would be sufficient.

lolnah, that second "feat" is literally the strength of a class feature and not a feat.

Arachnofiend wrote:
In my view, this book's success or failure rides entirely on giving non-magical classes a way to replace the cleric as the group's healer. Restoring HP is not enough. If you still need a divine caster to remove the maladies that actually kill an adventuring party then this book has no purpose.

I can already give you the devs' answers: Either A. "Alchemist/investigator, because they're not divine" or B. "Scrolls and potions exist".

This is actually a really good question. I'd technically say yes on the attack, because while they don't THINK it's hostile, it's still technically hostile. Although if they were a willing target I would say that for the purposes of your attack they'd be using their flat-footed touch AC.

The save is a little trickier, especially if the spell is a damaging one, because the instant the pain sets in the misidentified spell is given away.

MageHunter wrote:

I think Oracle's can give all the disadvantages in a spell.

Probably not what you're looking for.

I would argue Bestow Curse could do it. Seems appropriate compared to the other stuff on the list.

As far as I can tell, he wants the actual oracle curse class feature and not just the hindrances, which would be well out of the scope of even bestow curse, greater.

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One day Mark will come back to us. D:

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jedi8187 wrote:
andygal wrote:
Hoping for stuff to make the chaokeneticist better, because I love the flavour on that element but it's lacking in substance.
Maybe because it's the void....sorry I had to.

We're both awful people for thinking it, but you're worse for saying it. ;)

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Apparently people who want a non-chaotic antipaladin have been forgetting about the Tyrant archetype.

As far as what, fluff or mechanics?

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