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This is my question, I want take for my intelligent item the purpose Defeat/slay a particular creature type (see the bane special ability for choices), in this case evil external.
My master says that the item must be good aligned to have such purpose, I say instead that neutral is also ok, for example, but also evil is not a problem, for what reason, in fact, a evil object could not hate evil external? What do you say in matter?
Thank you.

Okay, so I'm assuming that your GM is allowing you to have an intelligent item in the first place, as they are not normally craftable or buyable. Although the GM is supposed to work with you to make a coherent theme for your weapon, it's ultimately up to the GM to work out the specifics. It would make the most sense for your evil outsider-killing weapon to be good. An evil weapon killing evil outsiders for no reason in the Pathfinder world does not make sense.

If your weapon was Neutral, you should take the "Slay diametrically-opposed alignments" and then the purpose of the weapon would be keeping balance in the universe.

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I agreed with you for the coherent theme, for example take an evil magician tortured for years by demons and escaped from them, is natural for him to sourche revenge from them, and fox example he could make an evil object to help him in this revenge, don't you agreed?
I didn't say there was no reason, there are a lot of good rasons, like a PC that fight for years against demon and other evil-outsider, but the PC is born neutral and not good and at some point in his life he wants make an evil-outsider bane intelligent weapon.

I don’t see a problem with an intelligent item of any alignment having a special purpose of slaying evil outsiders. Evil fights itself as often or even more often as it fights good. Betrayal and backstabbing are evil acts so saying that only good items can have a special purpose to slay evil seems to be overly restrictive.

On the other hand I cannot see a good item with the special purpose to slay evil outsiders.

Intelligent items (and all custom magic items) are heavily under the control of GM fiat. It's going to have to be a discussion between you two how to figure this thing out.

Of course lost in limbo, I just look for some other authoritative opinions.

I have to agree with the general thrust above that it is really up to your GM.
Well I know quite a few GM's that hate intelligent magic items and a few that use the items intelligence against the player and their PC.
So how your GM uses the intelligent item rules and options is very important.
A GM's story/adventure/game world may not really allow for intelligent items not matter what the book says.

I myself like such magic items but they are not common by any means and creating them is tougher then just creating normal magic items.
You can look at the spells in the wizards list as IIRC there is one that grants temporary intelligence to an item and then you just have to make that version of temporary lasting.


While it would be comforting to believe that those who fight evil must be good, I have seen too many warriors who fight fiends simply because they are strong. Too many companions stained by the blood their supposed partners forced them into. I pray that you may have the strength of will to redeem one, should you meet.

It seems that in Intelligent Item Alignment, they dropped the older "item gets creator's alignment". So you can create one with any alignment.

They also dropped the use of the Ranger's favored enemy options for the list of available choices and instead let you choose whatever you want.

Being evil and against evil outsiders does not make great sense. But is not prohibited by the rules. The GM's opinion, however, matters. You might get by with Lawful (or Chaotic) alignment and against Evil outsiders.


The fact that it is an intelligent weapon is not really the issue. The issue is can an evil creature be dedicated to fighting evil outsiders. How many times have you seen a character so focused on fighting an evil threat that they are willing to do anything to stop it? Often such characters do not consider themselves evil, but they are still evil. Becoming what you hate is a very common Trope.

If you are looking for an example of an evil weapon whose purpose is to slay evil outsiders Stormbringer. It was a creature of chaos (evil) whose purpose was to kill the lords of chaos.

Another example of an evil weapon fight against evil was the famous sword of Kas, an Chaoitoc evil item with the purpose to kill Vecna (also his creator), an evil Deity.
The legendary blooding war, that involves Devil vs Demon is another example of evil vs evil.

I'd just ask your GM again to let it be a different alignment, and if he refuses roll with it.

Does this have to do with your own character's alignment? For instance, is your character evil and thus he feels you're "cheesing" by having a neutral or evil weapon that fights evil? Or is he simply attached to the flavor of good vs. evil?

If the former, I'd probably just bow my head and say "Alright," as that's probably not something you'll win. If the latter, however, you can try to win him over with the flavor of the Blood War (demons and devils HATE each other), or of this weapon having once belonged to an evil individual that nevertheless wanted to burn Chelexia and its devil-worshipers to the ground.

But ultimately the decision belongs to the DM and it won't break the game to not be able to choose the alignment of the weapon.

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The other blades that come to mind like this are Mournblade and Stormbringer who are both very, very, very nasty evil and designed to fight Chaos with Chaos.

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