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Okay, so Pathfinder's rules allows you to make a standard action to attack, and then to either continuing on to make a full attack or move, etc.

Now, Heritor Knight's level six ability "Mighty Strikes" allows you to apply the effects of improved (or greater) vital strike when you make a melee attack as a standard action.
So you do make your standard action attack, apply vital strike, can you then continue on to make iteratives afterwards?

Similarly, can you make iterarives after using Heritor Knight's Skyreaver (Su)?

Liberty's Edge

All squares are rectangles. However, not all rectangles are squares.

You can choose whether to continue with a full attack action or stop after a standard. However, if you take an action which can ONLY be standard then you CANNOT continue to a full attack.

No. The wording of "standard action" simply means that with Mighty Strikes you can apply Vital Strike and its feat tree to things other than just your "attack action", such as on a Cleave, or from the same prestige class, Skyreaver.

And no. You get one attack that has an additional effect.

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