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Reading up on the Death Druid archetype it receives a phantom like the spiritual class but from what I can tell it does not get the Shared Consciousness ability. It does receive Bonded Manifestations but that only works when you share you consciousness which the druid cant do? Is this right or is the a clarification I cant find about it?

Death Druid

That's actually a super good question. I'll FAQ it and link it over in Mark Seifter's thread, since he might know. If anything, it'll likely be added to the Horror Adventure FAQ list.

Any news on this?

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No news that I've heard, but...

phantom class feature wrote:
...A spiritualist can harbor her phantom in her consciousness (see the shared consciousness class feature), manifest it partially (see the bonded manifestation class feature), or fully manifest it.

That suggests to me that with the phantom class feature alone you can harbor the phantom in your consciousness, but without the shared consciousness class feature you won't get bonus feats from doing so.

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