Kinetic Blast and Windstorms

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Hi all,

Here's the scenario: A Kineticist is trying to attack a Bonestorm with a Kinetic Blast.

The Bonestorm emits a Windstorm within 10 ft.

Windstorms cause ranged attacks to be impossible.

Does this mean it's impossible for the Kineticist to attack the Bonestorm with a Kinetic Blast from anywhere except inside the creature's swarm effect?

Is the Concentration check to cast Kinetic Blast inside the Bonestorm DC 20+1/2 Kineticist level?

Can the Kineticist use Kinetic Blade on the Bonestorm instead?

1. Technically, the windstorm is called out as applying to "ranged weapon rolls"; kinetic blast is not a "ranged weapon", it's a spell-like ability that requires a ranged attack. Your GM's mileage may vary on the physical blasts' interactions with the high wind.

2. Yep.

3. Kinetic Blast specifically states that even the weakest of regular blasts are sizable enough to deal full damage to swarms, but since you're narrowing down your blast to a weapon, it's less clear. There are no rules for this, so ask your GM.

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