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I have reviewed a lot of the question in regards to bleed damage, however, one question still eludes me. Was hoping to get some rules confirmation on Paizo.

Bleed Damage
Rule 1: Same types of bleed damage do not stack.
Interpretation 1: If an attack is made that deals bleed damage, unless specified otherwise, the bleed attack will not stack with itself.
Example 1: Boar Shred - Each time Boar Shred would apply, roll to determine bleed damage. If the new number is higher than the previous bleed damage effect. That becomes the new Bleed Damage Effect Per Round. Otherwise, ignore effect. If the new number is lower, then nothing happens.

Rule 2: Bleed Damage of separate types stack.
Interpretation 2: If attack 1 deals bleed damage and attack 2 deals bleed damage AND a secondary effect, then the target will take the bleed effect from both sources.
Example 2: Boar Shred does 1d6 Bleed Damage and the creature called Sahkil, Pakalchihas does 1d4 bleed and poison. If the creature could do both attack, the targeted creature, if hit, will take 1d6 and 1d4 bleed damage and poison.

Here is the question
Rule 3: If an feat allows EXTRA bleed damage, does that damage stack with any other attack that allows bleed damage.
Example 3: Bleeding Attack Feat has the wording that the attack does an extra 1d4 bleed damage. If you were to hit with the Boar Shred would the bleed increase from 1d6 to 1d6 + 1d4.

Minimum 2 Bleed Per Round
Maximum 10 Bleed Per Round

Please let me know. The word "Extra" is what I am having a question about.

I believe you've misinterpreted rule 2.

The bleed rules from the CRB state thus:

Core Rulebook, pg. 565 wrote:
A creature that is taking bleed damage takes the listed amount of damage at the beginning of its turn. Bleeding can be stopped by a DC 15 Heal check or through the application of any spell that cures hit point damage (even if the bleed is ability damage). Some bleed effects cause ability damage or even ability drain. Bleed effects do not stack with each other unless they deal different kinds of damage. When two or more bleed effects deal the same kind of damage, take the worse effect. In this case, ability drain is worse than ability damage.

In the case of your second example, they would not stack because the bleed effect is not transferring a poison, that's a secondary effect to the creature's attack. It still reverts back to 1d4 bleed or 1d6 bleed, in which case you take the worse effect which is 1d6. The only way they would stack is if the bleed effect did HP damage AND stat damage or drain.

Bleeding Attack literally says it does not stack with any attack, effect, or whatever that lets you deal bleed damage. The language of "extra" in this case is "On top of your normal unarmed strike damage". Remember that the book that that feat is from is from Paizo's early days, and so lots of language was clarified to the point that it is today.

The general rule is that bleed sources don't stack with others. Literally unless it says "THIS STACKS WITH OTHER BLEED SOURCES", assume it doesn't stack.

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If an attack deals HP + 2 bleed + 1d4 bleed + 1d6 bleed

You take the highest:
Roll 1d4 and compare to 2
Roll 1d6 and compare to 2 or the 1d4 value rolled

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So what if no number is listed after the bleed? For instance, the Sayona in Bestiary 4 says that the attacks do bleed damage, but list no number. Does that mean the bleed to equal to whatever damage they inflicted (2d6+1), or is bleed only 1?

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