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Skeld wrote:
Steve Geddes wrote:
I think someone should manually check the shipping calculations on this/these orders. You seem to be undercharging me (possibly) by a fair bit.

I have the opposite problem. $17 UPS Ground from Seattle to Alabama for an AP, a Companion, and a Campaign Setting seems kinda high.


I'm actually a little curious here too,I had my Character Add-On and August promo's switch to ship immediately, and its going to cost 4.67 for shipping, but adventure deck 4 is shipping for 6.39. *Edit* I know it's not as big a charge as Skeld's, but still an odd difference for items that should weigh about the same.

Also, is it a normal glitch for my entire September shipment to be in October right now, including that glitched extra copy of the S&S base set and Character Add-On?

LittleCarp04 wrote:

has anyone else seen this on their subscription order? Looks like it has the base set and the character add on deck queued up a second time for me? Just wondering if this is also a known problem? 3533889641707_7060849373551259544_n.jpg

Not sure if this is a known glitch, but I did notice this one after reading your post, and it is a new one for me, as that has been a $20ish order for the last couple of weeks, and now its just shy of $100 (the AD2 portion of the Sub).

Mine went back to 2-14 days Shipping yesterday and now its back to waiting for back ordered products. Oddly though, now rather than being marked as back ordered, the Base set and Character Add-on are marked as unavailable.

JBiggs78 wrote:
Mine says "Expected to ship late September or early October 2014" - I'm assuming, hoping, praying that that is a hiccup.

That must not have been a pleasant thing to read.

As the topic says, I was wondering if this had come for anyone yet. This is because my order is still flagged as pending, but no longer says anything about a credit card hold while my shipping info has changed to Originally expected to ship in an unknown time frame; Waiting for backordered product(s). Is this happening to everyone not picking up their box at Gencon as a "side-effect", or is it just a hiccup from being near the end of the list for the shipping stuff?

Thanks for the link! I actually got my Auth. email a few minutes after getting back from voting in my primary, but its good to know the why behind the wonkyness.

I was just looking up my S&S sub to see when the authorization was going through and saw that the both it and Adventure pack two got knocked back a month. Did this happen to every one, and is just a delay that Paizo hasn't mentioned, or is it a weird glitch in the system? Last I read before today the release window was about 8 days after gen con for subscribers and the authorization should have been yesterday. It kind of miffs me a little bit if we have to be a month behind despite ordering directly from a publisher.